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I thought it was 15%?
The workroom above the shop goes over two stores in the Royal Arcade (therefore twice the size of their store). There were 7 people working on different parts of the shoes when I was showed the workroom.
The first movie was great. I'm sure the second will be very stylish...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Can anyone tell if this is this a single or double sole? (or a double-to-single) These are very nice.
For those that are interested, Holland & Sherry have an upcoming remnant sale. Large reductions on a range of cloths, April 22-23 10am-4pm in the fitting rooms at 9/10 Savile Row.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rusty G. I've just re-ordered a pair of RTW Cleverley Black Elastic sided boots. I received a pair last month and unfortunately, they were a little too big. I wear US 10D and sometimes C. I received a 9.5UK and they were just a little too big. . .sent them back for a size 9UK. Anyway, they have a couple of pairs on ebay right now, and they say that they are listed as C & J Cleverely shoes. Also, there are several...
When I was last in the store I asked about their semi-bespoke shoes and they took me upstairs (to their workroom) and showed me a few pairs being made right there, so I don't think anyone makes those shoes, aside from Cleverley. The sales guy (I think his name was Peter) told me that they have 3 workrooms where they make different parts of the RTW shoes. The interesting part is when you put the Cleverley shoe next to a C&J shoe they are completely different in...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha nice, little interview shame the pictures are a little outdated, i cant remember seeing Dean that slim in ages The richer they become, the more weight they put on lol I know in my line of work (finance) that is the case... ha
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien As many have said, during the sales there are better places to find great quality shoes in London other than EG and their appalling sale price. New & Lingwood, Cleverley, Foster & Son, Ede & Ravenscroft to name a few. Does the above have summer sales? I thought some were only in January...
I really want a pair of their boots. I saw a pair in the store recently that I will be looking at in the sale Hope they have my size available then.
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