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I think for the price point the standard RTW makes for a good purchase. I have both C&J and Cleverley and there is a difference (both in the last and quality of construction). Others in this forum have agreed in previous discussions about this topic, that have both shoes. I think the AC line is alot better than their standard range, but then one does get what you pay for.
Does anyone know if the G&G styles are available yet on Will's blog? Up until a few months ago they were mentioned frequently but I have not seen any posts of late and thought they would be in stock by now? The ASW City shoe looked interesting.
NM Last Call is a good place.
I spoke to the manager at the store and the handgrades start at $725, plus $100 for basic shoe trees.
I actually really like their new AC styles. The elastic shoe Leather Soul has (I think it's a dark brown) is very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 This is funny!!!
There was a nice section about bespoke shoes that was at the back.
It's out now. I just picked up a copy. It has an Orange Cover...
Anyone read this book? IMHO, I think it is the best book out right now that explains Savile Row and where ideas came from e.t.c. It goes back many years, while incorporating todays views. It covers ALL of the tailors and mentions some shoemakers. An excellent read for those that are interested.
The Cleverley website describes both of the ranges and it looks like it has been updated with new 2010 models. I have both shoes and the Anthony Cleverley is better quality (hence is more expensive). It is IMHO very similar to a bespoke quality shoe (the calf is very soft and accommodating to my foot). From my understanding, the shoes are mostly made by hand but on an Anthony C last in stock sizes. The shoe boxes & shoe bags are also better...
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