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Beautiful. In person the craftsmanship is excellent.
The LS website says that the Cleverley team will be in-store today and tomorrow.
I picked up a few deals. They had some nice shirts on offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL I know Russian leather always gets mixed feedback but here goes anyway...Cleverley bespoke Russian PTBs: Wow! These are beautiful. Great combination.
It seems G&G are on a clearance sale at Leather Soul as they are dropping the brand. Might be some cheap deals.....
Harrods is a beautiful store!
These are beautiful... Nice choice... I just saw Cleverley (Mr. Glasgow) in New York and they had some beautiful new styles on display. I ordered two bespoke shoes, which were styles I had not seen before...
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e I picked these up in Budapest. Oxford Budapest in black on the U-last. These are beautiful! The best Vass I have seen.
Thanks for the info!
Silly question as Savile Row is full of them. I would perhaps say Poole, Huntsman or A&S.
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