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Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 I hope this can now silence those who keep harping on about the downsides to gemming. If as Dean has said its sewn to the canvas rather than glued, I agree that it should make little difference to the structural integrity of the shoe. I think cdmoore owns G&G. At least he sounds likes it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Handmadeshoes 1250 British Pounds to start, which includes lasted shoe trees and a handmade box As nice of shoes Ugolini makes, he does not pay his Japanese workers who make his shoes, not very commendable if you ask me! That's the only reason you get them cheap! So the Deco will start from 1,250 British Pounds? That is 25% higher than AC shoes. AC is 950 British Pounds and they include lasted shoe trees...
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 He assures me that the Gemming used is the highest quality stuff and as strong as a leather rib. I don't know how this Gemming is attached to the shoe, as you may think the glue may give out eventually, that I don't know. If you compare to EG Top Drawer, Anthony Cleverley or JLP Prestige, Tony assures me the bar has been raised. As for Vass, they are great value shoes and full hand made but lets not kid...
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo They look great.
LOVE CLEVERLEY. They have some beautiful styles......... Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe You might want to check that with Cleverley's. I'm pretty certain a 'side-elastic' shoe is made on an ordinary shoe last, not on a last for 'casuals' (loafers) as the side-elastic shoe closes much higher than the average loafer: Equally, the 'elastic on instep' utilizes an ordinary last:
They are beautiful in person. A unique looking shoe and I love the AC last. I have a pair and always get nice compliments when I wear them. The LS website says the Churchill is coming out in burgundy next year.
Dominic Casey had some very nice bespoke styles in Washington, D.C. yesterday. He said after his trip to New York he returns a portion of the samples to Leather Soul in Beverly Hills for display.
Simon Rich graduated from Harvard.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Rich
Some very nice styles....
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai Very nice.....
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