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Hi, I don't seem to have received it!!
Up for sale is this exquisitely soft Damier Infini leather wallet. Brand new, in box! 5.12 x 3.54 inches. 6 CC slots + 2 large compartments. http://www.louisvuitton.com/front/#/eng_US/Collections/Men/Small-Leather-Goods/products/James-Wallet-DAMIER-INFINI-N63007 Original LV price: 625$ NOW FOR: $525 NOW $475 shipped within Canada or the US !!! It was a christmas gift, but I've had my eyes on another waller for a while!
Up for sale is a black leather Mont Blanc wallet with room for 6 credit cards. Brand new, still in box with original gift ribbon (which is why I felt it wasn't necessary to take pictures). I was supposed to give it to a friend but something came up and I decided against it. Original price is $260 + tax, and I'm offering it for $230 $215 shipped to Canada or the US. See this page for additional...
Second price drop! 230$...
Price drop 260$ to 245$ shipped to USA/Canada!
PRICE DROP: 245$ ----- 230$ shipped! Black & white houndstooth pattern. It measures approximately 19" wide x 76" long, including the tassels. 50% cashmere (WS), 37% virgin wool (WV) and 13% silk (SE). Made in Italy. Price is 260$ firm, including shipping to the US or Canada, which is exactly what I paid for it. It was previously bought from DBS007 (great service, by the way!). Unfortunately I cannot justify a such expense at the moment! For some reason, the shop...
I had an online quizz last week and there was the following question: _________ software is software that can be used, modified, improved, and redistributed. Utility Operating Driver Open System Application None of the above The right answer was open-source software, there is no debate about that, but I selected "none of the above" instead of "open" because I considered "open" to be only half of the actual answer. Turns out it the website considered it to be the...
My computer fits perfectly in it. I'm just scared I'd kinda always look like I'm running to an interview with it.
Is a 1 1/8" inch belt considered a skinny belt? Can those work well with jeans or are should they only be worn with dress pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by ranker I think I just saw that at Holt Renfrew. The fabric is shit (although soft!)... it's 100% synthetic. I think they tried to imitate cashmere. I would say no, there are a lot of similar jackets made of nice cotton for the same price. But that is if it's the same one I saw.
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