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What would be the best way to patch a back pocket hole in LVC 47s? I've got some wallet wear is getting worse, and I'm not sure whether iron ons would work since I wouldn't be able to apply the heat directly if I patched from the inside of the pocket. Any ideas?
I'd say they are not the best winter boots with or without socks if you are going to be outside for more than a few minutes. You can feel the cold ground through the soles when it gets around 40 F. Also, they obviously aren't going to be the best choice for rain/ice, though the leather seems to grip even smooth floors so you'll get better traction than, say, leather soled dress shoes. I treated with Obenauf's, and my feet have never gotten wet walking on wet ground. But...
I'm an 8 in DBs, 7.5 D in GTs and Iron Rangers. I bought Arrows in 8D, and they work well. They are definitely snug, and at first I thought they were too small (to the point of putting them up for sale here for a few days) but after a couple of wears they broke in and the bottoms flattened. I think they felt small because of the soles curving up on the sides so my toes felt cramped at first. I think I would have been OK going up a half size or a width if I wanted to wear...
I'm selling my almost new pair of Arrow Moccasin lace boots. These are the ones that Jesse @ Put This On goes crazy over, and for good reason. The leather is insane, and they have a lifetime warranty on stitching in addition to being infinitely resole-able. The ONLY reason I'm selling is to get a different size. I realized about a day too late that I could probably use a half size bigger. I have worn them for a total of about 10 hours (with socks) and treated them with...
Thanks! Just picked up a pair of hawthorne Iron Rangers for $225.
Yeah, I had a couple of less than great experiences during the last sale. One was just an item being out of stock and a refund, which was fine. The other time they sent the wrong item (model, size, and color) and then said they couldn't find the original boots I ordered. A couple of weeks later I saw them selling 'my' boots on ebay . I guess I can't complain too much, though, since I never actually lost anything and I'm just a sale shopper anyway.
Anyone have definitive sizing advice? I wear 7.5 in Red Wing GTs, 8 in Clarks DBs.
Hey awesome, they're selling the boots that I bought in the sale but they "couldn't find" in their inventory.
Anyone here happen to order the Quoddy black ring boots size 10 from the TBS sale? If so, you'll probably be getting an email from them soon because they sent them to me by accident
Thanks for the heads up. I'm still trying to decide whether I need another pair of Red Wings. If those Quoddys weren't the tri-tone ones I'd have pulled the trigger for sure.
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