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So I shave with an electric gilette fusion and edge gel. My face is always smooth and nice right after the shave, but about a day later it gets red among around all my hairs and I usually break out. Any idea why this is? My (bad) solution has been to simply just not shave very often, but this is obviously less than ideal.
Anyone know of chainstitching in Boston?
Ahab I respect you but that fit is awful
Quote: Originally Posted by Kevinsane Need new jeans for heading back off to college, I'm 5'11 36/38" waist, 24 1/2" thighs, large butt haha any recommendations for jeans (no loose fit please) that would look good and be comfortable/flattering I'll start off by saying APC rescue, but can you give any more specifics for what you want? Price range? Any details that are important to you? etc
WTF happened to your patch?
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Why? I haven't seen Ande Whall jeans since v2, Mij Diors are very nice. If you want diors, get them. You're paying a lot for branding.
Quote: Originally Posted by sajohnson05 a great pair of jeans. this made me lol
Running shoes
It's a long shot, but I'm selling a size 30 in indigo for $100 if you're interested. 2 months of classroom wear so almost no fading, never washed/soaked.
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