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So it looks like RTC gets the taint punch
Last one to get his car back gets taint punched
I have a friend who doesn't know how to take advice. He asks for it, but if you don't tell him what he wants to hear, he gets upset with you. So I told him never to ask for my fucking advice again because I will not give it. I won't even respond to his fucking questions. So here we are at dinner and he's asking for career advice and apartment/real estate advice. So my response is to go get fucked in the ass/try out Cleveland steamers/learn how to toss his roommates'...
Sounds like you're more of a chutes n' ladders guy, which makes us kindred spirits
Do you have time to buy a Florida car and drive it up? You have a better chance of finding rust free cars here (or CA, but that's x3 the drive)
Is that the movie where LL cool J blows up sentient sharks?
That's not what you said though. You want him to become a fabricator, mechanic and painter. And all these posts about how much aftermarket support these cars have, up to and including engine swaps. I don't disagree with any of your posts, just saying that while we may enjoy talking about all this stuff, it doesn't sound like what he's looking to do. Stock Miata or MR2 that doesn't require any major repair is what I think he needs
Hard to do all that stuff in med school doe. Get something cheap, fun, and ready to roll stock now. After graduation get a GT car and do all that stuff
It's awesome how you complained about this writing trick, only to use it on your next post to further complain about it. True next level stuff
10 pm! Mathis, better take off your mama's stockings and put them back in the drawer before she comes home!
New Posts  All Forums: