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Post a pic of this girl so that we can tell if she's worth talking about
Gonna step out of PorscheBJ mode for this post: I notice that R32 Skylines are fairly available in the States because they're all >25 y/o and ok to import. This is not necessarily news but I was pleasantly surprised at the asking prices. Now, many people may find $25-30k for a 25 yo Japanese car ridiculous, but this is a car that's been an unobtainable legend for all of my formative car years. Has anyone been tempted by one of these things? Over, say, a new Z or WRX?? I...
That's not a canker sore, that's herp from a tinder hookup
Until a ladybug bites the shit out of you
Great execution of the very difficult Hanging Reverse Teabag move
You should have pulled up and asked. He seems like a nice guy - he even helpfully put his name on his license plate "Ben Zicla" so you could address him by name
#realtalk It's also very dippelmatic of you not to call out the poaster with the shitty taste in music. I'm sure Greenfrog appreciates it
I think what you are trying to say is, you hope they are joking because they can't possibly have such shitty taste in music
I do appreciate the complimentsStiffer than stock M3, less stiff than the M3 with KW v3
I would think less of you after learning this information, but.....well, you know
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