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E46M's are great cars as long as you're ok with spending a couple grand every year or so going forward, and didn't pay the ridiculous prices a lot of delusional fanboys still want for their 'baby". And please don't sell that 993. You'll regret it.
I agree that baby wipes are the best commonly available solution. But if you had access to a bidet, there's nothing better
Right across from your condo door
France v Germany at the Maracana. Hard to think of a better spectacle
Ah, stupid of me. Muslim Algerians and Ramadan. They are cramping up a hell of a lot so I have to think this affected them significantly. Unfortunate but I understand honoring your beliefs of course
Who, the Germans? That might explain why they've looked slightly off since the beginning
Few things worse than a bad haircut
Do they put it in a mason jar with Kama sutra scenes embossed on it?
Should I google hobby lobby? I already googled "orgasmic meditation" today after booth mentioned it in a post, and reading about it (along with related articles) was quite pleasurable. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead
We can call the rule change the "Robben Amendment"
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