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It's a 111, that's ETA, right?That Piaget above is a little.....retina searing
It's possible that they half assed the first repair. Maybe it's confirmation bias messing with my head, but the winding of the crown didn't really feel the same after i got it back. I'm going to talk to them and see what happens.
So you're not going into early retirement and selling me the Ferrari? Congrats. And you had better make it to Miami!!
He was a pretty good QB, but he'll always be the lovable sidekick from the show Home Improvement for generations of Americans
I may be using the wrong terms but it's a manual wind watch where you wind it using the crown, and pull the crown out to adjust the time. Now it only adjusts the time regardless of whether the crown is in the normal or pulled-out position. It will not wind the watch anymore This happened before, necessitating a $500-ish repair IIRC
Panerais are shit. Today the winder on mine broke for the second time this year. I'm very unhappy
I might be interested but I don't think I want to do business with someone who owns an Apple Watch
He's the greatest, isn't he?
I had to google Blue Spark. That is a nice looking watch. But I can't find it for sale just with a quick search
Yes. At least that one has had zero problems (touch wood)
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