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I actually thought about a badge delete on the GT4, because of all that clutter. I forgot to make a decision before it locked, so oh wells
You guys remember Hot Import Nights?? OMG what an orgy of bad vehicular taste. Back in the day we didn't even need to vape to peg the douche nozzle meter to the max
I could use a crash course in sassin' and harassin'
Sheeeeiiit, after Pierce and Vince hang em up, there will be no one left who I played on the video games before NBA 2K
It doesn't matter if that car's been in a wreck or not - you wouldn't buy a car with that color mismatch no matter how it got that way Re: negotiations on the other car - I'd stick to my guns. The m/t and red interior greatly reduce the market for that car and they know it. I bet that car has been sitting unsold for a long time (and if it has an entry on cargurus, you can find out for sure)
It is
Each generation does stupid shit to its cars, some of it dangerous. My generation (not me doe!) was responsible for the fake bov's, huge picnic table rear spoilers that ruined visibility and lifted the front drive wheels, and clear taillight lenses that rendered your brake lights completely invisible. We also had Fast and the Furious, but that's a different kind of stupid. The awesome kind. But it makes me laugh that the next generation has outdone all the previous gens...
What is "stanced and vaped"? Does this mean that the fucking hellaflush crew also smokes e-cigs? That would be the Venn diagram intersection of ultimate douchiness. Unless they all own sport bikes as well...
Most luxury cars I see are usually very neutrally specced, especially with color schemes. The dealers play the odds on what colors are nice yet as inoffensive/unremarkable as possible. Which is fine, but they also usually spec a lot of options I don't like, and leave out the more sport oriented options that I do want. I have no explanation for that Bentayga, though. In Europe, does Bentley appeal to a more, ahem, FLAMBOYANT clientele??
My mistake if that's a manual...I swore I thought the different colored part of the knob was an A/T lockout button
New Posts  All Forums: