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Seems more Family Matters than Fresh Prince
Can we please stop saying "decrepid"? Learn the word before trying to use it, especially if you're a journalist.
I like this guy
Because we realized that VR is stupid
Are you sure you didn't just watch Gone in Sixty Seconds recently?
I guess the username "Bogan66" was already taken when Fang found SF...
So what's to stop me from getting a haircut and going back every three days for a "trim"? I mean, it will never grow back into a full fledged haircut-level quantity of hair removal, so I can theoretically just get trims forever... This line of thinking may also be applicable with my impending negotiation with my lawn guy
And what the fuck is a "trim"?? Something that's exactly like a haircut, but less hair is cut, I presume? Isn't that still a haircut?
There was initially a leak spotted, but who knows what theyve replaced at this point
Twenty dollar tip for a haircut?? Does it get you handjobs??
New Posts  All Forums: