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I know you'll run the numbers, but my bet is that it will be a losing proposition. If AMG has a four year warranty, you're basically betting that year 3+4 depreciation hit (which is heavy for MB) is less than the cost of leasing a new one. Add to that the fact that a used car loan rate is typically higher than a lease money factor. I don't see upkeep being a factor in the decision as it's about equal, given that there's the presence of a warranty in both options
Was that in New York? They don't give you a T&L license unless you drive that way
I pretty much never reply to an unfamiliar distribution list without opening its properties and glancing at who's on it. These things are such a shit show that I'm 100% committed to never be the cause of one
Edina isn't really a Pats fan, he just roots for teams that the most people hate, just to troll us
Not that it would ever excuse headhunting or attempting to intentionally injure an opponent, BUT... There's a bit of dissonance when you try so hard to show up your opponents at every opportunity, and then whine just as hard to the media and the league when those opponents light you the fuck up
I downloaded that catchy little ditty that the saviors used on Daryl Dixon as sleep deprivation torture in Walking Dead. I've been playing it randomly on the various Sonoses in the house waiting for my wife to catch on. She hasn't said anything yet
Are they duracells? I notice that my duracells seem to last about as long as pB in the sack
What's R40? Sounds like a model of iron man power armor
You are totally nuts. I love it!!
I like how Embiid's sports nickname is "The Process"
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