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If I were a urologist, I would totally walk into examining rooms and tell my patients "well don't just stand there with your dick in your hands!"
I think Vanessa's "fancy restaurant in Berlin" is code for "red light district". Amirite!!
I guess going to the finals in your rookie year and currently sitting #1 in the conference isn't good enough. GTFO Tyrone Lue is about as credible a HC as Dan Gilbert is an owner
I love the guy who made his parents title their house to his sister to avoid getting it foreclosed. There should be some cases where it's legal to kill your children
I'm having trouble processing how a human can drink a case of any kind of alcohol each day, myself. Clearly a troubled individual and I'm sorry to hear of it
I also think GF needs to install a hydraulic lift in his garage so he can lift the car in the air to avoid flat spotting on the tires
Sometimes I put too much time on the microwave popcorn and set off the smoke alarm too. It's funny how we gourmets end up having the same problems
Fiona Apple never was what I would have considered a looker, but now....omg
Lol. I decided to look up some stats and Andre missed more free throws in that game than Steph Curry has missed ALL SEASON
No, that's GF. Mr. (Low) T
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