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Don't you have to write well to even become a reporter?
That's a beauty, TC
you didn't say what the right answer is
I thought eBay was a vehicle for proving what a baller you are for putting in max bids above the MSRP for the item
I think it's "a booth of anuses"
I would guess Filipinos too, mainly because of the reference to enormous pieces of luggage. Since we're stereotyping, those are the people who like to bring mind bogglingly large luggage
I've driven them all - didn't like the TT at all. The S2000 will give you the most performance for the money, but I don't think it outperforms the Z4. Z4 is more "prestigious" if you care about that but cost of acquisition and ownership is higher. Aesthetics is subjective but I think it's TT > S2K > Z4 on that factor alone I realize that I haven't said anything that you couldn't read in a magazine or forum, but those are really my impressions. Other competitors you could...
It's a good strategy - my wife's car is leased and has a reputation of going through rear tires very fast, so I might follow suit
Congrats on getting from 5 bucks an hour to 7.50. That's a 50% raise!!
Be careful, they might try to charge you for new tires if they are worn enough by the time you turn it in. Hopefully not, though, but this happened to me the last time I leased a car.
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