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thanks OBAMA!!
You might be right - I haven't kept up with all the counterproposals - but that doesn't work either. Unless the players are all ideologically communist. How would that proposal sound to someone like Damian Lillard, who's watched everyone get paid while he makes rookie scale, and now it's his turn and he has to redistribute some of his upside to these guys?
I lol'ed when I first heard about that cap smoothing proposal. So the owners shafted the players by reducing their revenue share in the CBA, and now that the tv deal is going to suddenly make the pie larger, they now want to slow down the pace at which players receive their increase, while the owners get the full benefit right away? When I managed third party relationships, I used to tell my bosses to not force me to make "fuck you" proposals - proposals that are such an...
Well, shit. and here I am still trying to convince my wife to trade (cayman is hers and the sticking point is the lack of PDK)I hear you - I was flirting with the idea of trading in my non-RS for an RS last year. It seemed possible at the time, but the business deal that was supposed to finance this frivolity didn't pan out, and I had to wait till this year. This year, 2007 RS owners are asking what you'd pay MSRP for a new 991 RS. Wtf?!
Maybe bisco can talk about his experiences in a Subway restaurant
Stay classy, Courtland
If that is a true navy color, I'm good with it. I have to trust your eyes as I'm total shite at viewing colors on a phone or computer screen
I'm sure there is something else you would like her to be getting up and down on
Both, but obviously it's more of an issue on the track. But even on the street I feel it could use more power. Accelerating onto a freeway ramp or coming out of a corner, in particular. It's a champion in the corners and in transitional handling, I think more power would make it special in every way. Btw I have a Gt3, not a turbo which is not too far off in power output from the GT4 and might very well be outperformed by it
I have a Cayman S. I think it's underpowered for the capabilities of the platform. The 385 hp in the GT4 likely solves that problem - that's my thinking. The whole "rides more harshly" factor is likely true, but likely a non issue for many because people who buy Caymans tend not to rate that factor very highly
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