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That's convenient
Our cafeteria has these sandwich and drink combos that you can buy for a discount. Well, today I was told that I actually pay more if I only get the sandwich. Wtf? I expect that the combo costs less than the two items separately, but In this case the "drink delete" actually makes you pay more!!!
You gonna be wearing a suit while doing all that shit?
I'm not, but I'll still call out BS and excuses when I see them. Was rooting hard for either the Ravens or Colts to send them packing, but I can't see any rational reason for people to say that they didn't win those games or deserve to be in the SB.I'd prolly agree that they need to levy progressively larger fines for repeat/unremorseful offenders like the Patriots, but no one should be saying that they shouldn't be in the SB
Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason the Colts lost 45-7
Makes sense that you would be obsessed with a place where they hand pull your noodle. PB, late thirties, south Florida
I hated some of those subplots that they are cutting, and I agree that they will probably just piss off show viewers. But I also agree with you guys that now I can't see how the show and book will end up in the same place without them. Maybe by some big plot shortcut like the last Arya/Hound scene last season?
I'm not getting what you guys see in those. But I don't get the Kobes either, which are a similar shape, and a lot of people are in love with them
Well, I guess you're beyond help. We can just add this to the list of "pB's opinions that suck", along with liking Interpol and avocados
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