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M3's suck, GF. Don't buy them. You should follow in the footsteps of your internet mentor Piob and get a Mercedes GL
I don't like how "are you the right person to ask" could mean either the person to make the query, or the person to answer it. Causes too much confusion in the day to day operations of humanity
I don't blame Rockets fans - been there during the Heat Knicks rivalry. Those games were the worst but as long as the Knicks left with a L, we were happy. But that style of play ruined basketball for a long time (i know edmorel will disagree). I don't even blame the Rockets all that much - the strategy is effective, and it's not like they're cheating. I just wish it didn't exist
Ok. i don't mean he never gets fouled. And to the refs credit, there were at least two plays when he went flailing and flopping into the lane and nothing was called. What I am specifically talking about is how he swings his own arms and the ball into a defender as he drives. Or worse, hook or grab the defender's arms. It's not all the time, but it's enough to make a very significant difference in his FT attempts. The contact is totally Harden-initiated. I mean, it was...
What in my post was bias or exaggeration? Happy to talk facts or opinion but I have no time for ambiguously sarcastic fuckery
Not in my book. Sure, there is contact so maybe some excessively pedantic and unnuanced interpretation of the rulebook may prove out that statement. But all foul rules are created to prevent a defender from stopping the offensive player through physical contact. There is no spirit of the rule that would permit a foul to be a situation where you hook your entire arm into my armpit and start flailing around like a hooked largemouth bass
I guess I have to deal with at least another four games of James Harden's bullshit foul baiting. Love how this guy gets rewarded with 15 foul shots a game for basically hooking and grabbing his defenders' arms instead of actually trying to play basketball all the time
Ahahhaa i lmao'ed at Chris Paul doggy humping Dwight
Oh dear god I hate both these teams. Go....GSW..?
Wow what's going on? Just got home and tuned in to see rockets up by 20 in the 4th
New Posts  All Forums: