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That was like, Kendrick Perkins on the Thunder. Or Glen Davis when he hit middle school
Jimmy Butler this year is quite similar to Goran Dragic last year, in terms of counting stats, averages, and player efficiency. except Dragic did it in less mpg and over a full season
What is a foodie, anyway? Someone who likes food? Virtually everyone I know, including myself, likes food
Ah god damn it all. First thought is to hope Bosh makes a full recovery. Second thought is, just as there was cause for optimism again, here comes the gut punch. we'll at the very least have to wait till next year. Hopefully Dragic works in quickly here and decides to stay. Absolutely no one I've read thinks he's an overrated player, and he gives the team some hope. That's worth something, as this half season was the saddest I've ever seen this team and its fans
Too busy enjoying nice weather to take great pics
Piling on... [[SPOILER]]
the new tech gray IV does look much higher quality in the pics...i might go in for one pair just to see if it's worth the money now
I now have this mental picture of gomey's coworker as Mindy Kaling
I would argue that Edina knows how to play his organ better than anyone else can
I had a delayed facepalm moment couple of hours ago Earlier this morning one of the girls who works for me left me some chocolate covered dates on my desk. They were yummy. I saw her in the lobby later with her husband, so I waved across the room to her and yelled "hey, thanks for the dates!!" Took ten more steps, realized what I just said and...
New Posts  All Forums: