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Jordan III's are my favorite after the IV's. but i agree that they ran it into the ground.
Yes, the one in charge of the casting couch
No, the person I reported to ran the entire center, and I was the person who managed the staff functions for her - like training, QA, new product launches, etc. we had about 3000 people in the site.
I don't mind going to Epcot, as long as it's with the right people. Perfect excuse to go "country" by "country" and get smashed on the "local" alcoholic offerings
I used to manage a call center. Well, the person I reported to did, and I did some of her support functions. This whole pay-for-service thing is somewhat a matter of perception. When we first implemented online payments, we offered customers a one time incentive to enroll, instead of charging for phone payments. After trying it, most people started using it exclusively and everyone was happy
I tried those! HKG to Singapore iirc. They did feel weird...not necessarily bad, but the operation felt strange to me. It's the same concept in business class lie-flat beds too, btw. The chairs go down and forward
Speaking as someone who flies a lot of long haul international (although in fairness, it's about 70% in business class), I can say that a few degrees of recline helps without a doubt. Even the difference between economy and economy comfort, which is literally a few extra degrees, is palpable.
I mean, I get the naturalization rules, but has he ever lived in the Philippines? at least Serge Ibaka was a Spanish resident for awhile and got citizenship the normal way. this story is funny - the Philippine president had to sign a decree saying that he was now a citizen, after the country qualified for the World Cup
pic of cashier?
what the fuck is Andray Blatche doing on the Philippines national basketball team?!
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