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I thought you were being delusional but the Knicks indeed seem to be willing to give him up for a Rivers plus a little filler. And then ESPN reports that the Clips be all like, nah we can't give up Rivers, Crawford and Redick because CP3 is injured.I don't know if I should stand up and scream "are you kidding me!!!?", or think "hmmm...what is wrong with Melo that they're not telling us". From where I stand, he's not the most efficient scorer and will never win as the focal...
And that is probably the best case scenario on what you'll receive when asking someone for a hot brown
didn't know pB worked with the two girls from dat one cup video
Btw I've always meant to ask - "double00" means four zeroes, right?
Not enough semen
Rev prolly made sure the guys thoroughly inspected his undercarriage
that's what Gwen Stefani did AMIRITE!!!
this Starbucks fancy coffee thing is out of control. i was at a meeting last week and someone pokes her head in and says "i'm going on a starbucks run who wants??" everyone but me in the room immediately rattled off their favorite star bucks drink from the top of their heads. every drink had a name at least five words long, and i couldn't understand 60% of those words. when it came to me i just had to laugh and kind of felt like a loser until i realized we were talking...
You've got to pay "pretty good" QB's anyway because how many truly elite QB's are there that have played at an elite level for a sustained time? Rodgers , Brady, Brees, maybe Cam. Ryan had a MVP season but he's flown under my radar all this time before that Cousins doesn't seem like he's any worse than Tannehill
George Sr. or George W.?
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