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There's no doubt in my mind. Tristan Thompson is a far superior PnR defender and is about the same rebounder. As ball dominant as Kyrie and Lebron are, Love's offensive talents can't be used enough to overcome the defensive deficiency
Hey Ed, could you buy me some stuff too? Like dees...
I find that this tactic is more effective with pedestrians crossing the street. It's gentle, positive encouragement that they should not dawdle and make every effort to get the fuck out of my way
Sure. I get how an 11-12 yo might not totally understand what that thing between his legs is for yet. It's more a reaction to show Tommen. And I missed the context of sibling rape there. I'm a little concerned about HBO not having the budget to show a huge battle at Winterfell plus dragons in full military action at Mereen. The previews show that the Winterfell battle definitely is happening in some form, but I really think they should find a way to show both
They spelled her name weirdly in the books - like Margaery or something like that Anyway, Tommen is a horny teenager, King of the realm, and with a stone cold fox as a queen - and he's not banging that like a broken screen door on a windy day? I wouldn't even have time to sit on the iron throne if I were in that situation. My subjects wouldn't know what I looked like because I'd be spending all my time in the Royal bedchamber
You guys love to talk about the dick n' balls as much as Draymond loves to touch them
Also, this is happening: http://cars.mclaren.com/featured-articles/mclaren-570s-gt4
I know a Mr. Goldman. He's not very good at being a man made out of gold
I would think that with their current rep, VW would be very aggressive at making deals at this time. I bought a V8 Touareg in '06, during the time nobody wanted a Phaeton SUV (on the contrary, it was exactly what I wanted - the features and luxury appointments you were getting for $50k was unreal). I was offered $10k off sticker before I even sat down. Sold the truck during the last energy crisis and it's probably the car that I most regret parting with.
I meant to ask about that. Cersei asked something about whether a certain line of investigation led anywhere and necromancer dude said "oh, yes". What were they referring to? Did I miss it or did it happen offscreen and will be revealed later?
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