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I don't know much about Ayesha Curry, but from these tweets she sounds like a complete fucking idiot
Oof. That poor, unfortunate thing
News just came out that Curry is fined $25k (Kerr too, for post game comments). So he's not suspended because they would have mentioned that in the same announcement
Lmaooooo...best scene of the Finals. Curry nailing the court side fan with the mouthpiece
We? Steve Kerr sign you to a 10-day contract?
Ends tonight, me thinks
I'd definitely like to go back in some capacity. To Dino's point, maybe only a couple of times in the GT's, but I also have a Mini JCW GP where the cost of failure and consumables isn't as high if i tracked it regularly.Does your car have PCCB's? Mine do, and I have heard all the issues about tracking them so I'm wondering about your experience if you have them.
Not recently, tbh. But thinking of getting back into it with this new acquisition. 70 track days is a LOT
I regret inadvertently steering the conversation in this direction. Can we get back to tits?
She's the only terrible person in the show that has the ability to make you sympathize with her. Lena Headey is awesome. Joffrey, Ramsay, Tywin, Viserys, Sweet Robin, Walder Frey - those characters just try to one-up each other on how much they can make you hate them. Besides Cersei the only character who tries to be both loathsome and somewhat sympathetic is Sandor Clegane (that I can readily think of)
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