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So about Rudy Gobert nicknames....I heard two new one today - The Gobstopper and The French Rejection
You go to dinner with your ex fiancee's husband? What's the dining table etiquette among Eskimo brothers?
I know my boy isn't one of these douches who keep garage queens
I'm the only one I know so far who doesn't like how the i8 looks. Too busy, too weird...maybe it's a case of being too far before its time for me, but that's the way I see it
I bet at least 50% of them have teh truck nutz
Yeah, I wasn't calling anyone out specifically. Just that I know how terrible Hawks fans are in general and now suddenly they have strong support...but it happens everywhere.
Congrats on getting a bandwagon, Hawks! Feels good, yeah?
I'm upset that the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers lost to Wisconsin tonight, because who doesnt want more tournament with Chanticleers in it?
People like to joke about fair weather fans and all that but it's really, really difficult to go hard in support of your team for 82 games. Or even 41 home games. Unless you're in some place like Sacramento where literally the only thing to do is follow the Kings I guess that really doesn't give San antonio an excuse either, huh?
New Posts  All Forums: