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Yoga porn could be interesting. If the top 20% of yoga practitioners could be persuaded to do it, that's pretty high quality
This Cousins talk is just the latest in how, year after year, the Lakers media machine proves itself to be the most delusional in pro sports. What trade for DC could the Lakers put together that wouldn't have Vlade Divac say "not just hell no, but never fucking call me again"
There is an airline, the name of which escapes me, that plays this song over and over while passengers board. It burns into the brain cells, lemme tell ya.I want to say it's a completely random airline like Aeromexico, but I'm not sure. But I flew them once and now i irrevocably associate that song with flying
I don't want to follow the D Wade saga. Please just let it be over one way or the other
Producing Marion Cotillard redeems the French from at least some of the ghastly stuff they've inflicted on the world through history
So my friendly dealer let me drive the 12c over the weekend. Omfg everything else is ruined forever
I have trouble with the word "pewter". What alternative name can I use for it besides "that color"?
Speaking of TSA precheck, I haven't been granted this for three months, after being one of the "inaugural" members since they opened it at FLL airport. What did I do??
It's the New Yorkers that ruined that part of Jersey
Maybe someone from the KC royals will win
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