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If that is a true navy color, I'm good with it. I have to trust your eyes as I'm total shite at viewing colors on a phone or computer screen
I'm sure there is something else you would like her to be getting up and down on
Both, but obviously it's more of an issue on the track. But even on the street I feel it could use more power. Accelerating onto a freeway ramp or coming out of a corner, in particular. It's a champion in the corners and in transitional handling, I think more power would make it special in every way. Btw I have a Gt3, not a turbo which is not too far off in power output from the GT4 and might very well be outperformed by it
I have a Cayman S. I think it's underpowered for the capabilities of the platform. The 385 hp in the GT4 likely solves that problem - that's my thinking. The whole "rides more harshly" factor is likely true, but likely a non issue for many because people who buy Caymans tend not to rate that factor very highly
Does that mean you're only limiting yourself to one penis?
Agree. If a 4s is too harsh for you on a long trip, then 2 door Porsches might not be for you in general. This is written with no arrogance or sarcasm, as the nature of these cars means that they aren't for eeveryoneBtw, "I've owned..a .2RS"? Implying past tense, I'm curious what you traded it in for. Those things are unicorns right now
I don't like the Suh deal for the Dolphins. Lose Richie Incognito, sign the one person in the league that is unanimously worse than him.
Speaking of this, don't the fro-yo dispensers at fro-yo places look like scat pr0n? And yes, I used the term fro-yo twice to annoy everyone
Same teams seeing each other often is great for creating bitter rivalries, which is a huge part of the fun in sports. Just ask the MLB and NFL
The Jaguar one that Adroit mentions is as good as it gets of the cars I've driven. The Audis too. Maybe better than dual clutches if you don't like "idiosyncratic" shifts at low speeds and weird noises and stuff....I've heard the new corvette auto is quite good, but i haven't driven it
New Posts  All Forums: