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Fuck that guy. There needs to be more consequences to him beyond being able to walk away from the whole lawsuit
I don't hate him, I just know that he's fucking with all the people that the last 5 seasons have told us shouldn't be fucked with. So either he becomes king or the revenge will be delicious
I'm in to watch whatever horrible fate Jonathan Pryce and the septa with the bell will receive. Most of the fun of this season has been the anticipation of them and Ramsay Bolton receiving their comeuppance. Alastair Thorne too, but that loop has already been tied off
I actually thought Warriors - Spurs was more like Pacquiao - Mayweather, in terms of hype and storyline
I found out that the last name of the Texas Rangers' second baseman is Odor. He was in the news recently with some enjoyable headline puns like "Odor socks Bautista in the face" or something like that
Welcome back to Dany's girls
They got well and truly fucked when Whiteside went down. Especially with no Bosh. At least Toronto got great play from Biyombo when JV also went down. Congrats to the Raptors - they played great this game
well the Heat are playing their last game this season. Game 7 of the East semis is respectable for a team of this talent level (especially without Bosh) but i'm still disappointed not to get a crack at Cleveland. i hope they can bring everyone back plus a healthy Bosh. also, fuck you Danny Crawford. the reffing is not the reason the Heat are losing this game, but still, fuck you.
well i finally got the chance to take proper pics. here they are: still under 400 miles so it's getting frustrating not really being able to open it up.
You've just ensured that this is the last rep you'll ever get from him
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