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What's R40? Sounds like a model of iron man power armor
You are totally nuts. I love it!!
I like how Embiid's sports nickname is "The Process"
SF isn't dead. -all my threads are active and doing just fine
I had Champion Motorsport install mine while in he process of doing other work, but tbh it looks like a fairly simple job. The thing is basically a replacement muffler can. Not sure if they had to take off the rear bumper, though
I think he means the Kuiper belt, which purpose I assume is to hold Kuiper's pants up
Oh god, a 90's Range Rover. You'd be better off with a Yugo or Lada. Or trying to drive an actual piece of Swiss cheese. For a '95 SUV might I suggest a Chevy Tahoe or Toyota Landcruiser
If I started a Sublime cover band it would be called Pop a Cap in Sancho
In San Francisco for two nights. Why is it so difficult to tell the homeless people from the normal people??
I was sitting on a plane earlier, and a few of us were watching the Eagles - Giants game, including a guy in a Wendy's jersey in the exit row. When the Eagles failed to convert on the final play of the game, he jumped out of his seat and shot his right arm out towards the emergency exit. I swear to god I thought he was going to try and open the door to jump out of the plane
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