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I read the post and thought he mistyped 'baby'
Let's not up the douche factor of this thread by bringing Yankees into it
While I agree that books are an exponentially better medium for character development than motion pictures, GRMM is this generation's poster child for taking it way too far. I mean, FFS.
Probably. But particularly the Evo. It's either one of the greatest performance bargains or a NVH nightmare, depending on your perspective. My brother in law had a couple and I could never tolerate them. But maybe the newer ones (post 2010) are better
On a football note, there are zero excuses for the Dolphins this year. No Brady for 4 games, another huge spending FA year, put up or shut up season for Tannehill - there are no excuses.
From that gif it looks like he's already sucking it. And has been sucking it all winter
If you're planning to buy an Evo, I suggest taking a 1-2 hour trip in one first...if you haven't already. If you still like it after that, then it's a good choice
Maybe his punishment can be reduced to getting punched by Ray Rice in an an elevator... ....too soon?
He just needs to stand up to Lebron. Which btw would be nearly impossible to do if he didn't have total support from Cavs (dysfunctional) ownership. In 2010 everyone was making a deal about how Lebron and Spoelstra were locked in this power struggle, but they figured it out. But Spo had the backing of two critical members of the organization - Pat Riley and D-Wade - who knows what kind of support Blatt really has when push comes to shove
That tells me that your government is unequivocally trying to make sure you don't buy cars
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