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Me 2
Hopefully you guys had already picked him up for your fantasy leagues. Other guys who have a chance to be huge are Tyreke, Cauley Stein and maybe Noel. But Noel sucks so he would be a lower tier
Wow so someone named Yogi is going to be a starting PG in the NBA
We can still hope
Good point on used car values. If I can get this car for $80k in four years' time, I'm in
Why the fuck would you even take a first rounder if it's top 18 protected??
Philly is still stockpiling centers for some reason. That deal doesn't lessen the number of centers unless Bogut is bought out. And they also flipped Ilyasova for Splitter My guess is that Butler is the biggest name that's most likely to move today
Bah, in the real world we SFers have excel/calculators/lackeys to do maths for us AMIRITE
I have to assume that Magic is a figurehead and needs to hire top negotiators, analytics personnel, etc. to make the machine actually run while he can flash his rings at free agents and parade all the prime LA tail in front of them at the clubs. The guy has been an analyst and commentator since he retired, and in all those years, has he ever made an insight that makes you think he's even remotely qualified to be a team president? With that said, I like his first move -...
Did you land that sweet gig at Comp USA?
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