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I always thought it was a nonsense term, anyway. Created because it's awkward to sell a dish called "hamburger without the bun"
Watching the Rockets play GSW, I'm reminded about how ugly they play. All analytics, very little entertainment...at least imo. All these players whose games I don't appreciate - Harden, Howard, Beverly, Josh Smith...even this Motejiunas post up game looks so awkward
Wow...what a story. Congrats
I was wondering why the NBA thread never updated with my poast!!
So credit does go where it's due and Kawhi does get DPOY. I'm a little surprised that Draymond got the second most votes over Whiteside. Taking nothing away from Green, who has been an excellent, versatile defender his entire career, I thought Whiteside would be second given his gaudy stats and my unabashed homerism
Resting on his chin being the other place
If you are going to trade it, take it to Carmax first and see what they will give you for it. My E46 needed a transmission rebuild (check light engine was already on) and they offered me $1k under book value, bad tranny and all. It's usually not worth paying full retail for repairs only to sell the car
Kawhi DPOY. It's as easy as picking the mvp this year
I fully realize that these issues are very much avoidable but I've drowned my phone twice now this year. I really wish Apple would make a waterproof phone, or at least one that can survive a quick dunking. Samsung already does
I thought the Kobe Stopper conversation was a clever bit of gamesmanship by Patterson. I think he was trying to prick Kobe's ego and have him start abandoning the team strategy, and piss off Shaq and Phil, by proving Patterson wrong. It didn't quite work (Blazers lost series) but I wonder if it did make the Lakers' lives more difficult
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