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I don't have the best handle on the VW market, but isn't that cheap for a new GTi? Fallout from the diesel scandal?
I do agree with Larry that Lebron is using the media to manipulate Cavs management into doing what he wants. And why not? It's worked every time in the past for him so far. And you know what...I'm kinda impressed that a player has been able to find a way to exert this much power on an owner's league. The part that's bullshit is that he can't publicly criticize a team that he himself has created. The Cavs have signed, extended and traded every player he wanted them to. So...
I always wondered why they'call to ask. I'm like, I just put that information in the app!
Lebron's not going to get any sympathy either. It's his move to Miami that started the superstar arms race amongst his generation of players, and no matter how much trotted they out this "one for the land" bullshit, I will always believe the main reason he went back to Cleveland is because he wanted to trade in his agin super team for a younger one. So now that he gets outplayed at the game he created, he should stop whining about it - I agree with the guys in the video.
I think if you guys want to bitch at Lebron, he deserves it more for throwing Cavs management under the bus with the media, not for finally having enough of getting sniped by Barkley for years. Also: Fuck KG
Shoulda had it deferred to when Trump makes those tax free
Result: [[SPOILER]]
I suppose it is 😅
Wait, you guys aren't serious about Limp Bizkit are you? My previous post was meant to be ironic. They're worse than Milli Vanilli
your bands are all decent but none of them can hold a candle to Limp Bizkit
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