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I don't remember if I ever told this story, but we took our previous Cayman to the "only Porsche factory certified body shop in Florida" for post-theft repairs. Similar story as GF - I understand a shop being backed up but what I cannot stand is someone being dismissive of my concerns and outright lying to me and my adjuster. Culminated with a huge argument with the shop owner in the parking lot, and the car suddenly being ready a day and a half later. The whole...
Just get the MR2
My phone changes mente to mentos. Which would be awkward, but since mentos is the freshmaker (!!!) all is good
Met up with a friend tonight for drinks. He just got out of a shit relationship and really needed to clear his head. Well, he just left with a solid 8.5/10 we met who just got out of her own shit relationship. Serving as a rebound is doing God's work
If she can be described by the term "girl", then no, she's probably not his type
the Mk2 was the last MR2. i refuse to acknowledge the lineage of that 2000s bug eyed spyder bullshit
lols is that E30 325ic really for sale for a dollar?!
So why do people say the whole thing - "hashtag + what follows"?#iwinagain
Don't be creating new hipster names for the pound sign you whippersnapper!
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