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Those are pretty great
I haven't had cran-anything that didn't taste overwhelmingly of cranberry. Maybe someone substituted grape kool aid while you weren't looking
I agree about the innevas, I have three pair. Would love to see pics of this newsprint colorway
You guys made me realize that I haven't had a pizza in over a year
In for Cucinelli measurements as well, particularly the navy
I heard he has Ferrari seat covers made out of seven folds
I'm not excited about the show approaching the depiction of book 5. That book is easily the worst and most boring of the series
Rice deserves to get cut and banned, but why do it now? We all already know what he did, but why does it somehow finally spur the right action when the video of the punch is finally released??! Is it now worse all of a sudden?
Thanks for the commisseration, guys. I'm going to have lunch with my friend before he goes for surgery - he's very positive about his condition, I'm very proud of him Other thing pissing me off - my favorite RLPL navy s/c is showing wear and shiny patches on the elbows....FML
That blue Weltzeit is just stunning
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