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Oh come on, guys! What a cockamamie thing to say....do you not even have a pin prick of maturity?!
I would like to put those wheels on my car
Hey, pics or GTFO is ter or neo's line, not mine And does it have to be Korean pear juice? Where the hell am I supposed to get Korean pear juice? And how would I know it's Korean??
What is Korean pear juice? It's a euphemism for cream of sumyounggai isn't it??!
Let me guess - the final question that you answered "no" to was "no matter how drunk I got I refused to suck my coworker's cock"
I'm in as long as we all do the Casper slide together
First mustang I liked since the '66 (and no I wasn't alive in 66 fuck you)
Well, at least you guys still have the Raiders
2 drinks a day is moderate? Do these people live in Gofuckyourself Land??!
I'm afraid to CE. I only go there to make fun of SJW's, which is a cause that the whole world can get behindNo argument there, either.
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