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Ahaha, what a bitch. And what do you call the bitch of a bitch (CP3)?
I hope this is the life event that finally turns Mark Cuban into a Bond villain, btw. He has the brains, budget and temperament for it...he just needs something to put him over the edge. Looking forward to hearing about Dan Fegan meeting an untimely end in a shark tank...
The only boating he's doing is ass motorboating
I imagine that CP asked him what he could do to make it up to him, and they decided on oral sex
Btw, speaking of our cars and driving them. The worst thing you can do while driving the cars that drive is to bump into one of them with another one. Guess which dumb fuck did that recently?!? Luckily it's the bumper pads and easily fixed with some corner touch up paint
You have a lift in your garage?!? And that's a quality regimen. Should take you a couple days
And I said that no one would be able to eclipse Dwight Howard's special brand of faggotry
I wonder if people with low T are more susceptible to strep throat?
The Brits will prolly start posting here, thinking we are talking about Tottenham
That's a pretty good answer, actually
New Posts  All Forums: