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Urine luck! Thank the person you were following into the water for sharing his warmth
Wait, you actually used "bad ass" and "candles" in the same post??
Richard Jefferson is still in the league??
So he died. RIP. Btw fuck you milennials for all the Snape is dead testimonials. You people ruin everything. Rickman is Hans Gruber, assholes
Wait, what happened to Alan Rickman??
I also don't get Snowpiercer. Couldn't watch it for more than 7 minutes. What total shit. Am I missing the point? Does it get better? But even if it gets better it's still fatal to make the first part of the movie unwatchable because people will never get to the good part.
I don't get the fuck 2016/good riddance 2016 you were the worst year meme. 2016 had its lowlights but I don't see it as being particularly worse or better than other years. Unless of course this is a trump commentary, as 90% of the internet is now
For the longest time I thought it was the Buick Regatta and people just kept making the same typo
Assuming no concept cars (which by definition are supposed to look as futuristic as possible) I would say the most futuristic looking car is the Vector W8. But it's futuristic in the sense that someone in the 80's guessed the future would look like after watching a bunch of 70's sci fi movies
I went to a titty bar last night and saw 2 peaks
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