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Maybe someone from the KC royals will win
I was told that whipping out your junk in the jury box was the best way to ensure you weren't chosen. Is that what you did?
Should we send pB out there so that he can at least get the BJ?
Makes sense - washing themselves of the vestiges of the Donald Sterling era
Was the goat named Iker on account of the Spanish goalkeeper being the goat of the 2014 World Cup?
You could also say "well, it's not going to suck itself!"
See, enough people paint Lebron as an egotistic asshole that I'm willing to believe that where there's smoke, there's fire. But that blurb in itself doesn't mean anything. I lead a pretty sizeable organization and I let my subordinates push back or "overrule" me on critical decisions many times. The flip side of that anecdote is that you've got to trust your guys when they're seeing something you're not. Plus I don't trust news reporters to not spin a story in the way...
Sounds like MrsG should plan on getting pregnant again
I'm surprised Edina goes to CFA after their president and founder very publicly denounced his lifestyle
I have a theory on this. I think psychopaths (a) don't instinctively know how to behave and empathize with other people, and (b) know that they have to be careful not to draw attention to themselves because of the evil things they are doingSo they study examples of people who don't draw attention to themselves, and carefully model their behavior after those people. So they all end up following this same personality "template"
New Posts  All Forums: