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Well the good news is that they bought Beats - so we know that they've acquired the means to produce headphones that are high qualit....ah, never mind
It's interesting that the league as a whole is so bad at clock management that when a team is actually decent at it, they're immediately regarded as well-coached
no just the normal 7. my wife is mad because she wants me to get the dual cam one. but i don't like big things in my pockets. she can get the 7+ when she upgrades and put it into her dozens of purses
i ordered Jet Black too. October 10-17th delivery smh as for scratch protection, i plan on using a clear film like i use on my cars to avoid rock chips, weathering and scratches
Godsmack's music sounds like someone took every pot and pan he owned, and dropped them all at once from his second floor window
They could at least be showing Hot Tub Time Machine
Maybe he lost control of his car and crashed into a Taco Bell. That's one of the few scenarios where I think it's reasonable to be in one
Most likely a more or less dedicated track car
I can tell you what the ones around me are doing - they're working hard to convince themselves that Garoppalo will be a great successor to their "goat" once he inevitably retires
Not that different from the Norteamericanos, really
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