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Also, I'm kind of impressed at the grammar and spelling of my drunk poast 😇
I was drunk last night, had an armful of packages and couldn't get into my car If I would just wise up and pretend comfort access didn't exist, I would've had the key in my hand before picking up/juggling all the packages. I seriously wanted to sell the car right then and there
Fuck BMW "comfort access". It doesn't give me comfort, and it doesn't give me access. It has one function, and one function only - to let me unlock, start, and lock the car without pulling the key out. Rather, it's so inconsistent and capricious that one always ends up hunting for the key at the most inconvenient moment because you think that comfort access will work and it fucking doesn't. Fuck the people who made comfort access, fuck their parents, fuck their children...
One of these fucks needs to make a non turbo sports car and let me know.
2017 sign of the times: paying $88k for a 4-cylinder roadster
Good point. Both, I guess
Agreed. Get the car you want in manual, and drive it around an empty parking lot or industrial park for a few hours. No need to get a car "just to learn manual"
i had a 93 MR2. i was in my early 20's. Yes, it was everything a sports car of those times should be. and yes, i snap oversteered it and stuffed it into a wall
given that Finn is probably the only Dane most of us know, it's no surprise we think that they're all solitary curmudgeons
We had the same childhood dream.
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