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Justise is already a great defender, and has really improved his offense this season despite still being really raw. I didn't mention him as a Great Riley move because grabbing him was a no brainer after he inexplicably fell. There was this crazy story about a team (Boston?) offering Charlotte two drafts' worth of picks when Winslow fell to the Hornets, but MJ really wanted to grab Frank Kaminsky. And then the Heat picked him next. The roster still has a lot of...
Totally agree, Dino GF, I've found the bigger issue is getting lowered cars onto standard alignment racks. You may end up getting alignment from those shops that have a more 'racing' or 'tuning' reputation, because they align lowered cars all the time. which is fine as long as they have the reputation and experience. How far are you from Turner?
Riley pulls something out of the hat again. Realistically, they have no chance against the West, but I'll be content with them playing spoiler against Cleveland I'm most impressed with him stealing Dragic, convincing Joe Johnson to sign, and somehow finding Whiteside and Josh Richardson out of nowhere.
Looking forward to Thibs bringing discipline, defense, fire, and fatigue-driven injuries to the youngsters in Minnesota
Shouldn't it be called InBev stadium now?
Here's a few data points for you. I have three cars with adjustable suspension (one I modified, two with factory height adjustable suspension), and my wife always has a leased car that she leaves fully stock. Her current car actually has an air adjustable suspension which would be interesting to see what happens in time. Car I modified (KW v3 coilovers) - align at least once a year, sometimes more Cars that had factory height adjustable suspension - only align when...
it's to weed out the plebs
so someone hit my car. the damage is minor, but noticeable enough that it bothers me. i had parked the car on the street because i needed the driveway clear in the morning, so either my direct neighbor did it while backing out, or a coworker did it while i was parked at work (in full view of security patrols). that's the only timeframe in which it could have happened. now i'm comforted with the thought that either my neighbor is a motherfucking poor excuse for a human...
Don't forget the gravy. That's an integral part of the dish
I always thought it was a nonsense term, anyway. Created because it's awkward to sell a dish called "hamburger without the bun"
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