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Who cares about the little guys? More 50R!!
Now that I've diacovered the wonders of Carmina cordovan, I require more. Anything coming? Or did the shortage torpedo everything?
Don't think I've ever had a friend or e-friend come out over the Internet before
I don't agree with bmw I6's being better than the V8's. While it's true that the former is "classic" bmw, the V8's in the e39's were IMO better for that generation, and the modern V8's (NA and turbo) are absolute marvels
I don't get the iPhone 6
He probably wants the attendees to think, I should buy these guys' security system because they look like hackers and they can protect me from other hackers.I suggest you go the extra mile and show up tweaked out on red bull and uppers
Could you slip a little common projects in there and no one would notice? Converse is vile
He's an idiot for doing it in the open. Why wouldn't he wait until the big pileups to pull this shit, same as the rest of the league?
Check the width? When I bought my William II's at the Hong Kong store, I was mystified to find my feet swimming in my normal size. Turns out the saleslady brought out an F width by mistake
fun Ram throwback unis tonight....i keep peering into the backfield expecting to see Marshall Faulk in a two point stance
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