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Are you sure they aren't commenting about your likeness to C.C. Peniston?
It is only one cloud. You people keep staying I denial until it finally becomes sentient and names itself "Skynet"
Admit it - it was you!
I don't trust the cloud
Lebron does seem very susceptible to being bullied. The most famous of which being the years-long bullying he took from Pierce and KG without visibly standing up for himself Also, can you imagine coming back to work for a man who did what Dan Gilbert did to him? That's probably the biggest proof that the "Lebron is a bitch" meme generators need (yes, still bitter )
Cleveland projects to have a nice starting 5 with Kyrie, Waiters, James, Lovr and Varejao. I couldn't name a single bench player for them after Tristan Thompson, though. Did they sign Mike Miller?
As long as you realize that no amount of alcohol will make New York suck less
The above might be an exaggeration, but it is ugly, no doubt about it for me. It goes overboard in that concept car kind of way
ITT: douches discussing douches
Lol I don't even know who Quincy Acy is
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