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how about that black lizard Arran that may have been imagined in these parts...
The funny thing about tanking this year is that next year's draft sucks. I will lmao if Philly finally gets the first pick and picks....who? That okafor kid?
This new member "ethanm" has a curiously familiar posting style...
Ok sorry, I misread your first sentence as, not getting charged twice
Rose should have (and now should proceed to) just shut the fuck up. I personally have given him the benefit of the doubt - it's not like you can fake a ligament tear - but he now basically said that he's a malingerer, or at best, too scared of further injury to be completely effective on the court. I like the guy, so I'm willing to believe that he just said something stupid unthinkingly, but man, just shut the fuck up
You (and NMWA) would sorely tempt me if it were a sportscoat on offer
He doesn't double dip people on shipping. But were you the kind of kid that reminded the teacher that she didn't collect the homework if she forgot?
Passing on this one, but if you guys want to do a navy hop sack.....
So a bunch of people at this party have never heard of lemonparty. Thanks to yours truly, they are now enlightened
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