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i too, make my own sauce in large quantities
it's kind of amazing how the Heat blow games in the second half now. it really goes like clockwork. they actually play teams tough for most of the game, despite their considerably weaker roster from the championship days, but shit the bed for 5-15 minutes and then it's over. and they finally find someone who might end up as a cheap, productive steal of a player - Whiteside - and he promptly gets injured. oh well.
Speaking of whom, if thibs gets fired, OKC should totally grab him.
Oh wow a shoe discussion! And one without any circle jerking (well, at least until Pb and GF get together) AE - not a Fran St C - awesome but they need to say no to some of the shite their customers make them create. Also don't fit me all that well JLP - awesome. Stfu pB Carmina - best value for money out there
I always thought that the letter I looked like the angriest letter. Mainly because it looks like an exclamation point and also like a raised middle finger
Dear God the SF club of failed comedians is really making the CM shoe threads completely unreadable. Normally, I don't care what other people do, but if you're trying to pop in to get useful info or updates you won't be able to find them through all the unfunny inside jokes and circle jerks. Now I know why so many people became furious with the SWD Alden thread
That's good news. I stopped reading RT about a decade ago because even at that time all the articles and opinion pieces seemed like inside jokes among the staff, about experiences that no one could relate to but them
Did one of his teammates try to stomp him as he was doing that backflip?
He was also awesome in "dude, where's my car?"
Looking forward to the all-douche super bowl. Not really.
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