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Please tell me you dropped trou and treated May to dat helicopter dick
Joke's on you - he's prolly laughing all the way to the bank to deposit that $300 windfall
I heard that many of the advances in nanotechnology were done because doctors needed to shove cameras into y'alls micropenises
Saw the Grand Tour. It really is exactly Top Gear. Which is just fine with me. I don't think you could expect anything else from the Wilman/Clarkson/Hammond/May quartet anyway. Other than Amazon being a little more complicit and less PC than BBC was
Storage into my garage you sexxy mother fucker
It's like $1500 for a 2-5 hp gain? Someone correct me if I misremember. So mostly still eye candy. Not saying that's a bad thing. We're on a forum where it's badass to bespeak different shoe or sports jacket liners that no one would ever notice
will pay you disposal value for M3 and take it off your hands. The thing can't survive in the big city
Bring the checkbook. If well sorted i guarantee satisfaction and wantage. What's $15,800 Canadian pesos, like 500 real bux? 😛 Dinan CAI's are mostly eye candy. I believe that one is solid shiny CF. as crazy as it sounds to have eye candy that permanently resides under a hood, the BMWBJ crowd all needs to have it
I think the BMWBJ thread actually has more Subie owners now (not a complaint)
You are overreacting, but come on - you're GF. That's why we love you 😘
New Posts  All Forums: