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It's prolly one of those sensationalist things where the writer looks up the charge and the max possible sentence for that crime. Kinda like getting arrested in a bar fight, looking up the criminal code and thinking, zomg! I could get xx years for this!!
Is it time for the monthly boat discussion? How time flies
You guys got me curious about this car and there's decent availability in FL. Mebbe I should take a peek
Aha so now he can get rewarded for breaking Geno 's bones instead of getting cut
A Golf wagon? Isn't that just a four door Golf? And we used to have a Golf drop top in the U.S. It was called the Cabriolet and is widely credited with the origination of the term "chick car"
Paula Abdul is exactly the kind of music Whole Foods should play, given how many crazy looking women of her age shop there
Hatchbacks are cool! And now ford is finally bringing the Focus RS to the domestic market. Life is good
Your boyfriend is 11%...what?
One thing Dolphins and Patriots fans can get together on: mocking the Jets
Isn't it a sucker punch because he punched a sucker...?
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