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The greatest thing about being young before Lebron's time is...when you're a young dumb fuck, surrounded by young dumb fuck friends thinking the thoughts that dumb fucks think...tattoo parlors weren't on every street corner
It's merely a rule to be gamed....kind of like the salary cap
Maybe he's unsure about dealing with GF's low T and indecisiveness issues for the rest of his life
If that gets Mconaghey off the planet , then I'm all for it. Maybe he can show E.T. those douchey Lincoln ads and get vaporized immediately
Thanks for the update
Do you notice the Japanese often giving you tolerant smiles and speaking veeerry slowly to make sure you're following along?
You guys are using the wrong example as a comeback. "Spelled" is an acceptable spelling in UK and American English. Although I cannot speak to whether it's an acceptable form for contrarian fuckfaces from Australia
I saw Fredette play in a sweet sixteen game in NOLA. He was a sick college player. I mean, the whole opposing team sold out to stop him and he just kept shooting (and making) shots from further and further out. And he had the ability to get into the paint at will He's totally sucked as a pro, which speaks to the difference in pro vs NCAA talent level
Hopefully you don't have those GM issues that the mainstream media have led me to believe that they guarantee you a fiery death
Precisely. Although I've been asked to fly to NYC in the morning to attend a meeting, and go back home that afternoon
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