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I thought it was a river in Egypt
It's like they mated Crocs with those rope sandals I once saw them wear in rural India
4/9 23:18 SELF
what happened to jimmy?
excerpt from L'inc's manifest 4/1 7:00 SELF 4/1 18:00 SELF 4/2 7:00 SELF 4/2 18:00 SELF 4/3 6:00 SELF 4/3 20:00 OTHER HAND 4/4 7:00 SELF . . .
I met one, he claimed to be a descendant of Genghis Khan. Spoiled little shit.
I agree. Probably just livery companies. The car service I use has actually replaced their town cars with Escalades and XTS's and I do like riding in them. Better than the Avalons and minivans my NYC car service uses
I'm waiting for him to post a response so I can thumb it
He got timed out ? Link?
these thumb comments are great. i might stop posting altogether and just communicate via thumb comments
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