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Hey I did win my football squares game so the SB was a win for me in at least one way
Ok. Let's get back on track. I enjoyed watching Roger Goodell having to eat shit while presenting the trophy to Robert Kraft
Apparently they "ran out of gas". Lol. I guess that says it all. Congrats to the Pats and their fans. Like them or not, there's just nothing you can say anymore to claim they don't deserve this. Anyone with any objectivity left can't say that this isn't the greatest dynasty/QB/coach in league history. Now pardon me while I go throw up 🤢
No, just calling things like I see them. But my dog in this SB is, I don't like the Patriots. Anyone who roots for a different team in the AFC East hates the Patriots. Dolphins, in my case. Maybe I'm a little sensitive because my team sucks and the Pats fans down here can say whatever they want and I have to take it but it all means that I'm duty bound to hate the Pats. but i promise it's legit hatred coming from two decades of them kicking our asses.But thanks for...
There was too much butt hurt here in Miami to hear the Falcons interviews...what did they have to say for themselves? Did Dan quinn try to explain why he stopped pass rushing?
Yep, stupid is the right word. I won't rain on your parade any longer. Enjoy "your" triumph
I have to say that I don't get those Lotuses. Best one imo was the Esprit, but other than being James Bond's car, even they didn't do anything to outclass their Italian, german or even American competitors
I rest my case. You must have lived somewhere else for the other 20+ years of your life, yeah? But Let's pick the city with the good team. Not to mention no one heard anything from you until the eve of the super bowl or whatever. But it was an unbelievable game. You give these guys a 0.0001% chance of getting back in it and they capitalize on it. Never seen anything like it
Nope. Will take this from anyone else, but not from a fair weather fan.
God damn. Hate hate hate hate hate the Pats but respect to all you evil empire mother fuckers Altlanta needs to quit pro sports. Biggest pro sports embarrassment in recent memory
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