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Sorry that my poast disappointed you. We kiss cam operators spend too much time taking videos of hot girls to edit our poasts
I'm still bitter. Can't he fail a physical or something?
If I operate the kiss cam I am focusing on two hot girls sitting together every single time. I dont care if they're twin sisters. Actually, ESPECIALLY if they're twin sisters
I am bummed. Fuck this shit. The Heat isn't just Wade's team. Miami is his city as far as sports goes. It's not Ryan Tannehill's or Giancarlo Stanton's. Why not just pay the man? Who else are you gonna pay at this point? And you know you owe him. He gave you money out of his pocket AND he delivered three titles. It's only for two years so it's not like you have this albatross. And all this from an organization that's renowned for taking care of its players. How the fuck...
Hope you hit it
I think I speak for the patriarchy when I say that she should feel free to wear that dress as many times as possible
Wait, there actually is a Ryan Adams? I thought you guys were misspelling (inadvertently or whimsically) Bryan Adams.
How the fuck do you wipe, then? Standing up??!
With all the well deserved shit that Priuses and Prius drivers get, there is one thing about them that makes me happy. The rear has a transparent panel where you can actually see THROUGH the car and see what's in front of it. Why don't all automakers do this? Sure, every once in awhile you might catch someone jacking it while going down the highway, but that's the only downside. This would be the auto industry's greatest gift to mankind since they cancelled Pontiac
Grocery stores have the dumbest names. shnucks? Publix? Piggly wiggly? Ralph's? Sure the founder's name must've been Ralph but now you are selling food under a name that is synonymous with vomiting. Winn Dixie? Well Dixie didn't win!!! Ahaha sick civil war burn
New Posts  All Forums: