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Too bad you don't want a pickup. Tundras are the best. I actually don't even know what SUV's are body-on-frame construction anymore. The pioneer of this stuff, the Ford Explorer, isn't anymore
You're right - I didn't even think about FCC recording disclosure regs. Kind of embarrassing because one of my jobs is to ensure that my company complies to them In scanning that article I saw that one DJ got fined by prank calling someone as a hospital employee, telling her her husband died in a motorcycle accident?! Absolute fucking scum.
Omg now we're talking about color treated hair? Isn't that what an afternoon at the hairdresser with your gal pals is for?!?
I do not get how prank call buts have become THE go to source of humor that morning radio shows strip mine. Maybe it's just south Florida but everybody does this shit. Does anyone really find these funny? My thoughts - 1. The majority are painfully unfunny. Beyond the fact that radio hosts aren't the best comedians, it's really hard to strike comedy gold when the bit is spontaneous and one party isn't trying to be funny 2. The scenarios are too contrived. 3. Who the fuck...
Yeah, they can save that much by going with Pert Plus shampoo over Bronner's anyway!
Are you women done talking about your beauty products yet?
I thought the point of the Phaeton was that the CEO wanted to see what VW could do (and show the world), and start moving his brand upscale. I believe it failed because people never gave it a chance (because of brand or whatever), because that car really sells itself if you drive it. My wife owned its spiritual SUV equivalent, the Touareg, and every time I got in it I was constantly amazed at the quality, features, and attention to detail it carried. That car also sold...
i'm cool working for a fortune 500 (actually 100). it's not going to give me the opportunity to save the earth, but it finances the things i love to do, and all things considered i get a pretty good wage for what i do and the amount of my time it takes me to do it.
Great, now we have GreenEdina on the forum
Huay would you buy a Huayra?
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