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Let's make more fun of Kanye. Never in history has so much shit come in so many different forms from a more unlikable source
808 is the area code of Hawaii, but I suspect you kids are talking about something else here...
I fully endorse Kanye bashing
He clearly realizes this, and it really bothers him. Why else would he include it in his retirement announcement
I like Grimes too - he was one of the best (and there are only a few unfortunately) signings for the Dolphins by Jeff Ireland
Looks like a tremendous sale is going on. We bystanders expect lots of pics of the damage
why the fuck would any of you know or care what Morrissey has to say about anything? and i'm saying this as someone who doesn't mind his music
This is all you. Your sub-mente is reminding you of how much you want to be splooged on, even as you are discussing something else
Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel?
thanks OBAMA!!
New Posts  All Forums: