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It says three things - Rinse before you start using them Don't drop them - they will break Don't use them to heat food on a stovetop
just unpacked a box of dinner plates that my wife had ordered. they come with an instruction manual
IMO the 997TT is a better choice than the 996TT for the same reason as F430 > 360. Sweet spot between performance, modernity, reliability and price. But either are tunable to super high HP if that's your bag. The 996 is also the only 911 generation that I strongly dislike. Shouldn't be a factor to anyone other than me, but bears mentioning
i am utterly shocked that Andrei Kirilenko never made that list
Yes I think that's why he put "dinner" in quotation marks
I think the sweet spot between reliability/maintenance cost and affordability is currently the F430. But the 360 isn't so bad. Just don't expect to kill newer BMW's or muscle cars from a stoplight.
Gif is oddly mesmerizing
Won't be so bad if you show up in shorts
Every star has his flaws magnified in this day where everyone on the Internet is a sports analyst. A lot of the criticism of Carmelo (or Lebron, or Kobe, or Wade or Howard or Harden) is true, but the older guys tend to get romanticized because there just wasn't so much chatter or analytics around them
I like pretzel buns
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