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A discussion on what vintage Porsche is THE definitive model is likely to result in violence amongst Porsche fanbois But yes, speedster = convertible. It's distinguished from the "regular" 356 convertible most easily by its lower windshield and lightweight top
Yeah, it's probably worth figuring out exactly what that is. The very top of the market for 356 speedsters is something like a quarter of a million dollars IIRC
I'm not going to process that information...I'm going to wait till it negatively impacts my team and be outraged by this stupid rule change, like everyone else does
I mean...sure, if you're from Detroit
Um...a 911 speedster??!?!
They need those transparent panels on the back like the Priuses have. That way everyone can tell if he's jacking off
Was Ben your date? Because if you spent all this time with him in the backseat, I'm gonna guess that the hay ride was completely unnecessary 😊
It is pretty bad when the best one can come up with is "not Detroit"
Is the princess the one in the middle? Would hit
Awesome - please buy it and prevent my wife from murdering me. Although if you're married - don't tell your wife I sent you or SHE might murder me It's a '92 though. Located in Palm Beach FL http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/mercedes-benz/500e/1846355.html
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