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I think you should post any further responses you get, tagut
I'd be good with that. And while we're borrowing ideas from soccar, let's introduce relegation as well
although I agree that the Kobe deal buttfucks the Lakers for a long time, I'm willing to bet most of us in this thread are some form of employee to someone or some entity (maybe not Ed). this rarely happens anymore, but wouldn't it feel great if your employer, who you busted your ass/Achilles tendon and won countless rewards for, rewarded your hard work with a sunset contract like Kobe's? wouldn't it be nice (and in your humble opinion, well deserved)?
bullshit, a chicken couldn't properly sight the thing because it's eyes are on the side of its head
we want you L'inc. in a platonic brotherly way of course. or in a totally sexual homoerotic way, whichever you prefer
Good looking unis are also a plus, too. Who has the best looking ones? Chelsea? Real Madrid? Edit - also really like Inter and PSG's
I don't see Love, Lebron, Wiggins and Kyrie being on the same team. That's as realistic as the earlier talk of Melo joining the Miami Heat 3
Seven cycles? Is that a crack at his weight?
Uh yeah, I guess they weren't kidding when they said it's not a serious test. 1M vs 458 and GTR? I think a better production would have been to keep camera and audio in the 458 and LFA and just listen to them go through the gears
I'll have to check what cable package I'm actually signed up for, but I get EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A games on the regular, although I don't have a choice to watch whichever game I want. I also get the occasional Brazilian, Argentine or French match. I think I most enjoyed watching La Liga this year, but just Barca, Real and Atletico. The EPL is a lot deeper when it comes to enjoyable teams. Promoters are also doing a better job of bringing top clubs to play...
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