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I feel that such a fatwa would leave the population "high and dry"
Sooo Lebron. Congrats, great job and you fulfilled your promise. Time to opt out and come back to the Heats?
I'm impressed at Ramsay's archery skills. Toying around until you've given yourself a small window to hit a moving target 100+ yards away, and then hitting it dead center. And then the eye shot on Wun Wun. He's almost as good at hitting people with arrows as Steph Curry is with mouthpieces
It's kind of crazy how Cleveland won it too. You know Lebron was going to do his thing - and he was clutch in this game just as he was clutch during his best Miami years - but Irving and Love came through in a huge way at the end too. Love's stop on Curry is honestly the first time I can remember seeing him play good defense...and he was out in space against the shiftiest player in the league. And Irving's dagger three was the classic "oh no oh no WTF are you...
Good call on the Jon Snow POV battle scene. That was really well done
It was an unbelievable series. Sports is so great sometimes
My confidence is restored. Everything that I could want in this episode - delivered. I was a little confused about how Winterfell looks so much like Castle Black
It's a lot harder when they're bigger than your cocktail weenie
I wasn't driving - wife doesn't drink so I always have a DD
That happened to me once back in the day. Can't remember if it was Gran Turismo or Forza, but I was running one of those endurance races with hundreds of laps, and a power outage shut off my console while I was leading the last lap. I know the feels 😁
New Posts  All Forums: