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I'm a MCW detractor but in fairness to him, all the idiots running with him bunched up and made any pass difficult. And then they all ran into the same spot where Rubio and MCW were both headed so all Rubio had to do was stand his ground and he was able to defend everyone. Kind of like what Leonidas of Sparta was able to do to the Persian army!
Sweet. Porsche confirms '18 GT3 can be spec'es with PDK or manual @jet
Has anyone actually tried Turo? Seems like there are some really reasonable rates to get you into a mid to upper level of luxury car or sportscar. What's the catch?
Is that Lincoln going to be built? I tot it was a concept... 🤔
People who use the word "hack" when they mean "good idea" or "better way to do something". As in "ima show you this hack to make crispy fried chicken!" If you do this, then fuck you
Even worse. I'd pull a fuse or something
These fucking auto start-stop systems on cars. Does anyone actually engage these? I get it - they are equipped so you can beat CAFE but man are these things irritating
I feel like 60% of a new yorker's entire time is spent trying to assert his or herself in whatever complex social pecking order that goes on up there
Why not? There's a lot to catch up on
Airpods get a thumbs up from me. Only complaints are the Siri or phone controls-only operation, and that they go flying like two like poles of a magnet if you even touch your ear
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