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That actually sounds that it might be quite pleasant
Gortat was horrid on defense in the endgame. He half heartedly jogged to his close outs as Horford hit two huge shots for Atlanta. Although I can't blame the Wiz for not boxing out on the last play - John Wall's huge defensive play ended up in a really bad carom for the Wiz. That's the way the ball bounces!
...and the exhaust is the part on the new M that's a pleasant surprise to me. The burble and growl from outside the car is actually pretty good (no, not as good as, say, an Eisenmann equipped V10, but what is). bmw still sucks dick for that active sound nonsense though
I thought I was going to like Yas too, until I saw it in person. Now I think it's a poor successor to Laguna Seca blue
why do all of these crazy drugs start out in South Florida??! (wondered no one ever)
does it have a couple of Indian guys wedged inside it?
i like it. the exhaust is reminiscent of Akrapovic, but i'm not sure if that's what it is. btw, speaking of M cars, over the last six months, my neighbors have all bought F80 M3's. the two to my left have twin jet black M3's with the only differences being the wheels, and my across-the-street neighbor bought a white one. my E90 M3 is enjoying the company!
Isn't it one of those made-up fictional languages like Klingon?
Sex also helps
What's the difference between the two?
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