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No, but their commercials are confusing to me. So they're airing testimonials about other people's testimonials?
That would be an epic NR 9.99 starting bid auction, if you chose to go in that direction, just sayin'
If anything other than "Spoo Poker" is written on the labels of your bespoke items, I would be sorely disappointed
Hmm...I hope he's not incontinent
I've always wondered why he carried a 2x4 and not a hacksaw. False nickname!
Nice, that's Bentley money for an RS7. But honestly I still might prefer the Audi
Ah, Harry potter. That shit was so bad it was even able to ruin Emma Watson
It actually legitimately annoys me sometimes. This has been the standard SF pose since before I joined, so I don't know how it started.
I don't get what SF members are always so gazing intently at off-camera while they're having their fit pic taken
You should see the floods in the Philippines today. One of our IT groups is based there and they were sending us pictures of their SUV's on the streets with the roofs barely breaking the water's surface
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