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I could be. Just to see, go to your boss and hand him a hundred dollar bill. I'll poast here if I get it
so I changed jobs recently - same company, different role and department. The worst thing about the timing is that I have to write two sets of performance reviews....one for the old and one for the new direct reports
They are the #1 and #2 top answers on the Family Feud board. #3 is that the Seattle Seahawks' "12th man" is the guy who brings the Adderall
Don't spend too much on those mirror covers, I got a pair for a 3 series for about a hundred bucks
Yeah, GF - I think you could pass for a woman if you tried
Awesome, so 5 down. And we need 8 total, yes?
I actually like the looks of the Ghibli better than the QP. But neither is my cup of tea. The interiors are very nice, though
Can't tell the difference at a glance. Closer look, you start to see it. A lovely shoe regardless
Max contract for butler too!!
That Chip Kelly really knows how to put lipstick on a pig
New Posts  All Forums: