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Not hard to be an above average street driver. All you have to do is always pay attention, and I guarantee that you're already there
Wouldn't they just have to close down at that point? Like a gas station running out of gas
They're more into Eiffel towering him, actually
I read an interview with a Volvo exec. Don't remember his title but he was responsible for developing their autonomous tech. He said that when Volvo puts their tech on the road they will be fully responsible for your safety, including liability. It was meant to be a dig at Tesla putting something on the road that he considered half ass, but I think that's a helluva stand
Ford hasn't been able to make a piece of interior trim stay in place for more than a year. They've only had more than a hundred years to figure it out. If you want to trust their autonomous tech with your sweet ass, be my guest
Ear hair is unavoidable in your 70's. Just relax
We never doubted your ability to competently handle a knob
I'm in marketing...all you need is for your bullshit campaign to deliver a response rate a few basis points higher than the last motherfucker, and you're a rock star. Particularly for products that have been around for awhile. So people just try all sorts of shit - I can't tell you how many agencies come to us with this great idea they're gonna bill us a few hundred k for, and it's some shit like change the envelope color from blue to gold
Some of these gymnasts awaken interesting feelings. But if you feel guilty about wanting under 30 women, under 22 women might be too much of a stretch
Oh, I've seen those. There's one in the food court of our local mall
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