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If you have to go to Wikipedia for it, it's at least a little esoteric
A guy on my team eats only chobani yogurt. His birthday is coming up, and we're trying to figure out how to make a birthday "cake" out of chobani
I bet the laptop stickers are the ones you put over an apple logo to make it look like someone took a bite out of the apple
The Mini Countryman in 4wd might be a good option for you. It's bigger but still small enough for city parking, and ticks all your boxes except for "luxury highway cruising". It has next to no power, though, but it sounds like you're happy with the Outback so that's likely not a factor for you.My wife really wants one because they're cute...which drives me up a wall.
I did that when I worked in Operations. No boss wants an unexpected illness to reduce their productive capacity, but it's much worse when someone comes in to work and knocks out 5 other productive people.
Is Thompson really looking for the max? I haven't paid too much attention to him, but my impression of him is a guy with one standout skill (offensive rebounding) and almost nothing else...unless you count Lebron's alleged man crush on him. If you want to give a guy like that a max deal, then go right ahead
Regarding other things I don't get, I see that a lot of people are hibbeldy jibbeldy about the canonization of Junipero Serra. I for one didn't realize that Junipero Serra was a person. I know about the park but I thought it was named after a variety of local flora or something
I don't know if this is what you mean, but I have a college friend who writes in all caps, but the first letter of sentences and proper nouns is a slightly bigger cap letter than the other cap letters. It does look cool but I can't imagine what possessed her to train herself to write like that
My fave part was the mom slapping the shit out of her stupid ass junkie son
I just had this conversation with the sales manager when I put the deposit down. Take these numbers with a grain of salt (because salespeople exaggerate) but these are the numbers he says he's selling these for:991 GT3: $150-180k997 GT3RS 4.0: $420k997 GT3RS: $200-220k997 GT3: $100-120k
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