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We just need someone who's seen him IRL to tell us whether his face is as punchable as those twilight guys
I was thinking more like that dude from twilight
I'm starting to suspect that pBboo is imaginary...
I'm quoting GF now too because Edina refuses to pay
You're doing it wrong. You now owe Edina $312. (Edina I haven't quoted him yet so where's my fucking money)
Well, for one thing - if they're selling new cars that return policy will potentially kill them. New cars lose a huge amount of value once they've been titled, even if they're returned after a week. Second, shipping cars cross country is also hugely expensive - about 500-1500 last time I checked. They'll have to make money in some massive way to offset those expenses. Finally, I'm not an expert but I thought most (all?) states had laws that prohibited bypassing the...
Oh, DC is far far better than any rail system I've experienced in the US except for BART, which I've only taken one short ride on. Boston and NYC are the worst. If you're looking for a definition of worst, I used "rail systems where I've had to wonder multiple times whether I'd have to defend my life on that ride". And I don't even live in those cities, except DC for three years
Outlook did you a favor...your new overlords will not want to read overly long emails
You should have seen the markups that people were paying on those lime rock cars when they were new. It was hilarious. They are great looking cars though....the fire orange with black accents is something I'd like to do on an individual order if I ever did one
That's the guy who executed Ned Stark, amirite?
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