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That frankenboot is nice, but not my style. Will still keep eyes peeled though.
And bearded clams?
I initially read this as "people with giant bbq's are usually terrible cocks"It's true both ways, anyway
Wait, law firm life sucked for you so you moved to management consulting? Isn't that like moving from the frying pan to the fire in quality of life terms?
My current experience with college level writing consists of reading the signs that college students bring to football games on my tv screen. Based on that, I think they are going to steer this country straight to hell
I enjoyed the perfect timing of the spoo-combo breaker spam
Who cares about the little guys? More 50R!!
Now that I've diacovered the wonders of Carmina cordovan, I require more. Anything coming? Or did the shortage torpedo everything?
Don't think I've ever had a friend or e-friend come out over the Internet before
I don't agree with bmw I6's being better than the V8's. While it's true that the former is "classic" bmw, the V8's in the e39's were IMO better for that generation, and the modern V8's (NA and turbo) are absolute marvels
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