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Stitch has mod powers?
Bucks just sold for $550m. Crazy how valuable the nba is that even the shittiest team sells for that much
I thought Lake Bell was a body of water that Ethan was sailing his boat on Well, I guess he would like to be sailing his boat on that in a manner of speaking....
Conne likes Harry Balzac
Here's what I was given for the F10 M5 - April BMWUSA MF was .0013 and residuals for a 3 year lease were 58-61% depending on mileage allowance. The car was also discounted 10% off MSRP. Payment with tax included was a bit under $1200 usd I don't know what you guys mean by COD - is that cash on delivery? This deal was no money upfront besides the usual inception fees, security deposit, etc
As much as I'd like to contribute to clpotter's site, all my watch acquisition stories go like this. See Obsess Research on Internet Obsess Look at disposable income Obsess Obsess . . . KOP!!! (Poast on TWAT)
Chicken not included???! Wtf is that
Car's readings - I'm sure there's some margin of error. Remember that I have 2 less cylinders than you. About 60/40 hwy/cityI'm sure you'll make the right decision for you when you drive them back to back. I think objectively, a 911 will have better acceleration, handling and steering. But I totally understand having a dream car and the feeling of finally getting the keys to them.As for my own search, this is really going to be a fun third car to replace my 13 year old...
Well, Neo plays with balls for free, so for accuracy's sake the first salary should be expressed in a range of 0 - 30,000,000
RFX, test drive it first. I found the first V8 Vantage version...disappointing. Can't hold a candle to the performance of its competitors, especially Porsche. But I heard that they improved the transmission and increased power/displacement so perhaps it's much better now. GF I think I get 16 mpg...can't check right now because I lent the car to a family member for the week. 280-300 miles per tank iirc
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