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Totally forgot about the SQ5, lol. I guess it's water under the bridge now
Piob, that analysis is spot on, but it's a bit of a cherry-pick. Someone who gets out of their car in three years is always going to win by leasing I'm genuinely curious about a consumer who, say, wants to drive a car for 9 years. Should he buy a car, finance it for 5, and own it free and clear for 4? Or should he lease three consecutive times? It's a more complex analysis that I don't have the time to do right now - you'd have to factor in out-of-warranty maintenance...
I think it's time to create the verb "Greenfrogging". When you are greenfrogging something, you are over analyzing something in the most hilariously self absorbed way
Well, that was quick. Lent her my Macan in the morning, she and her husband come pick us up a few hours later. We have lunch, and afterwards she drives us all straight to the Porsche dealership. At 3 pm we're driving out with an order for a base Macan placed. April delivery. We didn't go anywhere else or test drive any other car
What did I say about the Dolphins having no business being in the playoffs??
XC90 is what I wanted. At around $55k it's within a slight budget stretch. But she says it's too big. Although you can bet that I'm going to try and drive it when she goes to check out the 60
She still hasn't driven our Macan so I'll drop it off this morning and let her use it today. Just to troll my brother in law, who has made it abundantly clear that the budget is $50k. Because I know she's going to want the Turbo Much as I am reluctant to judge a car without having driven it, the Subaru XV here is a 2.0 with a CVT, which sounds like an awful spec. No STi's unfortunately.
Climbing onto the SUV buying talk, my sister wants a small SUV. She loves my wife's Macan T and of course that would be my recommendation (since I put my own money where my mouth, and research was). But with a lot of new entrants I want to do a little more research beyond marching her straight to my Porsche guy. She wants a compact SUV, good tech, great looks, and being perfectly honest, a "premium" brand. She says she wants it to perform well, but knowing her that takes...
That was pretty scathing didn't realize full size SUVs 🚙 could inspire such a rant Although I do rant a lot against people who buy them and don't have the skills to drive them
I'm actually in Tokyo (briefly) every year for the past 3, usually in December. I have never been to the car scene...I don't even know where to look
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