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Spending all disposable income on St Crispins, prolly 🤔
Great. More Caymans on this thread
Get a side of queso too. Queso goes with everything
PSA for Pat fans: Stop trying to reverse jinx the Patriots. The team has enough bad karma that your efforts really won't matter one way or the other
With nickels and lawyerdad, I'm sure
I finally saw them in a GT3RS. They look sooooo sweet. I think I'm ordering them. The seating position is definitely deep and you're right about the rigidity, but they're workable. I may regret this later but it was love at first sight
Omg look what I found
Got damnit I told Mengtibbi he can't come around here no mo! That was the deal when he lost the dance-off
Dat Cayman S is leased. Will pick up GT4 around the time the term ends
My friend and neighbor is one of the HOA reps. I've repeatedly pressed him to insist on Mad Max style gate spikes, but he refuses. Killjoy.
New Posts  All Forums: