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Are the soup stirrers descended from generations in the old country where the art of stirring soup was handed down from father to son?
What the fuck is "artisan soup"?
Beadle is great - genuinely intelligent and funny. I have no idea what Erin Andrews' personality is like
Re - AMG, I think it's the normal mercedes parts that break, not the "high strung performance" ones
A group of employees have formed a holiday choir and have somehow managed to persuade our SVP to let them perform at key events this week to add some holiday cheer. They sound like a group of kittens in tremendous pain
You guys sat close to the royal couple? What does Kate look like in person?
The one who cares enough to try
A little masturbation will take that grumpiness right out
The costs are indeed high, but the depreciation curve is even steeper than I remember. Mebbe I should see if Carmax still warranties these cars
I ate a coldstone creamery ice cream cake today. Great cake. The flavor of the ice cream was cake batter. So if we're keeping score, that's a cake not made of cake but flavored to taste like a cake. Next level stuff.
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