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It really says something about the show when you find yourself rooting hard for a father to stab his own son in the face. I totally get that the showrunners probably want us to hate Chris, but I hate the characters because they completely blow away the viewer's ability to suspend disbelief. Not because the writing and acting is so good that you hate them for their onscreen persona. i feel like they are trying to recreate the Carol and Carl character arcs from TWD where...
The US market is really weird in its distaste for wagons. Once in awhile I see a sweet Audi or Subaru wagon only to find that it has Canadian plates 50% of the time. And yet we put all these inept drivers in huge SUV's that don't have much more cargo space than wagons, and that they can't drive without turning into a menace
Draymond is popular because he's an outspoken, honest, scrappy underdog but he needs to be careful about backlash. Because he is starting to get tiresome
That was a total troll by the crew. Get you to pay attention to this lovely rack and bam! Cut over to the retina searing image
I've decided after today that I'm gonna stop watching. What an unredeemable piece of shit. The entire ensemble cast makes me mad. Will join TWD thread - see you guys over there
Oooh I think numbernine just mansplained you
How are "hand crafted" cocktails different from any other cocktail? Aren't all cocktails hand 'crafted'?? I guess they're not completely handcrafted if you use margarita mix or something, but there isn't a bar out there that uses mix anyway
Banana cream pie is the best. And I'm not talking about GF's version where he lets someone take their banana and cream in his pie
you must be one of those people who enjoys pressing all the buttons in skyscraper elevators
so did you get dat AMG or not, ya old fucker!!?
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