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Subscribed. You better not, leave, again, you fuck
Congrats unbel!!!
And to inexplicably, carry around a baseball bat during YouTube videos... Speaking of Simmons, I read his NBA trade value column. It was ok until he got to the Kyrie Irving section and went on this nonsensical rant where he name-dropped every NBA hall of famer that he worked with and how they all made him a "better NBA analyst". Dude, GTFO of here. Your whole shtick as "the sports guy" was this independent guy who wasn't afraid to wear his fandom on his sleeve and deliver...
On a Bill Simmons - managed website. Boom!
Oh man, JJ Redick I read an interview a few years back where he completely came clean that he pretty much deliberately set out to infuriate an entire nation, and did it extremely well. Dude is one of the most successful trolls in history.
Sure, meek betas do well as service providers for the alpha types
I don't have experience with middle America union poors, but the non union coastal poors that I grew up around were definitely not happier. Wealth doesn't cure misery but it's much better to be miserable rich than miserable poor
It amuses me that the name of the FEMA flood insurance reform law is the Biggert-Waters act. All acts of Congress must be this well named. For instance, I would like to see John Boehner and James Clyburn Works collaborate on an erectile dysfunction drug subsidy act and call it the Boehner-Works Act
That Mercedes Finn posted is a really nice looking truck. But I do hope they just call it the new M class instead of making up new nonsense
New Posts  All Forums: