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I wonder if he would make me one but as a John Lobb box replica
OKC v. CLE going on now!! it's the Dion Waiters grudge match!!this is the second most bitter grudge out there, after Dion Waiters vs. proper English grammar:http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/12222604/former-cavaliers-guard-dion-waiters-consider-scapegoat-cleveland-early-season-struggles
I encourage you guys not to over analyze Girl Scout cookies, and use the energy to cram some lovely samoas in your mouths instead
Pleasantly surprised that the Girl Scouts are out in force, peddling their sweet discs of Samoa heaven
i counted three travels in that clip
I'm willing to believe that the Patriots are both a dynastic team with HOF talent that doesn't need to cheat to be successful, and a chickenshit outfit that does underhanded, unsporting, and sometimes downright illegal things to pursue every little advantage. Discovering they're cheating doesn't meant that they aren't also beating you straight up, but it does give you an extra layer of indignation when they win it all, and an extra heaping of satisfaction when they...
The doctor dilated my eyes so I can't read the poasts of the style forum
The dub zeros that released today look really nice. Haven't seen them IRLthough. Was debating but ultimately passed
it's the AE seconds....the insurance company's actuarial tables factor in the fact that you'll eventually be willing to burn down your house to get rid of them
Nah, he'll just swallow his disappointment and go on to his next choice (Miley Cyrus)
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