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A lot of people around here say "my pleasure" when someone says thank you. But I've always attributed that to them probably having worked at a Chick FilA than to any regional dialect
Wisconsinites have accents? I have no idea what you're talking aboot
I'm getting one for Mr Michael Thomas.com
speaking of 1M's, we saw one of them at CarMax recently, of all places. they wanted $55k for it, which is an interesting price for a 3-4 year old car
i leased the Cayman short term (that was the Porsche deal i was alluding to earlier) and while she loves the way it drives, she's making noise about needing a bigger car lol. the M3 is my DD since i've decided that i'm not driving the GT3 every day.i don't really mind because i'd be happy to have another toy around...but maybe one of the other cars has to go.anyway, to answer your question, you can absolutely be my wife as long as Piob doesn't get jealous and go all fatal...
You guys might be right. I've had extensive seat time in the A8 and S8 including track time, and I'm not super impressed (although that may be because I miscalculated the braking distance of a half ton barge and nearly tested its off road rally capabilities). Haven't gone into money factors but VAG is notorious for being uncompetitive there (I was pretty disappointed in the last Porsche deal but extensive research told me that's the best that they do)
Tom Bodett has a good offer for someone like you
Not much entertainment value now that Howard isn't playing. I was tuning in to see if Kobe would try to rip out his throat with his bare hands. Unless you want to see Bryant surpass MJ in lifetime scoring, which is likely happening
Oh wow
Christina by a mile. Sofia's face looks weird and her voice sounds like it might be annoying if you heard it every say
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