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Is that the name of a Rush album or something?
It's windy
Or being a typical millenial
Who says Russy is hard headed?! Hope it isn't serious
Please stop turning your hazard lights on when you're driving in the rain. God damn you people
If you're a Delta Platinum living in Atlanta why the fuck would you be flying American anyway? I'm convinced AA awards prizes to their agents that can piss off their customers the most consistently
TL;DR - this one time at band camp...
I remember doing the Rude Awakening on my brother back when we were kids. He was ok with that but really hated the figure-4 leg lock
I did tell her that I had an "open kimono" policy for her. Btw food delivery service ranks in your criteria to pick a place to live??! Wtf
Yeah that's what my Google fu said - a single is .75 to 1.5 so I can double that. I'll tell wifey that indesertum said so, so stfu
New Posts  All Forums: