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So...for Portugal to win, Ronaldo has to not play??
yeah, those are gorgeous wheels. and i am a BBS fanboi - not just for the reasons you mention but also because i like their designs. i know the guys at Champion well - they 'supply', maintain and prep my cars. first class outfit, but i do prefer the styles of BBS and HRE to theirs. but their wheels are meant to be functional anyway, not to win car shows.there's another company here that i had do some work on the BMW. their name is Velos Designwerks and they're...
biting my tongue
You had to endure @Mr. G forces??
Better than being caught in an anthropologie!! And no, there was no purpose. I didn't really want to listen but he was so close (and loud) that I heard every word. The dude just wanted to talk.
So I'm sitting here at a Starbucks, watching people go by and idiot kids try to catch pokemons on their phones, because it's preferable to going into anthropologie with wifey. Anyway, this dude next to me takes a call and it's his buddy. They talk about random stuff until the other guy needs to go talk to his wife or something, so they ring off. Which brings me to my point - I have never in my life had a buddy who I would call or be called just to shoot the shit. Every...
i agree. the LM's i have on the M3 could be a little wider. but i am skeptical about fitting spacers. i'll just live with it
i lowered it 1 inch all around, camber angle is stock since it's not going on a track for the foreseeable future.
nothing's really wrong with them. they actually look pretty good heheh but then i saw these P101 on a PTS GT4 and my interest was piqued http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/boxster-cayman/392849-hre-wheels-voodoo-blue-porsche-gt4-hre-p101-wheels-installed.html the only thing that i don't like about the stock wheels is that the fronts look way too narrow inside the fender. Ferrari does this too and i don't like how it looks. here's a pic from when it was still at stock...
I don't like those HRE's. Actually think the entire classics line is a mess. They have some other really great designs though - I'm thinking about putting some P101's on the GT4. They're an LM variant, but the LM is much better looking
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