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Most definitely. Maybe to the Kings! How come the hats they give out to the draft picks never fit them properly?
Hmm...kings take player who plays same position as Boogie
I'm laughing at the Porzingis pick. Absolutely.
Ahahaha the reaction of the Knicks fans was priceless. There was a kid crying in the stands!!
Sour sop fruit tastes like shit. It figures that anything good for you would taste like shit
I think it's something about BMW's and their branding/image that attracts douches. And I freely admit that I've been a BMW owner since my mid 20's.
This is the equivalent of being a 36s jacket size. You were so small that not even MTM could do a proper job. Hopefully you'll be able to find full bespoke
Is that what you make Mengtibbi wear around the house?
640i would be my choice of those mentioned
Oh, I'm sure the quality will be shit. That's part of the Alfa charm (and btw Maser is pretty bad too, at least judging from the Quattroporte)
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