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I think they will be classics the same way the 64-66 Mustang is a classic. Large enough numbers to keep them attainable, but a well preserved example will always attract positive attention.
He's referring to himself
3 minutes later...
Hope you froze your sperm on account of dat zika
Couple more grand and you might be able to swing an e36 m3
I like to imagine that it's the sound that my switch makes in the air when I give him his spankings
Feminists fuck everything up. Katie Ledecky is an awesome athlete, a gracious winner and seems to be a great human being. Stop turning this into some bullshit
It's a drop top BM. He's the man, girlfriend.
It's basically Entourage with football players and the Rock
Lies. Wife taking kids upstairs = time to wheel out the ole spank bank
New Posts  All Forums: