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basically I get to round out a piece of my skill set that I need to take the next levels up. I've run many different ops but never a Marketing organization. It's a decent amount more in salary also (yay)
That shit is today's equivalent of those black Casio calculator watches from the 80's
Thanks lasbar! pB, did anything ever come out of your proposal to fire someone else so you could double your salary?
I was offered a job today - same company, similar job, but a different discipline. I wouldn't have to move, and might even get to keep my same office. I do believe I'll accept it.
You're still going to answer our questions about lamps, aren't you??
The NMWA guys' lives seem quite glamorous to me 1. Spend much time searching for and curating the coolest clothes and makers 2. Wear clothes, take pictures 3. Get drooled over by thousands of men on the Internet 4. ??? 5. PROFIT!
Those are pretty great
I haven't had cran-anything that didn't taste overwhelmingly of cranberry. Maybe someone substituted grape kool aid while you weren't looking
I agree about the innevas, I have three pair. Would love to see pics of this newsprint colorway
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