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Lakes should take Buddy and have Nick Young mentor him
what strikes me about the next draft is how many good teams have a fantastic chance to become a powerhouse if they nail this draft. the most obvious one being the Celtics, who have 3 first rounders including #3 (lol Nets) and are already a playoff team right now. if one of two above picks Buddy Hield and lets Ingram drop to them...watch out. and then you've got Minnesota, who has a great core of young talent and picks high. same with NO.
The mid-level Camaro and Challenger (SS, R/T respectively) suck balls. The Mustang V8/Boss 302 is much better at that price level IMO. Z28/ZL1 vs SRT8/Hellcat vs GT350/R may be a different ball game - I've not driven any of those cars. but the choice is really clear for me at the lower level
The Perfect C
What? Your Kont is Iki??
Ah yes, I forgot about the Porsche crest in headrest option. $635 for a less obtrusive logo (IIRC), so nope octopus said nope. About Mansory - they are one of those things where absolutely no one you know doesn't hate them - yet they appear to be wildly profitable. It's one of the mysteries of life, like how "White House Black Market" is in every American mall yet you never see anyone shopping there
Maybe he decided to skip leg day. I agree that branding tends to be on the gaudy side these days. I actually wonder if they would have stitched the "GT4" in a less loud color if I hadn't specced yellow deviated stitching and seatbelts
What is fire walking? I envision walking barefoot over flames, which sounds like it's exactly what a victim of domestic violence needs
Dat song was about umbrellas? I tot it was about a girl named Ella
In the thread preview it looked like you were telling yourself to fuck off
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