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Cadillac family front end looks great on the Escalade, kind of weird on the sedans And a turbo V6 is a pretty decent choice for a family/livery sedan...no one cares about throttle response or turbo lag in those applications
In fairness, not everyone was fathered through incest and had his dwarf uncle stand trial for his murder
Harden v Curry v Westbrook. How crazy is it that Lebron isn't anywhere close to this conversation? And KD too but that's an injury thing more than anything. And Neo makes a good point about AD. The dude was the runaway MVP early on, and can still probably make a compelling case purely on stats. But he's not gonna get it over those three
Those are some nice forking forks
I like the opulence of the interior, but styling is disappointing. After the success of the Mustang reboot, Ford should have followed the same formula and made the new Continental evoke the '64
Used shitty mattress = every night I lie in my friend's DNA. The piss is the least of your problems
Is Greg going to give you away?
If I were invited, I would promise to wear me Formosa
Subscribed. You better not, leave, again, you fuck
Congrats unbel!!!
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