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It was at a high enough level that there was room to decline, at least
It entertained me to read that post and think that you were upset that your insurance wasn't paying for your PCP. There are benefits to declining reading comprehension, sometimes
That's how I felt when some clowns made me watch mr. Robot
They want to serve you some Cream of Sum Yung Gai
Someone's been giving you injections of his testosterone on the regular, huh
Some dolt stored a bunch of loose round fruit in one of the cabinets in the office kitchen. With predictably hilarious results for the next person to open that cabinet. I feel very lucky to have witnessed the Second Opening. I think I gave myself a hernia from laughing And yes, Simpsons fans, it was pretty much this:
500 sq ft is not what these are. Besides, 500 is not just reasonable but also fairly common in large metro areas. These tiny houses are usually less than 200 sq ft. with airplane lavatory bathrooms, loft beds sitting above kitchenettes that look like a hot plate + mini fridge, and all this stupid shit.
I seriously get claustrophobic just watching a few minutes of that HGTV program on tiny houses. It gets better when the people doing it have kids. The other thing that's never clear is what land are you supposed to put those houses on. Who do you know has a parcel of land that wouldn't mind that you put your stupid little cabin on it?
Omg that tiny house shit is the stupidest fucking thing ever.
Links to those reviews?
New Posts  All Forums: