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Nova changed too?? Also back to lady Thor - it's somewhat ironic that she's a feminist symbol but is dressed in the typical female hero outfit that people decry as sexist. Not to mention no woman warrior can wear a breastplate like that and not have her entire ribcage and sternum destroyed with the first heavy blunt impact
If "pandering" is too strong, then "forcing" might be a better one. I read the Kamala Khan book and it's pretty good. But why not give her her own identity instead of appropriating an existing character? The writing and concept is certainly strong enough for its own franchise. That's what I kind of object to, just like what Mouse said with Foster and Sam Wilson. It's even more annoying with FalCap because Falcon is an existing character that is pretty good in his own right.
The new Spider Man actually is half black, half Latino. His name is Miles Morales. Let's grab two groups in one go, shall we? Ms Marvel is now a Pakistani American teenager Iceman from the X-Men has come out as gay Wolverine is now female (Logan replaced by his clone/"daughter" X-23) There's a Korean American Hulk now - Amadeus Cho Not sure where you draw the line between embracing and pandering
And here I was thinking that he was naming them after Rebel Alliance spacecraft
Looks like figging is wide open (swidt)
How you gonna shoot yourself fast enough when you take all that time between shots
Not going to be fast enough to defeet dat zombie horde
My sister was a front desk manager in her early career. It's surprising how many people check into hotels just so they can commit suicide
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