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Isn't she your fiancé now?
Spending all disposable income on St Crispins, prolly 🤔
Great. More Caymans on this thread
Get a side of queso too. Queso goes with everything
PSA for Pat fans: Stop trying to reverse jinx the Patriots. The team has enough bad karma that your efforts really won't matter one way or the other
With nickels and lawyerdad, I'm sure
I finally saw them in a GT3RS. They look sooooo sweet. I think I'm ordering them. The seating position is definitely deep and you're right about the rigidity, but they're workable. I may regret this later but it was love at first sight
Omg look what I found
Got damnit I told Mengtibbi he can't come around here no mo! That was the deal when he lost the dance-off
Dat Cayman S is leased. Will pick up GT4 around the time the term ends
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