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Too bad it wasn't Finn that I accidentally got banned
Something weird is going on with my SF mobile interface (or my phone) to where I keep accidentally reporting people's posts. I hit cancel before actually doing it, but it's still disconcerting. Oh and @VaderDave, if you get banned I'm sorry 😊
The clubman is the one that's nuts. My mom has the first gen one and it was the perfect blend of tiny plus "wow I had no idea it had that much room". Here's the new one - damn thing is loooong Another thing I noticed: they are dam expensive now. I saw base Coopers at $33k msrp. This guy was $46k (Countryman JCW all4) - -
The countryman isn't bad. Proportions don't look off and it's still a 'mini' suv size wise
Took the JCW for service today. Wandered around looking at the new MY Minis. It's comical how big they are. The cooper looks like it's 20% bigger in exterior dimensions, and the club man is as long as a station wagon. BMW strikes again. I mean, minis are supposed to be small - it's literally what their name means. The bodies look too big for their frame/chassis....it's like seeing a supermodel after she's gained 50 lbs
Stop going to the movies with GF then
No team or fan base would not immediately give him a max contract if he decided he wanted to sign with them. His offensive skills are more than enough to warrant that. What I was pointing out was that he sets a really poor example as a leader and as a team's best player. And I would even argue that this inhibits a team building a winning culture. If your team's star shows laziness, inattention, and a complete unwillingness to help his team on the defensive floor, then why...
Maybe it was one of those "no, I won't be able to make it (presses mute button), you fucking idiot (presses unmute button) sir" things
What the fuck is an 'idiot verbatim'??
It's a special bond that only people who have known each other in the carnal sense can have
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