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At a glance, I thought that was Coach K in the red shirt
An employee of mine lost everything in an apartment fire. It was the one in Edgewater, which our friends in the Toilet State should know about
what percentage of the threads are about at least one forum member getting punched?
lost a maternal aunt to pancreatic cancer a few years ago. IIRC it was something like two weeks between diagnosis and death. fuck cancer.
Back in the day we didn't really know anything about this low T nonsense anyway, we just called these people girly men
What made you think that I was referring to you in any way? My conversation with Neo started with my comment that the Colts lost so badly that the ball air pressure had no bearing on the outcome. I was calling BS on all the people who seem to be suggesting otherwise
Ethan Penishands?
I have a Cucinelli cashmere hoodie. This was from my early SF days when I was frantically like, ZOMG it's BC cashmere! Must kop everything!!!!1 I think I only use it on airplanes which is the only time I can remember when a hood has been really useful
Scratching your shoes? Do you have panther claws?
You guys did an auction draft? I so wanted to try one of those. I fully endorse spending a ton to land one of the mega studs - especially since my old league started only 7 people
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