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Careful buddy, you're treading on thin ice. Recant your lies about hydrogen and GF or i block you
I'm offended. GF copied MY shtick
I think you're sexy, biscotti
Oh no, they're discontinuing the Aussie El Camino?? It even had a delightfully stupid name - the Maloo. But I wish they had gone with the original name choice and forever called it the Holden Macaque
I always thought it was really hard to learn stick because my peers and I all learned to drive on stick. So our experience was not just learning stick, but also learning to DRIVE. A generally good driver will learn stick much faster because it's only one new thing to learn. Especially with these new cars that have hill assist and in some cases, clutch assist and auto blipping.
It's that plus an overreaction to bullying and the social stigma of being fat. Which I have a lot of sympathy for - our society can be horrible to fat people. But taking it so far to be in total denial of the ill effects of obesity is not helping either
Good question. Those mini pickups are surprisingly useful and give you a big piece of big truck functionality with very few of the drawbacks. Some of them even had crew cabs! They're still pretty ubiquitous as work trucks, and had a very active modding scene when I was in California
Tiptoeing around the pissing contest to ask for more pics when you get it 👍
Here's a better off road restomod, imo. Still, all restomods are nuts http://www.icon4x4.com/inventory/gallery/now/56
If there's an option to either get an allowance or be reimbursed, go with the allowance
New Posts  All Forums: