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On a related note, more people keep fucking taking their cell phone calls on speaker. I want to drop a building on them
1. Come to Miami 2. Start dating a South American girl 3. Vacation with her to her home country 4. ??? 5. profit!!
Those two are girls...?!?
Scott Brooks gone, about four years too late.
It's on one of the car blogs now, jalopnik iirc. With his IG handle visible in the article. And he has his real name and (sort of) location visible on his account. The shit storm will intensify
If you guys inadvertently start the zombie apocalypse, I'll be pissed
I agree - they would have never been anywhere as good without Lebron, and the Bosh illness was devastating, but a lot of this was self inflicted. They were much more sloppy this year, particularly on defensive rotations (which is a part of the game where even an untalented team can do well with focus and effort)
No, the safest place in South America is Miami Well, relatively
Brazil and Argentina both require visas, yes. Well technically, Argentina calls theirs a "reciprocity fee", but w/e
Bah, it sucks when your team is already sitting at home at this point in the season. I've been spoiled so far this decade. But if Bosh makes a recovery and Dragic re-signs, I'm liking the prospects of a Dragic-Wade-Deng-Whiteside-Bosh core. Should at least be a playoff team...sigh
New Posts  All Forums: