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I just dial whatever conference line is in my outlook invite Although we use livemeeting so i don't know if it has the same functionality
The e46 m3 is kind of "the one that got away" for me. Back in 02 or 03, I pretty much bought one. I'd already shook hands, gave them the keys to my 330ci in trade, and was sitting in the F&I office. Then they started reneging on the interest rate, tacking on fees, and asking me for additional cash down payments. So I told them to fuck off, walked out, and for whatever reason...never tried to buy another one. That one was a carbon black coupe with cinnamon interior and a...
i still feel like it's a forever keeper. the 911 will always be my favorite car ever and so far this is the best one i've ever driven unless i want to double down and get a 997 RS.but the prices are obscene. mine has 33k miles and every comparable car on the market has asking prices of still nearly $100k
it's always a minivan. or a Toyota Corolla/Camry
you guys are welcome to use my hair cutter. besides being pretty and having soft hands, she's also an excellent conversationalist. very well traveled, which to me is common ground.
What the hell do you guys need personal email domains for?? Unless "personal email domain" is code for "my carefully curated collection of scat porn, now available to the public"....amirite??!
The woman who cuts my hair is super attractive. She's very friendly and likes to touch me too...but she always talks about her firefighter husband so I never got that certain vibe from herOh I bet you give him the tip
i have track time in the GT3 and M3, have not tracked the Cayman. i also took a BMW performance driving course (the M school). but definitely a novice still. there are a lot of cars out there that feel plenty exciting on the road. typically, taking them on the track takes the enjoyment to a whole other level, but cars like the Cayman and M3 make even road driving at semi-legal speeds a treat.on the other hand, there are cars that feel like a handful on the street, but...
Do they use the buddy system for that too?!
Well, your fingertips will constantly be bleeding. That's badass, I guess
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