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I have this mental picture of Ed as the Fat Bastard character after his surgery
I can't think of anything that would make me feel bad for a meter maid
I like those
In full disclosure, I'm a bike rider myself. And I learned that lesson the hard way in my earlier and stupider days of riding. it's because of that experience that I stop short of intersections and avoided killing this asshole that went flying into the crosswalk from the right this morning. But someone else is eventually going to kill him
Dear bike riders, please do not ride your bike on the sidewalk in the opposite direction to traffic. It's only a matter of time before you get killed by someone pulling out from a side street while looking in the other direction.
I dropped my phone into a sink with running water 4 hours after installing a waterproof life proof case. FTW?
Well, the problem with that scenario is that unless you're a master of car control and threshold braking, your tires will break traction when you apply the brake. Then you're completely at the mercy of inertia. In the most likely emergency scenario (stopped car in the lane in front of you), you're going to plow right into the other car if your uncontrolled skid can't lose forward momentum in time. With ABS, you at least have the option of trying to steer onto the shoulder...
Sorry mimo, ABS is better, everything else being equal. Saying that my non ABS equipped car stops better because it has better tires is a red herring - because It would be worse if the other car had the same tires. Before we had ABS, race car drivers had to threshold brake manually when they reached the edge of traction. ABS takes that concept and has the computer do that braking with much faster processing and reaction times. Since I'm pretty sure none of us is Ayrton...
I don't like some of these tech features because they end up becoming crutches for stupid people to substitute for paying attention and developing the fundamental skills of operating a vehicle With that said, ABS is probably the weirdest car feature for someone to hate, however. There's no one here who can manually modulate their braking to stop a car in a shorter distance than ABS. Not to mention it allows you to not lock up your wheels and still steer in a panic situation
Yeah but roommates = pleb. Unless she owns a liquor store and you're fucking her
New Posts  All Forums: