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Well, there's a pretty good chance that they have a better record than last year
Yes.Regarding the shooters comment, you usually don't win FIBA games if you can't control the paint. The old disorganized US teams tried to win with shooting and fast breaking - it worked against the lesser teams but broke down against the bigger, more disciplined and cohesive teams like Argentina and SpainYes, you win if the team shoots well but every team goes cold at some point. Then you have to dig deep on defense, rebound well and ride it out.
I wouldn't be surprised if we lose the WC. The rest of the world is good enough that we need to bring our best to win (proven during the pre-Colangelo USMNT days), and we are sending a grand total of two from the All NBA first and second teams
Reading old threads has made me nostalgic for the late '00s days of SF. So many departed poasters and so many lulz
Had no idea that twin turbo and bi turbo were two different things I should have known, since bisexual and twinsexual are different things as well
I have that lease worksheet too, last time I called a bunch of dealers and asked them to give me quotes using that same worksheet. And then I loaded one of the lease website pages that has that calculator on my phone, so when I sat down with my sales guy, I was cross checking all his figures on my phone. He found it somewhat amusing, but it cut through the BS. Residual is static, and as long as you get the best MF possible, the only place where they can move is the vehicle...
I really liked the Explorer, which has the added benefit of being way under your budget. But it's nothing fancy.
You don't want an Escalade, then. Torquey engines and decent power figures, but real world acceleration is disappointing and handling, steering and body roll are literally sickening. I've driven a lot of them because Hertz has a lot of them and likes to throw them at me in upgrade deals.
Can't bring myself to even watch a minute of "Girls". Actually, I debated watching it just to see if it was about porn, but I never got around to it
They also are a population of people with shit grammar and spelling skills. So naturally, the ESPN, AP, CNN articles are rife with the same errors and no one gives a shit
New Posts  All Forums: