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Comcast can never be the worst country in America as long as we have Sprint
You can cut out much of the Arya development too...I mean, we get what she's training to be. Can't we just do cutscenes like in the kung fu movies of her standing on bamboo poles and snatching fish out of the pond barehanded, and call it a story arc?
Speaking of crunchy, in China I found they had a snack which was basically uncooked ramen that you ate raw and crunchy. It tasted exactly like you'd expect uncooked ramen to be. It even had packs of that seasoning that you're supposed to stir in while cooking...presumably you're supposed to sprinkle it on the top in this case
So my takeaway from the last two pages is that people, even (and maybe especially) highly educated people, suck. Including Ethan, who is walking around with a hat tan line on his head. The only way that image could be any better is if you had the hat on backwards, putting the window in the middle of your forehead
I am on this conference call that I have been dreading since the weekend, and it has fulfilled every single expectation of suck that it had coming in However, my 8 yo niece also chose this time to barrage me with a hundred silly pictures, videos and texts so I'm having a grand old time bantering with her and only half listening to this crap Day is going much better than expected.
I wouldn't mind attending a cocktail making class. Sounds like fun actually
Driving it back to back with my e90, I still think the M3 is the better driver's car. Lighter, more nimble, sharper,higher revving, makes nicer sounds....it's more of what you'd expect an M car to be.I don't know if M cars are evolving to be more like this M5 - if they are, then there's no real differentiation with AMG and they will have to build their cars faster/ more torquey, etc. to win in the marketplace, especially now that AMG has finally built cars that can turn...
Oh and apparently they are leasable at close to invoice and MF of .00135. Tempting.
Thoughts on the M5: I initially thought, wow, M division built an AMG! And I was right, and not in a bad way - this thing is a missile. I gave myself motion sickness in 3 launches (didn't use launch control). Steering is pretty damn good, but it's still a massive, heavy car. I haven't driven the all-new E63 but there are quite a few reviewers who prefer it over this car, so I can't imagine how much more fun the E would be. But yeah, the 500 tq is the major reason to buy...
It's so deadpan you don't realize it's humor
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