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Thats a tough one. To my eyes she could pass for Latino, Middle Eastern or even some Asian. But not white, though
Well they said that the Alpina had 600 hp to the M6's 560. The interior was hideous though
I just came from a BMW event where they let you drive shit. And then they have an open bar but that's an issue for a different thread. So I drove these cars back to back to back - 650i GC, M6 GC, and Alpina B6 GC. I really don't know what the point of having these three cars is because on regular and spirited driving on a street, there is minimal fucking difference
ZHP? For fucks sake. Lemme guess, there will be a 435i gran coupe ZHP? A competition version that's not an M version (which is the supposed competition version) of the sedan version of the coupe version of the sedan, if I'm keeping track correctly
I don't like that 12:30 - 2:00 is the rush hour for pooping at work
I told you guys the sand snakes were miscast. Literally no one would look at them and think they were strong enough to wield a sword or spear
I love ending my emails with an ellipsis. I'm convinced it gets the other person to respond to you faster because they're eager to finish the thought...
this hurts. Totally snoozed and lost on the 993 market, which also is probably my favorite car ever
Sssh, I was hoping to get more insights on life at Westerosi law school...
The one thing I wonder about airsoft is, how do you accurately account for kills? I mean, there's no lasting record of a hit so do you call your own like fouls in pickup basketball? Although one disincentive to being a liar is the prospect of a frustrated opponent emptying a clip into your throat just to prove a point
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