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It's worth it in terms of revenue, yes. Emails don't cost a thing (unless you get fined by a regulator for crossing the legal guidelines of spam) and while the conversion rates are low in terms of percentages, send enough and you'll get a good return. Whether it's "worth it" in terms of creating detractors for your brand, thats debatable
Many years ago I used to work in franchise development. This one franchise I worked with had an owner that was a giant asshole, especially to this one employee who was older than him, spoke with a heavy accent, and was generally considered by the owner to be stupid. I have not heard about any of them in many years, but I received word this morning that the "stupid" employee now owns the franchise Don't know any details, but good for him
They aren't, but they kill GG on price to value ratio, IMO. Actually pretty much every premium shoemaker has better price to value, although there could be an argument made about JLP. Also IMO, but GG makes some really pretty shoes that can overwhelm such concepts as "value"
Speaking of apples, my fucking iPhone gives me like about an hour of usage from a full charge
Not for Nikes
Robinson went out with a season ending injury that year before Duncan
I was in Guangzhou early this year and saw 500 RMB apples. Per apple. Dunno the variety but they were big and red
A grandchild
Artisan apples ?
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