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So you're saying that u gan da Uganda?
Good call on the Land cruisers. My family had a '79 (iirc) back in the day. My god that thing was a mountain goat. But it would give you a concussion riding in the jump seats in the back
thinking about it more, i think a car needs some special significance to you personally for you to never get tired of it, and have it be something you keep forever. like for me, the 911 has unwaveringly been my favorite car of all time. and this is the most ultimate version of the model that i can afford. a Ferrari probably floats most people's boats more, though. i brought this question up at dinner tonight and the answers i got were - '63 Corvette convertible Harley...
Standing at the curb and a guy in a mullet and a souped up Trans Am drives slowly by, stereo blasting "More than a Feeling". He owned that stereotype
Good to hear that they generally stay in ears during the test but I would really need them to stay there reliably during long runs, bike rides, athletic activities involving jumping and sudden cuts
I saw a jalopnik post where someone was planning to buy a "forever" car - a car he would never sell and maintain/repair/drive indefinitely. I realized that I already have mine - the GT3. I can't imagine ever selling this unless it was for another one (and even then I only want the 997 RS or RS 4.0). What's your forever car? You'd have to consider something you'd never get tired of, and something you could realistically maintain for the rest of your life
That's actually the thing that makes me feel bad about being late. Everyone stops the conversation to rehash ground already covered for my benefit. It doesn't make me feel bad enough to stop being late though
I mean...I'd be impressed if it was 12,000,000
So when someone says "12", your brain goes 12 = 12.000.000 = .....🤔....12
Pssh....this is what you need
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