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Seven cycles? Is that a crack at his weight?
Uh yeah, I guess they weren't kidding when they said it's not a serious test. 1M vs 458 and GTR? I think a better production would have been to keep camera and audio in the 458 and LFA and just listen to them go through the gears
I'll have to check what cable package I'm actually signed up for, but I get EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A games on the regular, although I don't have a choice to watch whichever game I want. I also get the occasional Brazilian, Argentine or French match. I think I most enjoyed watching La Liga this year, but just Barca, Real and Atletico. The EPL is a lot deeper when it comes to enjoyable teams. Promoters are also doing a better job of bringing top clubs to play...
It may be manufactured by someone behind the scenes but Russy is one of the few athletes that has his own unique style. Too bad it's awful. The real problem with Boozer is that everyone hates him. He has the most annoying on court shtick in the league. Give it some time, Laker fans!
I feel like I need a blow job about 5 minutes after receiving my last one
That yellow tab is stupid. Why not give the reigning champion the right to sport something different on their jersey? And not some stupid little tab. Like Spain had this shield on their unis this last World Cup? Btw re Larry Bird fighting his old nemesis MJ for Lance Stephenson - - from a talent evaluation and team building perspective,I'd take the Legend in less time it took me to type this. MJ's performed no role better than horribly besides playing, while Bird is a...
I'm mad that iPhone autocorrect likes to change were to we're. Were is a real word, people!
Did you recall this dream because the guys above were talking about sucking dicks?
Don't work for venmo, or don't suck a dick?
And he turned down 8.8 per year (5 years) from Indy
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