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I don't get why journalists these days are so lazy and/or obvious about writing headlines. My news feed has gems like: Shark attack victim feared for his life Neymar disappointed that his World Cup is over Pennsylvania families distraught over deaths of young girls
Disagree. A healthy Rose couldn't get them out of the East, and now their do everything guy Deng is gone and Boozer is now completely useless. Melo is too much of an overlap with Harden, especially because both play horrid defense and acquiring Melo means they have to lose a good defender in Asik. Houston isn't a better fit than Chicago.
if Melo wants to win, he should go to the Bulls. he's leaving money in the table anyway with every team but the Knicks
I think I agree, Sanchez seems to be a more all-around player than Suarez (who does do his specialties staggeringly well, though). Isn't it overkill to have a front 3 like that, especially with other positions in decline? Or is it better to go for overwhelming attacking strength if you have the means to obtain it?
Edina was invited to one of those too, by a large dude with facial hair
Summary of ARG - BEL so far: Great reaction to a ricochet by Higuain (where have you been) Messi doing Messi things Two embarrassing Belgian dives so far. I like the one by Witsel channeling the Neymar injury
That is brilliant that Tumi ballistic cloth is actually bulletproof! I thought it was all marketing. Do you just hold it in front of you like Captain America's shield and the bullets bounce off?
You should poast a selfie of yourselves having the seks, Patrick Bateman style. That'll learn them!
Well if you want me to spend your money for you, I'll go with the JLC.
^if that comes to pass the Americas team would be playing an away game given that it's Argentina playing in Brazil
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