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Oof...if I ever saw that for sale, I don't think I'd be able to resist
RTC, I would pick the Turbo, but would recommend either turbo or n/a. I'd extensively driven both during their heyday in the 90's. The n/a is not as quick or mod-able than the turbo, but it had really smooth power delivery (from a Camry engine!), had plenty of power for highway driving, and the transmission/shifter is really great - the clutch take-up is very linear with little effort, the shifter is short and precise, and the driving position is great.I actually took a...
Gen 2 MR2 is king if you can get it in that price range. Biased viewpoint but it's a sincere recommendation. The Miata would be my second choice. Worry about snap oversteer only if you drive cars on public roads like a jackass (i.e. like 21 y/o HRoi)
People in that realm seem to lose their minds when mounted on flying beasts. Like Thorin's party should have flown the fucking eagles all the way to the dwarf kingdom
It's good to see that they don't get the short end of the stick this time
Wait...don't get a rotary swap. The only reason Thrift Vader likes those is because he can rebuild the engine himself
The most entertaining part of this whole thing is that the Bulls traded Rose for the one starting point guard in the league that's more fragile than he is. You'd think that the one benefit to trading Rose is resolving your durability concerns at PG but they failed to even do that
Well now that we're complaining about realism I never liked how the Lannister Kingsguard pronounces his name "Jamie" and spells it "Jaime". Jaime is "Hay-meh"
Wtf???! So this tells me that the Bulls think that Rose is shit
Maybe Google associates people who eat at the Chili Chack with folks who also need section 8 housing
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