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She probably liked the way he handled his rocket launcher
I preferred to play Call of Booty over Call of Duty back in the day
Clicked over there and the last post was w/a telling someone that he should definitely re-lube afterwards
It's probably dat cycling seat jammed up in your nether regions that's so addictive
Don't forget the turn blinker delete and the 13.1 sticker
Please don't get a Prius. This forum will have to get in line and nut punch you one by one
People should know how huge a deal it is to ask another person to co-sign a loan. You're asking someone to take a risk with something that takes a lifetime to build, and can really fuck his shit up for a long time if things go wrong. There's also probably a reason why you couldn't get that loan on your own
It probably will. The chassis looks unchanged. If you don't mind a little turbo lag you'd probably still see it as a winner
Well the design looks unchanged. Which makes it still one of the best Porsche designs in history, imho. I just made the switch from a 981 to a turbo and it has more torque and delivers power more effortlessly. But with a lot less smoothness, drama, and uninspiring sound. Which makes it worse in my book, overall. I am guessing the 718 would be similar. Finally, I do not like four bangers that make a lot of power through forced induction. There are other people who love...
Would motorboat
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