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Maybe that's it. I don't like most of his music. But I can appreciate his skill and originality
I never got Prince. And I was around during his heyday. I'm not without sympathy for his death, but....I don't get why he was considered so good
Btw what's gotten into Ray Felton?? Cuban spends a decade trying to get Deron Williams and when he finally does, he's outplayed by (formerly) fat Raymond...lol
The Spurs use analytics. They just call it different things and are less overt about it, plus Pop is an old fox that doesn't want to give away secrets or diminish his old curmudgeon image. Only someone with a deep intuitive understanding of these concepts would invent the 3-and-D player concept, or draft Kawhi Leonard. Who was the first to make the corner 3 an offensive staple before all these MIT guys got jobs in the league? I don't think I'm overstating it too much by...
Someone took a recent pic of your car:
I don't know if Justise would ever be at Kawhi's level but that's like the uber-optimistic fanboi mapping of his trajectory. He doesn't have some of Kawhi's physical gifts, though.
Or you could just leave the toe angle the way it is and tell people that it's dat stance
Justise is already a great defender, and has really improved his offense this season despite still being really raw. I didn't mention him as a Great Riley move because grabbing him was a no brainer after he inexplicably fell. There was this crazy story about a team (Boston?) offering Charlotte two drafts' worth of picks when Winslow fell to the Hornets, but MJ really wanted to grab Frank Kaminsky. And then the Heat picked him next. The roster still has a lot of...
Totally agree, Dino GF, I've found the bigger issue is getting lowered cars onto standard alignment racks. You may end up getting alignment from those shops that have a more 'racing' or 'tuning' reputation, because they align lowered cars all the time. which is fine as long as they have the reputation and experience. How far are you from Turner?
Riley pulls something out of the hat again. Realistically, they have no chance against the West, but I'll be content with them playing spoiler against Cleveland I'm most impressed with him stealing Dragic, convincing Joe Johnson to sign, and somehow finding Whiteside and Josh Richardson out of nowhere.
New Posts  All Forums: