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I did a little reading and now am confused again. Is the P90D the same thing as the P85D with the ludicrous speed update? Or is it an actual new/refreshed model that is not yet on the Tesla website?
There are people in this world who whisper louder than most people talk.
I would. The Cayenne, right? It's still heavy and has a high center of gravity, but it's amazing what these things can do.
Wait..,,there's a P90?
Good thing he didn't hit the "automatic tampon remover" button, or your brother would now be your sister 😅
He's no longer a virgin back there???
Personally I like to dispense with a closing statement and go the drop-the-mic route
I had to google both PKK and Sparky Lyle
I didn't want to call you out, but you've forced me to.GF was the person who pointed the gun at me. The reason I didn't feel any fear is because we all know he shoots blanks
New Posts  All Forums: