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I saw an i8. It was ugly
We used to have a power line that made a noise, but it wasn't high pitched or shrill. It was a monotonous buzz, just like you would expect an electric current to sound after a lifetime of hearing Hollywood sound effects
Drove next to a Honda this morning that was rolling on two donut spares. On the same side. The thing had a 20 degree list
makes for good trash talking too, when the big bad one seed starts ducking low seeded opponents
They fully intend to offer him the max if that's what it takes to keep him. But they were playing games with that previous offer. No harm, no foul if they didn't end up offending him, and they can try to sign him after the season.
RE: the quality sock discussions - - RIP Robert Talbott at Nordstrom Rack
Sounds like a euphemism for something naughty
We just be hatin' Ah, but seriously, besides the fun places to travel, their life sounds like it sucks by my definition. Living so frugally to become financially independent, and then frugally again to preserve that financial independence... I guess it could be great if you're not the kind of person who needs a lot of the things you need money for, but that's not for me.
I thought it was Conne
They really were pot dealers. Those were the home cooked "meals" that everyone supposedly rushed to their home to partake of
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