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Looks good if it's virtually no money out with the bike trade. Have a PPI done and buy it if it checks out. The rust sucks but at this price point you may have to live with it
Ah man, how much is a clean no-stories Type R?? Now THAT is the shit
We do too, but the motherfuckers waste your entire day by escaping you. My wife worked from home the full day because we were getting a tv delivered. She worked 10 feet from the front door but couldn't even catch the guy to get him to put the tv down in the foyer. So it sat out on the stoop until I got home
Ha. Put 727hp on a car whose owners already can't drive without crashing, no suspension or braking improvements, and sell it at a price point that a huge part of the population can afford? I like where this is going
Answer: no. Next question: whose delivery personnel can escape the fastest after they ring your doorbell, so that they don't have to actually talk to you? My money is on UPS. That fucking brown truck is halfway down the block by the time I open the door, no matter how fast I react. FedEx, I can at least catch occasionally. Worst is USPS - slow ass government workers
MR2 has potential. Can't tell much from the pics though. Dark and no shots of the interior. And I'm skeptical of his claim that only 5% are hard topsNo idea on the 300zx. There is almost no information in the ad, and one of the few pieces of info is wrong (it's not a convertible). Why do people post ads like thatI'm a fan of integras but if that body damage bothers you, be advised that it would cost more to fix than what you would pay for the whole car
Why on earth would you make an entire movie about a kid who gets powers from Michael Jordan's shoes....and not actually use Air Jordans in the movie???
Ha, so they made their coupons expire just before prime day? Prolly did this to fuck with you
A discussion on what vintage Porsche is THE definitive model is likely to result in violence amongst Porsche fanbois But yes, speedster = convertible. It's distinguished from the "regular" 356 convertible most easily by its lower windshield and lightweight top
Yeah, it's probably worth figuring out exactly what that is. The very top of the market for 356 speedsters is something like a quarter of a million dollars IIRC
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