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i'm also sad that the Olym Pigs is over. they did god's work by giving us some sporting events to see so that we didn't have to suffer through baseball all summer
Fuck Ryan Lochte. He's the embarrassment of the entire Olympics. I was in Rio for the WC two years ago and couldn't be more impressed with Brazilian hospitality. This asshole quite literally pissed on it, and is why a lot of the world thinks of us as ugly Americans. Drown doing the freestyle in a pool of diarrhea.
Glad to be proven wrong. Well I wasn't really wrong - they made the adjustments. Took the dead weight out of the rotation and played 100% better defense. Kudos and congratsA US college all-american team wouldn't get out of the group stage. It may not even get a single win
I guess this means you can't be a hipster. Sorry link
Not hard to be an above average street driver. All you have to do is always pay attention, and I guarantee that you're already there
Wouldn't they just have to close down at that point? Like a gas station running out of gas
They're more into Eiffel towering him, actually
I read an interview with a Volvo exec. Don't remember his title but he was responsible for developing their autonomous tech. He said that when Volvo puts their tech on the road they will be fully responsible for your safety, including liability. It was meant to be a dig at Tesla putting something on the road that he considered half ass, but I think that's a helluva stand
Ford hasn't been able to make a piece of interior trim stay in place for more than a year. They've only had more than a hundred years to figure it out. If you want to trust their autonomous tech with your sweet ass, be my guest
Ear hair is unavoidable in your 70's. Just relax
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