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Looking forward to the time when I want to speak Chinese/play the guitar/fly a plane, and simply have to download the correct software
good point
but Samuel Hitler sounds weird....
i think that these people think there is a direct correlation between number of selfies posted to how popular/fun they are
Still a good deal depending on condition. You've definitely got a lot of good options here
http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se They do a lot of business in the US and deduct VAT. I've never been hit with customs charged with them but YMMV SEK = Swedish kronor
Wait...half of MSRP?!?!!!?
for drinking alcohol. nice.
aleksandr - congrats on the new acquisition...a couple of colleagues of mine are based in Manila and they booked a flight to SG to grab some watches that they had their eye on. i guess it's truly a feeding frenzy over there in anticipation of fx-driven price increases?? stitchy - what's this i hear about you making some kind of grail kop?
New Posts  All Forums: