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Taylor Swift has the most textbook definition of "crazy eyes" that I can think of
My mom has the mini clubman. Great car for the money. That's where I would go. Definitely get the S, and even the JCW if you could swing it
the base model is a great, well balanced car, but way too little power for me. Actually even the S felt underpowered hehe
bad luck
It may, I didn't think of that. I suppose what you are saying is that it's the equivalent of keeping the car in first while keeping the clutch pedal pressed down in a manual. But it's the same effect
I have a PDK, a DCT and a manual. Manual is the best but there are certainly days that I don't want to row the gears. For those days, I like the DCT better. It allows more fine adjustments, shifts are more crisp, and it actually shifts to neutral when the car is stopped. I don't know why the fucking porsche engineers decided to have the pdk make the car creep forward like an automatic when you stop the car - it drives me crazy. Had a steptronic - didn't like it. Don't...
The cuts made sense to me. Dame is the only painful one, but they can't bring 4 PG's to Spain. The others will be one dimensional shooters on this team, and you don't need them when you already have Klay et. al. Not one shooting big man on the team. That's going to be a problem. Were Aldridge, Ryan Anderson and Bosh invited, but declined?
Hey, Balkman back in the house at MSG tonight! Guy's still alive
She must have a ton of friends
The ZHP has become an Internet joke because of delusional fanboys, but it's a pretty good car that should not have steering or a shifter with a lot of play. You could have been driving an ill-maintained example
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