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No, but now you've got me thinking about it. Would be hilarious to drop sock Linc into a forum of dry, thin skinned Porsche owners
Fair points
My wife learned to drive stick, was driving a manual when I met her, and drove stick until we bought her first automatic when she was 25. Now she claims she can't drive stick or more accurately, she's "no longer comfortable". I'm optimistic that I will eventually put her in a position where she has to - 60% of our car "stable" has a manual. I had this plot to drive to parties in one of the MT's and get no-drivingly drunk when I got there, but she sniffed that out pretty...
I think L'inc is wearing his skin right now
Porsche customers voted with their wallets. Andreas and the GT division got a metric shitload of feedback about the move from manual, but I'm sure they also noted the meteoric rise in 997 GT3 prices, the success of the GT4, and the number of 991 GT3 owners who traded their cars in for GT4's
Turbo made it worse. Not slower, not a worse sports car or GT. But still worse
Also - in before thrift tells you to get a Subaru
Audi RS6 Avant! And the hell with gas mileage #yolo
That's the way it is for every other job
Congrats @MrG
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