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Momofuku? Momofuku too!!
A cock for Christmas. Makes total sense
Didn't know what a piochair was so I googled it: [[SPOILER]]
Not trying to dismiss your experience, but it's the opposite of mine. Wonder if you got a faulty phone? Sounds like we use our phones the same way.I got that "Horween leather" case from Nomad btw. Would not really recommend. Leather is def. better than the OEM, but not durable. Already have a random rip on it
Isn't it strange watching the Lions win? Reminds me of sitting in my hotel room in disbelief watching Trump win the presidency
In fairness I assumed theobscurecouple was already drunk by the time these events transpired...
nvm i'm irritated now. fuck this guy.
Feel Seems is such an endearing buffoon. Normally I get wildly irritated by listening to idiots, but he makes his shtick work
Are you supposed to pour the filling into the pie while it's in a red hot oven? I don't do much baking either 🤔
Lots to be happy about today
New Posts  All Forums: