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I still think they're better than MB or Lexus - after sitting in all their offerings side by side. But anyone's free to disagree with me, of course
I lust for a F430 or 458 Spyder in TDF blue and caramel. Oh, and Audi has the best interiors out there today. I'm convinced after 5 hours at the Miami cars show two weekends ago
Is this similar to aardvarking?
I have a (flannel) navy chalk stripe. I hardly use it, mainly because I feel it too flashy for a lot of occasions. Tbh I bought it because it looked so good on a rack, and had to have it. It does fill a need, but for me it's not your third or even fifth suit. Ymmv of course
I've seen guys do that for a souvenir t-shirt. On a night when the home team already gave everyone in the stadium a t-shirt.
Woo girls??
how about that black lizard Arran that may have been imagined in these parts...
The funny thing about tanking this year is that next year's draft sucks. I will lmao if Philly finally gets the first pick and picks....who? That okafor kid?
This new member "ethanm" has a curiously familiar posting style...
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