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Stop making fun of his math skills. He did say he was a philo major
Ah, so the equivalent of a 3-series ZHP in the States
In fairness, "having a bag of weed in the dash" isn't really the impression people get from Merc drivers either
I don't like Sam Smith, when he sings he just sounds like he's crying
We had contractors do some fairly major work this month, and we're finally back to normal. They are coming back tomorrow to pick out the recyclable and resellable stuff out back and haul away all the rest. So of course she insists that we do the sorting the day before and haul the trash to the curb ourselves. I just asked her, "why don't we let the people we are paying save us some work, instead of us saving work for the people we are paying?!"
Let a pack of velociraptors loose in the logging company HQ? You may be onto something here...
Well, there actually is a World Cup going on right now. It's pretty entertaining if you ask me, and definitely better than all that shit
Hejonza might be the most bust proof of them because he's a great shooter, and looks like he can get it off against NBA defenses. There will always be value for guys like that even if he never develops any other skills. Porzingis is a total crapshoot and I think he has to really work hard to even start to see the floor regularly. I think he's the bust. Poor Frank, on the other hand, already has to deal with the fact that he has to be better than 6 mid to late first...
To see the KC Royals' starting lineup
I wonder if Ainge turned around and offered that same package to Pat Riley once Charlotte picked Frank the tank...
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