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It means that it's going to be a story about a hateable topic, written by a player I hate. I want to be ready to give it the attention it deserves
Damn you people for the Moltisanti reference. I just wasted most of the day in the Sopranos wiki rabbit hole
Written by Paul Pierce? Hold on lemme go to the store first to get more Haterade
Nice try Blake - using your outlet to try to put a positive spin on the douche move of the year
I have a lot of thoughts about these pieces of shit wastes of life, but I can't express them in a non CE way
We just need someone who's seen him IRL to tell us whether his face is as punchable as those twilight guys
I was thinking more like that dude from twilight
I'm starting to suspect that pBboo is imaginary...
I'm quoting GF now too because Edina refuses to pay
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