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I like it when people do that. A fucking phone ringing is actually pretty disruptive to people like me who hold a lot of meetings in their offices or have a lot of conference calls
I tot an apple a day kept the doctor away because you were supposed to throw the apple at him to keep him away
Is she really tall, or is everyone around her just short?
What is that code for?
I'd pay 193k for a secret underground evil lair in my backyard. I'd have trouble deciding between the space laser and the shark tank, though
If you can find the Pininfarina of the aftermarket electronics world, then yes, absolutely. The problem is that the vast majority of these shops employ untrained hack job artists
My takeaway from that was: Jeanie is 53 and still a stone cold fox. On tanking, I hope no tanking team ends up with the #1 pick, ever. The odds are not in my favor, but it's going well so far.
I did enjoy Cam's comment later about how lucky he felt. Something about how God must have him on His fantasy team
You could also rig a lever under an hourglass where the sand is carefully measured to run out of a hole in the bottom, and onto a container on one side of the lever, over the span of 8 hours. Once the sand on one side is heavy enough, it will seesaw the other side of the lever upwards, where it will hit a latch that releases netting full of precut logs onto a fire pit. The force of the logs hitting the bottom will switch on a pilot light that will set the logs aflame, and...
Harden is a legit MVP candidate so far, but God dam I cannot stand watching the way he plays. Who's the MVP that had the worst looking game? I guess some people would say Duncan because they find his style "boring".
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