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GF has a side business?? Do tell.
Curry's at the point where, whatever shit he chucks up there, I'm surprised when it doesn't go in
MrG - I've seen this happen many times too. Actually, one of my former direct reports who I put on probation is now a Vice President with the company. In fairness, some of them are lucky enough to go from terrible job fit to good job fit, or they're going through some shit and finally get it together. But the others just make you want to strangle the hiring manager. GF - sorry about the layoff. I hope they at least gave you a severance package
Both NO and the Bucks totally shit the bed in the late 4th after playing the favored team really tough. The funny thing about the Bucks is that they totally lost focus after Zaza Pachulia got ejected. Zaza = veteran leadership!!
You should read the hateful comments on his IG, they're great
i'm gonna guess this is the kind of newfangled "music" that patrickBooth and L'Incandescent were raving about earlier.
you can do anything you want in today's NBA. nothing will ever happen to you...well, you might get shoved a bit and someone might spit a little bit in your face as he engages in a friendly discussion.
thanks, i started using it today! the conditioner removed much of the marks, and left only the indentations and a little shiny spot in the shape of the handle. i may just leave it alone because the handle is going to be rubbing onto that area of the bag its entire life anyway. if you don't mind, i'll use it for a couple of weeks straight and take it from there.and it looks like Linjer compares somewhat favorably to old Stevie! for my money i'll take a stiffer zipper over...
argh, video ads embedded into the style forums
and mules
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