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Can't wait to see whether the Lakers or the Sixers get the pick, but my money's on them doing something nuts like taking Buddy Hield over Simmons or Ingram
That and I have a feeling that most of these people didn't get any attention in their lives, or as much as their peers did at least. Which would make me feel a little sorry for them if they weren't so annoying
That is a LOT of work. This is where I reveal that I worked as a painter many moons ago, for about 3 years. Never did any major body work other than minor filling jobs, tho. This experience is actually why I try to no longer work on cars - I've had my fill of doing so, and I no longer have access to the thousands of dollars' worth of equipment it takes to do a job right. Anyway, it was good to get pre-mixed paint. You were painting the whole car, so no need to adjust to...
Which cars are both of you talking about? I seem to remember that horndog has a Supra. What car were you restoring again, Vader? Edit: horndog updated before I posted. Wouldn't 18's be too small on such a large car? At any rate, props for remembering that Volk has many more offerings than the TE37
It's true. ESPN is one of the worst, and CNN is somewhat bad as well. So many simple lapses of grammar and word usage. I even caught ESPN once make the dreaded "your" for "you are" mistake, which is my acid test for figuring out who's dumb
So who the fuck is the show equivalent of Young Griff from the books, anyway? Or does he not exist in the show? [[SPOILER]] And then Areo Hotah - who is one of the baddest, strongest warriors in Westeros (two handed Jamie Lannister level) gets killed by a single thrust of a little palm dagger. What the fuck? I mean, even if the show didn't really portray him as a great warrior, there is no believable way that a man of his size and muscle mass would be instantly felled by...
Short haired sand snake may suck at acting, but her tits alone are Oscar worthy
The nba draft is more entertaining. i tune in just to see the Knicks make their pick and watch the NY fans lose their shit at how much they hate the pick
The playmaking is the huge difference. He was a better offensive player because he was better at scoring by setting up his teammates. I don't have time to fact check but I believe their shooting efficiencies were about the same. Pip was also a better ball handler and could get to the basket easier (note that defenses back then were allowed to hand check and hammer you when getting into the paint)
Pippen's one of the 50 greatest players of all time. He was every bit as fearsome as Kawhi on defense, a better offensive player, and essentially the Bulls' point guard as well. It's not close. But Kawhi still has a lot of career in front of him, so who knows if he becomes better when he hits his prime...
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