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I should be clear that the picks have sucked - meaning that they were a disappointment for their draft position or what Philly had to give to get them. The players themselves do not necessarily totally suck. All of them are servicable NBA players. Just taking the first rounders from the above list and modifying a bit to account for draft day trades: MCW - had potential but ultimately no one wanted him Noel - disappointing but he always projected as a defensive guy with...
The truth is somewhere in between. I don't agree that Hinkie totally fleeced anyone - not when the team was so rotten during his tenure. On Process, yes, but it's not an outright win if you suck now to be good later. I'd call that a trade-off. More damning, some of his picks have outright sucked, and none of them are surefire stars yet except for Embiid. And if Embiid doesn't end up to be durable enough for the NBA, then he'll still be somewhat of a bust. But sure, they...
Roshambo also has no E
Building manager lady walks into my office and says "hi! I'm here to play around with your cock!" It took me 5 open mouthed seconds, and my befuddled brain to note that she started moving towards my office door, to realize that she probably said "lock" I guess my assistant had called her in because the door wasn't locking
I assume they carry backpacks around everywhere. Or have those massive cargo pants. All that stuff would not work with the SF cucks as it will mess up the lines of our fine Italian tailoring
If it is, then you should get one of those field notes books as well
What the fuck do you need field notes for?? Is that so you can write random notes about your crush/stalking victim and don't want to use the notes function on your phone? So much of that stuff is bullshit. Why do you need two pens? Why do you carry a lighter when you vape (and don't carry cigarettes)? Why do you carry two large key rings, each with a badge or access card?? Fuck this guy Also - he carries more toiletries than I pack on short business trips. And manages to...
It was probably a Mini. Chicks dig those
What's all that EDC shit for, anyway? Self defense? Because the way things are in this country you will literally be bringing a knife to a gunfight. Possibly the only people I could see carrying a bunch of shit are tradesmen, but as a tradesman in a former life, I sure as hell didn't want all my shit in my pockets. They were all neatly organized in my truck or in the workplace
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