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He has those in his face so much, he can't tell the difference
I want a new S2000 but not one that looks like that
That's evil, considering people who are in the market for lasik would tend to be those who can't read fine print
Don't try to question GF's expertise on the subject of footlongs
If it's any consolation, I'm sure you're not the first to go out behind the loading dock to try out some new robo cock and come away disappointed
I silently raised a glass to her at dinner tonight. If @ChiliinFoolls reading this I'd like to ask him to name a dish in her honor
Did he literally throw it at you? That's kind of ungrateful for someone you just bought lunch for
My phone doesn't zoom this pic, but from what I can see, his automotive choices seem to lack balls. Which is something his mouth never seems to lack!!
Oh so not ordering, but buying existing preowned inventory. Still pretty damn cool though
Are you serious and not being a tease??Because I would like to know what the McLaren ordering experience is like if you don't mind sharing.
New Posts  All Forums: