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I thought Alicia was going to bang her "stepbrother" Just let the fucking zombies out of the building already so we can have a decent second season. I get that they wanted to start earlier in the timeline from WD to show the suspense and terror build up as the crisis intensified and society collapsed, but they did none of that shit. There were a couple of days of riots and then what - Travis doing his fucking cardio in their little haven and dealing with an asshole...
God dam that's beautiful
Oof that's gorgeous. Only 25 made so I'm sure they're all sold by now.It does give me dreams of ordering a paint to sample Fashion Gray 911 with those cool classic style wheels. Maybe a Targa for extra fun
What are you taking about? They CRUSHED the 49ers today
Hey, prostate issues are no laughing matter
you don't know what culture club is?? do you really want to hurt me?
I was thinking, lawyerdad is Eskimo buddies with that elderly black actor who's in every movie...? But I guess that's Morgan Freeman, isn't it
If you want my butter, I'll deliver it to you pre-warmed without the need for warmers
I had a mom like that, and a dad who liked to tell me step by step how to do it (which was always not the way I was doing/planning to do it)
I had a 2008 135i. HPFP went out three times and the dealer asked me if i wanted it to be lemoned. I declined because I wanted to keep the car....and then traded it in a few months later for an M3. Lulz But they have since fixed that problem permanently so it's a non issue if you're buying today. I loved that little car with the exception of the turbo lag
New Posts  All Forums: