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I actually don't think there is any legislation prohibiting retailers from doing this. Happy to be proven wrong though. If you did this in financial services, however, you can expect a nice 8-figure fine
Is it an older truck? By your description it didn't sound like any traction control. Last weekend I slid my car's tail out on a wet onramp (somewhat intentionally) - it was a little surprising how hard the TC grabs and I almost hit my head on the window.
Not just LA
I think it's just not for everyone. Like I said I think a piece of my life would be missing if I couldn't. But it's been my goal to experience as much of this planet as possible as I can before I die. The biggest reward for me is meeting totally different people who live/think differently than I do, and seeing/experiencing things I've never done before. But yeah, I can see how it wouldn't be a priority for some people. And I wouldn't judge you for feeling differently (you...
Looks promising. Think I'll preorder. I can't remember if I've had any experience with Nomad in the past
I got my jet black wrapped yesterday (heh) and will go with just the film for awhile to see how it goes. So far the film reduces the fingerprint smudges a bit and makes the phone tackier and easier to hold. I might still get a case though. My wife was dead set against me picking up one of the apple leather cases because of the "lack of impact protection". But what's my other options? Dunno if I like the case GF posted....if it's all the same protection ability (prevents...
I see saddle brown is the current SF darling. Anyone have opinions on dat midnight blue?
Hope you didn't touch the coffee. Coffee's for closers only
I used to think it was Chili CORN Carne. I blame the accents of the people around me. Imagine my surprise when I went to my first Chili cookout and people were like, why the fuck is there corn in this thing
I would feel like a part of my life would be kinda wasted if I didn't have the opportunity to travel
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