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Craigslist advertisers are awful. Is that a VR4 or not??!
I was disappointed that cafe girl didn't turn out to be lesbian. PB is slipping!!
Please make this happen: http://www.motormag.com.au/news/1607/bmw-m2-csl-coming/
There's also a Mazdaspeed Miata. Turbocharged trackdaybro goodness!
Yes, the 20" Carrera wheels.Your m3 is worth, what, $20k? You'd actually get people to bite with an offer like that for a '14 S
no, lol. the GT4 is a keeper. i had a PDK Cayman S that i loved, but was a placeholder for the GT4. it was a lease but i could have bought it out and sold to our friend here. sport chrono, premium plus, bose, PDLS, PDK if i remember correctly. buyout was in the mid-50's and i think i put 10k miles on it
if i still had it i might have taken your e46m3 plus cash
You shoulda bought mine
I can see that someone's already answered the want ad for henchmen
I just visited the website and most of the event pics are of GT3 RS's. I'm guessing some people will be pissed when they go and are told they can't drive it The automaker usually has a cold call list of people who own competing marques and they send them invites. This is why I get invites from jaguar, Mb and Audi, but probably why I'm not on the Porsche list (??)
New Posts  All Forums: