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My phone doesn't zoom this pic, but from what I can see, his automotive choices seem to lack balls. Which is something his mouth never seems to lack!!
Oh so not ordering, but buying existing preowned inventory. Still pretty damn cool though
Are you serious and not being a tease??Because I would like to know what the McLaren ordering experience is like if you don't mind sharing.
It will be a joint Toyota - BMW product too. Maybe this will be the Chosen One that unites us all and brings balance to the force
They miiiiight have beaten Nigeria or China. But I wouldn't have put money on it
Fabulous idea. We should start a business to offer garlic aioli to shavers all around the world. We can call it Linkadessen Delicatessen
Oooooohh....so maybe the new ones are much better then. I've heard great things about the ATS chassis
Maybe it's not the USPS that stands against you. The Republic of Chile might be claiming trademark infringement against their Chile Box
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