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You still need mirrors to check your form. Also, everyone works out in front of the dumbbell rack because they're too lazy to walk an extra distance with heavy shit in their hands. I mean, it's not like you went to the gym specifically to lift heavy shit with your hands
You did a really shitty job of blanking Tom Weber's name out
I think Carolina wins pretty easily, too. I'm rubbish at predicting scores and spreads, so lemme stop there
Maybe they were listening to music from that group with Wyclef and Lauryn Hill
Isn't the panamera already a wagon??
I have heard about this problem. It's supposed to be fixable by upgrading a specific component. I forgot its proper name, but it's the part of the car that controls the steering wheel, throttle and brake
People is still fine. Human beings still pee
Overheard two Carolina fans talking about the super bowls today. One asked the other "well who would you rather verse: the Broncos or the patriots?" It took me a while to deconstruct that, but....I thought wait - does this idiot think that 'verse' is a verb form of 'versus'???
Link? (And by link I mean that thing that takes you to another fabulous place on the interweb, not our resident St Louisan with poor taste in pizza cheese and sports teams)
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