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ah yes
i might be as well, if it's a textured leather like hatch, not suede, and MH71. what happened to lizard??
Jimmy Butler has the exact same expression as my older cousin's friend who was constantly out of his mind on various substances...
Anyway, I like it now better than when Lexus first came out in the 90's. Back then they would literally change the badges on a Camry with leather package and sell it for $10k more as a ES300
Just asking again - are you going to be stocking any EG's in midnight/navy in the foreseeable future?
What the fuck is a "Cookout"?!
been there and i feel your pain. at least your rack didn't crash into and put a dent in a Porsche
Got anything coming in midnight/navy?
There's a pretty vocal community of SF-types online who would agree with you
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