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I may have mentioned this somewhere on the styleforums, but I like the fact that defenstration is a word in the English language. It's great that people are thrown out of windows with such regularity that they said hey, we need to have a word for this
I like how pB has all these unique problems that no one else in the world seems to have a problem with. He's like the son of George Costanza
Speaking of great nicknames, Penis Kanter is a pretty good one
All this sounds good to me. Given how badly the last book sucked, I'm all for a deviation, especially since B&W seem like they're up for the reinvention taskRegarding the women, at least Brienne looks like she could take on the hound. These sand snakes have the muscle tone of a teenage twilight fanatic
Did he get married yet? He never told us the date!
I thought it was a river in Egypt
It's like they mated Crocs with those rope sandals I once saw them wear in rural India
4/9 23:18 SELF
what happened to jimmy?
excerpt from L'inc's manifest 4/1 7:00 SELF 4/1 18:00 SELF 4/2 7:00 SELF 4/2 18:00 SELF 4/3 6:00 SELF 4/3 20:00 OTHER HAND 4/4 7:00 SELF . . .
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