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If you don't send dick pics, you will neither get nor need snapchat anyway. And even if you do send dick pics, snapchat is a distant second to styfo pm's as a preferred method
Those office boots would go well with office pants
First reason I can find why Seattle doesn't suck http://recode.net/2015/08/25/amazon-will-bring-you-booze-in-one-hour-starting-in-seattle/
I agree. I think it's because the only thing on is baseball, which is actually worse than not having anything on at all
You're Dutchsplaining again
I didn't know such a thing existed, but this sounds like exactly the kind of dish you throw together when there's nothing else in the pantry but random canned goods (not saying that's a bad thing)
Sounds like DSC just doubles down on the scam that is disposable razor blades
How does a cat voice sound like vs a hen voice? Is the cat Antonio Banderas and the hen Robin Williams?
So you like scissoring....why am I not surprised
You spelled "dog" backwards
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