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I don't know what's more unbelievable. People still reading newspapers, or a living being finding edina's dick unaided by a microscope
The normal sucky FL fall weather is actually quite nice these days - 80-85 and little humidity. Almost makes me wish I got the Boxter Spyder instead of the Cayman
So the topic of this thread is the best method of sucking. Business as usual
What's my name? FUCK YOU, that's my name !
what is with this clothing talk? find a men's style forum for that shit, please
ugh, those prices are depressing. i have a 2011 M3, 54k miles, DCT. went out with some friends last friday and one of them made me an offer of $31k from the back seat. slightly drunk, but honest offer. i laughingly told him to GFY, but now i realize that it was actually a pretty fair offer i'm sure he would have wanted me to include the KW suspension, LM's and all the CF bits, though.
i tried playing some online games (i liked the racing games best), but quickly realized that this was the best way to encounter the worst that humanity has to offer
you guys realize that the strippers are just telling you what you want to hear, right?
What the fuck are you people talking about?? I picked up on counter strike but that was it
I'll always have a gasoline car. Fuck you all
New Posts  All Forums: