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What do you need so many folding chairs for
I wish they would just keep this shit to Wynwood. But apparently you get Zika from walking around there, so there's that
Darth Vader is dumb. I mean seriously - how did he not know he was going to have twins? Did he skip all of Padme's prenatal appointments? Did he use the force to block out her voice whenever she wanted to talk about the pregnancy?
So my town decides to close off the "downtown area" to hold an "art festival" where all these etsy rejects get space on the street to hawk their wares. What an inspired bit of clusterfuckery. Of course this means that all the businesses that people need to get to are sealed off behind a wall of police tape, barricades, white tents and shit "art". Fuck these fucking fucks
Fair point. Goes with the other theory that if a girl is late 20's or older and not locked up long term, then there's something wrong with her (unless she's recently dumped/been dumped)
My theory for that is that the hot ones have never had to be interesting. They get all the attention they want already.
Do you not get why the dog is in a stroller, or how the woman can pilot both vehicles down the costco aisles at the same time?
Also I have clear tint on my windshield. Basically to block UV rays - it works really well and provides very noticeable heat reduction I guess it really can't be called "tint" though. More like...uv protection film?
Those plates are a body shop's best friend. Lots of repeat business from the car getting keyed over and over
Oh yes. Motherfuckers don't even go anywhere - they just drive to where a large group of people are congregated, and just drive around and around (Surprise alternative answer - Hyundai Sonatas. I have no explanation for this)
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