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You should have tried that at Kohl's
I would be beside myself trying to pick between wildly politically incorrect team names
I am really liking these new offerings from Eidos, although I'm confused as to when they moved from making Tomb Raider video games and went into suiting. How's the fit compared to Isaia base S? Mannequin fit looks like heavy waist suppression
I don't like how chick fila is far enough so that my icedream is half melted when I reach home
I can't comprehend what a 90-minute facial is like. I'm happy to get off a 8-10 roper. Unless you mean receiving a facial, in which case I'd defer to greenfrog's experience with those
So a lot of people are now having "problems" with their phones after the iPhone 6 comes out. I get it
What is a wife beater called if it's worn by a woman?
I think everyone should be required to have iphones. I get mad when I go to iMessage someone and the text bubble shows up in green
Failing to be funny is edina's raison d'être
If I had one of those jewel encrusted pieces, I would worry myself into my grave that one of dem diamonds gets dislodged....and falls into the seat cushions of my Bentley or gets lost in my glass of Cristal or something
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