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he also gave us all those great rap songs with the Fu Schnickens
must be a Greensboro thing
ITT: we shit on a 25 year old 25/12 stretch 4 who had the best PER of anyone not named Durant or James
I know one of those people too. Except she doesn't actually ask a fucking question that I can respond to. It's usually some forwarded conversation that I'm supposed to guess how to contribute to. I've taken to replying to her with a blank response, let's see how that goes
Make sure you turn on macro mode before you take the pic
You can buy a whole salmon in Nagoya airport. Not a salmon steak, but a whole frozen fish. This is in international departures too, I suppose for people traveling to those countries where it makes for a perfect gift to your host.
Do you guys think Melo's portfolios will be kinda stagnant and hold securities for too long?
But they're cute as hell! Especially the cubs!! Methinks you are possibly ascribing a different meaning to the word that I am unaware of
I'm kinda hesitant to weigh in because I don't watch a ton of EPL games but it seems like the top English players are a lot more comfortable and aggressive in club play, but they are a lot more conservative (tentative?) in international play. Or am I off base because of my small sample size? In fairness I thought Rooney and Sturridge did show some flashes of good aggressiveness and being on the same attacking page in Brazil
What the fuck is a mud room?!?
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