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Reminds me of the time when one of our groups centralized global accounting operations in Europe, and suddenly we were giving clients $400k credits instead of $400 in the US Of course I don't know why the software couldn't format the fields so that there would be no possible way to put in 400,00 when you mean 400.00. Like, isn't it elementary to have separate dollars and cents (or equivalent currency) fields?
Oh great, more assholes introducing themselves in pregame as coming from THE Ohio state
holy shit and the Dolphins ended up with Tunsil at 13. what the hell happened?? what a perfect fit if this guy isn't a total shit-for-brains
I know the feeling. Almost better to not have money in your pocket so you don't impulse buy all this shit. At least your buddy seems to be able to make money out of his hobby. Although with that said, I'm terribly happy with the JCW
I'm a fran. Problem is, there are so many other fanbois of the tire that they have regular shortages
It's coming. I'm sure the pre-hipsters are looking at the hipsters with disdain and saying "watch, when this becomes more mainstream the rest of these fucks will say they were on this before everyone else too."
Big sigh. I couldn't watch the second halves of games 3 and 4. It was soooo frustrating. The Hornets haven't even altered their game plan much - getting Kaminsky more touches on the mismatch was about it. Otherwise the Kemba create and Al Jeff post up was the same diet they fed to the Heat in games 1 and 2. The big swing was the Heat going cold from 3 and Jeremy Fucking Lin straight up balling. My respect for this dude grows even further despite the stupid hair
If you lightly smack a student upside the head, is that considered a microaggression? Since a right cross to the jaw would be what I think is a full agression..?
I know I said this before, but the Dorne storyline is well worth it if it results in liberal screen time for sand snake tits
Drained but happy
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