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A GTi over an M3?! We might have to take away your man card
Piss twin jets are a mark of honor, you silly noob. It means that you recently blew a wad into someone and the piss is struggling to clean the tubes
Sounds like a good second prize if you ask me. Ghibli? QP?
Anyone get the bred 11 lows this morning?
Game 2 was the Rockets' best chance. That loss was a gut punch
You guys must be giving off a certain vibe, if you know what I'm saying
Waiting at a red light, I just saw a guy get out of a late model Audi, walk to the curb and pull out a "homeless please help" cardboard sign, and start panhandling at the intersection. Nice.
I like the throwback unis. That ought to count for something.Yep, it was so memorable that I have no idea what you're talking about.
Gotcha. "Months of singing praises" =/= bandwagoning. Seems legit
He's still a great player and worthy of mvp talk this year. And he can dominate without playing like a chicken shit, which makes it so frustrating when he does.Rockets fan now, huh?
New Posts  All Forums: