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If you put a carefully placed space in there, therapist becomes "the rapist"
And Harden gets suspended. Wonder if this is an unofficial thing where the refs chicken out of the right call if a star is going to get thrown out, and the league issues the suspension after everyone is safely out of town
anyone used the recovery hypertight? does it actually work?? my recovery really isnt what it used to be so i could use a little help if it actually works
My curiosity is piqued but I am simultaneously terrified to search.I haven't felt this way since the day edmorel decided he was going to be an upstanding interweb businessman
Well, why the fuck would we call it a yellow dwarf if it is actually white, then? Was this decision made by the same person who decided to rename mahi-mahi as "dolphin", seemingly just to terrify young Flipper fans?!
Since this thread is now temporarily about pens, I have a question: Do these pens experience any kind of bleed through? Like, if the paper is cheap and/or thin? I really like those pens but want to know if I should be concerned
I don't think she had a kid, but to GF's point, she has this sort of desiccated look that thin white women get when they age and diet excessively, or when they get sick. Kudos to GF btw for somehow guessing she was a white woman without me giving any hints about her race.
I have been waiting for the first Asian joak since the first poast on this topic (and resisting the urge to make it meself)
I saw a colleague for the first time in 5 years and dear God has she aged...she went from late twenties to early thirties but she looks 50 now. The only cause I can think of is a serious illness, but of course I can't ask her.
Those Nikes are for old people who don't want to bother with shoelaces anymore
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