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So when people use public restrooms everyone tries to beat everyone to the handicap friendly stall. And why not - it's bigger and has its own sink and full amenities. It's like the most desirable thing about a public restroom ! So here's the question - why do I never see restrooms where ALL the stalls are configured like handicap stalls??! That would immediately be one of the top 5 inventions of mankind, right between the automatic rifle and contraceptives. I do get why...
I got all excited about giving relationship advice but I couldn't make it more of a third of the way through that post
What Mac are you getting ramu? I feel like the 570s is what's going to be what pulls me away from the spell of Herr Preuninger...
I did! They had to reconfigure an inner tube manufacturing machine, but they got it done
Jose Fernandez I despise the Marlins organization, but this guy was one of our favorite local athletes. Not just because of his talent but because of his life story and his attitude
Didn't know condoms came in sizes down from XXXS
Like every other Air Max I presume - the zero H was TTS for me. I don't have the new ones yet
Well the Nike gods were listening. I still don't know if the air bubble can be fixed, but this popped up on the website: http://m.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/nikelab-air-max-zero-ld-x-fragment-mens-shoe/pid-11293895/pgid-11376789
Sounds like a Seinfeld character
This is the perfect turn of events for Brady. Get to chill for 4 weeks and avoid wear and tear, come back to take the reins of a 3-1 team at worst, and yet no one has done enough for ole Bill to think about Bledsoe-ing him. Or is it getting Brady-ied?? And how awesome would it be for Brady to get Bradied
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