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Yep, it does make sense. Current CBA is absolutely horrid for players so I'd expect other guys to at least consider doing this as well. Problem is very few of them have the guaranteed signing power of Lebron so a lot of them might take the bird in the hand and sign a longer contract Edit: and if the wink-wink agreement on acquiring ownership is true, then that has to be the true main reason. Owning a piece of his hometown team for the rest of his life has to be the hook....
Ok, that makes sense, because there will be a new CBA that doesn't fuck the players as badly. But it does set up the chance for more lol
Not really surprised as NED showed itself to be the higher quality team throughout the tournament, but wow, I agree with you guys about the Brazilians not showing any heart. And the fans all showed up to support them too...must be a stab in the heart
What mods does it have, again?
So after all that, James signs just a 2-year contract with the Cavs. Leaving the door open again, I guess
Best player never to win a ring was Elgin Baylor
Well, he sucks mainly because he's a Boston sports fan
how about: "the Netherlands/Arjen Robben tore me a new asshole"
I still got love for Lebron, he and his mates brought relevance and two parades to the city. But he's not on my team anymore. Like I said, hopefully he brings the haters with him so I no longer need to be an "apologist"
Oh, and this Lebron narrative is only partially true. The main reason is that he doesn't want to stay on a team that can no longer compete at the highest level (he's right and I can't blame him for that). But his reputation won't survive joining a third team and being branded a mercenary. So he goes back to Cleveland, where he can use the coming home angle. I believe that he truly wants to come home, but the above has to factor in as well. The Cavs are not his best shot...
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