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Done better, Larry would, if spelled "peeking" correctly, he had
I am thinking that the deal between Jaime and Edmure was that Edmure would give up the castle so Jaime could get back to his incest banging, and Jaime would let the Tully army, with weapons and armor, march to Winterfell. Jaime accomplishes his mission, Edmure gets to help his sister's kids - with all the prattling they did about loving their sisters, that outcome would allow them to help both. Plus if Lady SH is lurking somewhere in Camp Beric, there's the opportunity...
I want that 930 turbo. Badly. I haven't worked with Penske at all but some local guys here said that their pricing isn't too aggressive, but their customer service is outstanding. And they've also put it out there that they do not mark their cars up over msrp. My dealer has more than earned my loyalty, though, so I'm not likely to go elsewhere - on my last three deals I got 8% off a Cayman S, 12% off a Macan Turbo (this was the very last day of 2015 so they were...
Well, the tendency for you to slip on the banana peel will be counteracted by the spilled coke making the floor sticky so I feel that there's no net effect on you from this
Or style forum
Totally deserved. You can't do this so many times and not get suspended. Cut this shit out Draymond. Lebron does deserve some kind of punishment for going for the teabag - I didn't see if he got anything. All that said, I fully expect the Warriors to still take care of business.
I'm watching the presscon now. He was interviewed twice - 2013 and 2014 - by the FBI for Islamic terrorist ties/stupid shit he said. No evidence found, case closed. And then he bought the rifle and handgun "a few days ago" according to the ATF
The city of Miami only has one - the Collection. Prestige is a Lambo dealer only, iirc.But Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami (plus environs) are typically lumped into a single market referred to locally as "South Florida", and it has four dealers - Collection in Miami, Champion and Penske in Ft Lauderdale/Broward, and Braman in Palm Beach.Florida overall is pretty nuts as a state. I think it has about 20 Porsche dealers. Probably not as many as California, though
That's not my dealership - I buy my stuff across the way at Champion Porsche/Motorsport This one is Penske - it just opened and it's a very impressive outfit. They had a Lamborghini dealer as well and they were doing a cars and coffee . Never seen as many aventadors in one place. So then we went to the mall and the Tesla store had a white P90X (isn't that an exercise video) so we sat in it. Wife actually likes it
Did it stir mysterious yet not unpleasant feelings in you?You number your cats like race cars? That's a cool idea
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