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If this is directed at me, since I have the post directly above yours, I assure you that I'm not being biased against the Netherlands. I'm saying that neither team was able to exploit the defensive scheme to create many chances.
Speaking of things that should be pixerated, why the hell is Prince Fielder in the ESPN Bodies photo shoot? Is this more beautiful at any size shit??
Well, I guess Ron Vlaar is now freed up to resume his normal job of being The Transporter
Robben was getting Messi-like respect from the defense but they couldn't use that to open up space for all of Holland's other attackers. In fairness, the other team couldn't do it much either with Messi
I'm getting sad that this is all almost over
Do you think why knows the answer, because he's the one that puts the Popsicles there?
I know a lot of people, but I just realized that I don't know any FBI agents. I don't even know anyone who knows any FBI agents. I wonder why that is?
Sorry, I guess I knew "how". What I really meant to say was "LOL Cleveland"
Wait, how the fuck did the Celtics get the Cavs' first rounder for nothing? This being the Cavs, there's an 80% chance it turns out to be the #1...not to mention Thornton being a very serviceable player
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