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Oops, I apologize. I was thinking about Mike Brown and I forgot that they replaced him with David Blatt, who i don't know yet if he's shitty or good.But Spoelstra is a good coach. Not Doc, Phil or Pop level, but he took stars whose games didn't mesh together and made it work - including teaching the Big 3 new skills. He also built one of the league's best defenses. That good enough?
Good job, I've been unsuccessfully trying to do the same thing for six months now
It would be quite funny if the Cavs traded Wiggins for a one year Love rental But even with Love, the Cavs have Lebron, two star players, and little depth. Doesn't that sound almost like last year's Miami Heat, with more youth and potential, but zero playoff experience beside Lebron? Also, a much shittier coach and organization. Still the favorite to come out of the East, I think, but I don't think he's in a better situation (and he's paying state tax! And gets shitty...
Right, i forgot. I couldn't make a list of hottest WNBA players because i don't think I could even name 10 WNBA players, but she's not bad for someone who doesn't make a living by supposedly being good looking.
What's wrong with Becky Hammon? Looks hittable just based on those two pics
Who's overlooking them? Those are two good teams. Dallas nearly beat the Spurs in round 1, which is tons better than the defending champs were able to do
Don't mind if I do!
I suspect that this "attraction" from other celebs lies in the fact that he's simultaneously one of the most famous and most notorious public figures in the country. Being linked to him gets you plenty of attention, which is always a good thing for someone who wants to be famous
Oh, well if we're talking about cars that aren't new, then I would too. I just thought that it would be stretching the bounds of comparison too much, since the original point was to look at what the i8 has to offer to the car industry today. And sure, if you're looking to own the most innovative car on your block, go ahead and get the i8. But don't presume that everyone is making their purchase decisions on that factor. None of us have driven the i8 but I've seen it in...
Went out boating al day today and found to my dismay that I applied sunscreen just short of my hairline, which feels like it's on fire right now
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