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Yep, so another $800k in pure profit. Unknown if it goes to the dealer or if this is one of the 918 guys flipping a car on consignment. Their ad now says "contact us for price" but a rennlister took a screenshot of what the ad used to say: http://rennlist.com/forums/991-gt3-gt3rs-and-911r/950419-911r-4-sale-in-fl.html I talked about this before but this markup is done to see how much they can get people to bite on. It's kind of a way around the fact that they can't just...
So apparently they're asking a million dollars for the 911R
Still skeptical 🤔
I get how the franchise model works, but I still don't get why the mother company would want to spend x10 on marketing support for each brand. It would make sense if they each has a defined niche, but these chains are all indistinguishable. I spend like 20% of my working life at a Hilton or Starwood property - I get that a Conrad or Waldorf is upscale....but I have no idea what all the rest of this shit is
Also, can we stop making the top news story whether this fucking third string quarterback wants to stand or sit for the national anthem?? JFC. He's prolly going to get cut before the season opener. Let him practice his fucking civil disobedience in his living room for all I care
"La Quinta" is Spanish for "next to Denny's"
Coincidence! When I took the M4 GTS pic yesterday I was at the dealer telling them to disable comfort access. Fuck that shit - second worst feature of recent autos (worst is the stupid stay in your lane steering)
Installment #2 of "Cars We Saw" thread. I promise i don't hang around at dealerships all weekend, I needed to pick up a part Weather permitting, I am planning to head out to C&C tomorrow so I'll have pics if I find anything interesting
Why do hotels need so many different brands anyway? I get having an upscale brand and a mainstream brand, maybe even a budget brand, but that's 3. Hilton has like 10-12 different brands!!!
Why didn't the Vikes just tank? They weren't getting into the playoffs even with Teddy...
New Posts  All Forums: