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I'd just remind you of what Harv used to say about idle hands finding the genitals...
Is that a 997? My wife's Macan has a red interior but it has a lot of black trim pieces. It looks much better than that solid wall of red - that interior is way too much imo Edit: nvm. Zoomed in and answered my own question. Btw the issue is not that the interior is the wrong color. It's that it has the wrong transmission
I also don't get why most of you jumped onto the bandwagon of slandering the good name of raisins, while the infinitely more important cause of putting handicap amenities in every stall went mostly ignored. This lack of focus on what's important is how this country ends up with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the only choices for president
I don't get raisin hate
I'd be down to rename the handicap toilet in Dolphins stadium after Ole Bill
Clearly he doesn't know van veenVan veen always has room for cream
So what does she say when you make it clear that there will be mechanical failure, tears and self pity afterward?
So when people use public restrooms everyone tries to beat everyone to the handicap friendly stall. And why not - it's bigger and has its own sink and full amenities. It's like the most desirable thing about a public restroom ! So here's the question - why do I never see restrooms where ALL the stalls are configured like handicap stalls??! That would immediately be one of the top 5 inventions of mankind, right between the automatic rifle and contraceptives. I do get why...
I got all excited about giving relationship advice but I couldn't make it more of a third of the way through that post
What Mac are you getting ramu? I feel like the 570s is what's going to be what pulls me away from the spell of Herr Preuninger...
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