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I suggest that you sell it before you leave and when you're back in two weeks pick up the new M4 GTS
I forgot year it was, but recently they did a study of US cities with the most traffic fatalities per million residents. Florida had four of the top fifteen including first and second
I was ranting about something like that recently. Go ahead and turn no big deal into somethin serious. Or turn a problem into a far worse problem
I can confidently assert that Florida has the nation's worst drivers based on my experience of living here
I liked these posts better when there were pics to break up the text. Don't get lazy on us, now!
Stop making up names of people who don't exist. In the other thread it was "Bob Costas" and now this!
You try to come when you browse sf?
Do you find yourselves having dinner earlier and earlier these days?
So GF is a squirter, huh
You guys should converse more often
New Posts  All Forums: