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Is your sprint store by the seashore? Only Sprint stores by the seashore sell shells
Yeah! The best player in the world is Klay Thompson because he leads the league in +/-
Plus, you'll get opinions on it regardless of whether you ask anyway Enjoy your overturned bathtubs, I'm loving my upjumped beetle with lazy design and an inherently stupid engine layout
Sprint is a shell company built to further the works of Satan on earth
are you sure you didn't see someone you knew in line at In-N-Out and just barge in?
Maybe they come from a family where everyone lifts heavy objects all day
I assume that everything that booth and L'inc say are 100% dead serious
At a glance, It looked barely different than the current model to me
Why are you guys so fascinated with Plumlee? He has to be one of the most discussed players on this thread
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