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Oh god, a 90's Range Rover. You'd be better off with a Yugo or Lada. Or trying to drive an actual piece of Swiss cheese. For a '95 SUV might I suggest a Chevy Tahoe or Toyota Landcruiser
If I started a Sublime cover band it would be called Pop a Cap in Sancho
In San Francisco for two nights. Why is it so difficult to tell the homeless people from the normal people??
I was sitting on a plane earlier, and a few of us were watching the Eagles - Giants game, including a guy in a Wendy's jersey in the exit row. When the Eagles failed to convert on the final play of the game, he jumped out of his seat and shot his right arm out towards the emergency exit. I swear to god I thought he was going to try and open the door to jump out of the plane
That is a cherry interior, Dino. I don't even see a single crease on the seats. No wonder people keep trying to buy it off you. How many miles?
Isn't that ceiling a little low to be any good for climbing
Y'all need to be watching dat high class pron. no issues kissing on the mouth there. It's quite romantic, especially when one of those mouths had been rimming dat asshole a couple of seconds ago
And then you guys will ditch his wife and find a quiet place for a little double Dutch rudder?
Well I did the Harry Potter ride at universal studios and I feel that I'm caught up on everything in that universe
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