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I've kind of fallen out of love with the Corvette. When the images first came out and I saw the Z06 convertible at the car show, I was in love. And now it just looks overdone
Undead Linc?
OMG and a shitty iso Joe possession yet fucking again. I'm turning off this tv in disgust
The Heat so richly deserve to lose this game. 20+ turnovers, playing the whole 2nd half and OT with iso-Joe and iso-Wade. Ugly
I'm sure the mailman saves his largest milk bone for you though
FYI: Carbon black with cinnamon really is the best combo. Fact.
Am I reading warriors fans on this thread talking about how they hope to get Durant?? Just stop. If you've been a fan for more than 10 years this is why you hated the "entitled" Lakers fans for expecting that every star free agent was going to sign wh LA
Or Leicester, the city itself
Poor Russy is marooned on Kawhi island. And it sucks to visit there
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