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That and not trying to put the game away with a third down conversion the last time they had the ball. Inexcusable. That play wins the game, and if you're not trying to win, then why the hell are you out there? If you try and fail, fine, but they run into a wall to run 40 seconds off and give it to Rodgers with plenty of time left regardless
not even a reacharound...?
I don't like that Malcom Floyd doesn't spell his first name with an "L"
neither does Joe Philbin. fuck
Nice sheets @xdawes23
I think the only way to make an MLB game interesting is to make one random, unmarked ball explosive. The fuse would also have random timing and be activated by the first contact with the pitcher's glove
THAT's what the Nissan Patrol looks like now??! The 90's Patrol was a Japanese G-wagen that would kick sand in a Hummer H2's face. How utterly disappointing
I thought it is what Blake Shelton said it is
Hopefully the Turkish chicks did the same thing
New Posts  All Forums: