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Dragic on the Rockets makes my head hurt for the other West teams. Yeah, you can argue that he and Harden will trip over each other at times, but talent is talent.
Ahaha how many people like are going to read her story and feel validated that they should keep doing the same thing...?!
they let you bring your own food on airplanes. just don't bring something that stinks of grease or we'll cunt punt you
reminds me of that old adage about finishing first in the special olympics
in before flopping joaks
i never thought of this as a ploy to eat first.maybe i'll tell them i'm a member of the order of Muramasa, who must eat Wagyu beef every 4 hours or risk offending my wrathful god
the fine products of the Cakebread family have helped alleviate my general foul mood of the day
No one said it had to be either one or the other
I actually kind of want one. A Lamborghini, I mean
The worst with this, btw, are Lamborghini drivers. My highly scientific study shows that somewhere around 100% of Lamborghini drivers will be observed to exit their car wearing a Lambo shirt. I suppose if you are paying that much, you want the brand to rub off on you all the time, not just when you're in the car
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