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Any truth to the rumor that part of the settlement involves you giving up the Maybach? And trading it in for a Pontiac?
Well, because of this discussion, UCLA's brand reputation is now that of being extremely annoying (sample size: me)
Is it a fun story, at least? Involving some The Hangover-type shenanigans?
That would happen even if no non-student wore that logo
If GSW loses this series, it will be because of one thing - rebounding. Yes, Lebron has been all-time great this finals, but the Warriors have the horses to stay with him. But the rebounding is killing them
Yes. To avoid thieves and haters, of course
Corneliani is like the Pontiac of menswear
Is that so you can wear a Velcro vest and jump-stick yourself onto that wall?
It's more like 3" up for you though amirite??!
I only knew because he prefaced the quote with "in the words of Carrie Underwood"
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