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There was initially a leak spotted, but who knows what theyve replaced at this point
Twenty dollar tip for a haircut?? Does it get you handjobs??
So my takeaway from this is that European education helps you choose your career in much the same way as The Sims
There is something pissing me off (people who bring two huge fucking bags on planes as carryons), but there's no thread where I can post it. That's "bothering me right now"
Sounds like the Dutch are behind this tomfoolery
I have to see the work order - I'm out of town and my wife is handling it - but it's mainly transmission, brake, and DSC work plus replacement of a few interior trim bits.
I used to have to remove the front bumper to change the fog light bulbs on my BMW 330ci. Took my four year old M3 to the dealer for an inspection, to take advantage before the warranty runs out next month, and they found enough stuff to bill BMW for $7k in warranty work
Well, since requests are being granted, can I request that we get a downvote functionality for the express purpose of downvoting Mulan?
Has it gotten better yet? The first two episodes sparked a huge fight in the HRoi household because I got fed up with it and wifey got mad at me because "it's supposed to build up slowly" And the kid who plays the junkie brother makes me want to punch him so badly...which means he's a damn good actor
New Posts  All Forums: