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Odds are looking good that America is going to have its third joke president in a row...
Heated seats make me fart
Was your face as orange as his?
What about Dante Exum? How's he doing? Last time I saw him he was even more raw than Giannis tho
I'm the resident MCW hater on this thread :bow: Guys poised to take a leap: Jabari Parker Dame Lillard (yes, he's already a star but his usage rate will be recockulous now) Rudy Gobert ( unless you already consider last year his 'leap') Brandon Knight Tobias Harris um...Reggie Jackson? Among the rooks I think Towns, Russell and Mudiay have the biggest opportunity to throw up gaudy stats
I can't wear them either. I have this pair of Corthays that I've never worn because I realized that I hate loafers. Some days I piss myself off
I too would like a definition so I can use the term in everyday speech
Girls in yoga pants < > actual yoga practitioners
Ok. Are the "artisans" and "foodies" trying to fuck up pizza now, too? After ruining coffee, sandwiches and countless other normal things?
So in my observation, women who do a lot of crossfit have very pleasing bodies. So do women who do yoga. What I don't get is why the cross fitters usually have butter faces, and the hotties all do yoga
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