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You nailed it. Everyone wants to rent a convertible Mustang or Camero and drive to the keys. Best part of that drive are the fucking RV's (or just any slow ass asshole) that drives 40 mph on that single lane and makes you think about pulling out into oncoming traffic and just ending it all, so you aren't subjected to this slow death
Is that dick in a box?
Depreciation on those McLarens is scary. When I was looking around and kicking tires 5 months ago, the 2012's were being offered for $160-180
Funny, I thought you were an expert at performing head jobs
I thought this was a cool article - besides Kobe, only 10 other pro athletes played 20+ years with the same team http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/15148120/tip-cap-kobe-bryant-others-played-20-years-one-team
Were you disappointed when you realized that no one was planning to blow things up your ass?
Those people would be idiots. No team that loses the championship should be in the discussion on all time greats, much less the greatest evar. The Patriots have plenty of champion teams that could be entered for consideration if one was so inclined
seems like things come and go. The last time I remember we had a sudden influx of Clippers fans
I dunno, that sounds very much like Catholic kitty behavior to me
It sucked. Slow all throughout, the irritating characters got even more irritating, and the plot device at the end (trying not to spoil) was the result of such idiotic behavior that the viewer ends up disgusted, not enthralled. IMO the show has two fatal flaws - it's boring in that "nothing happens why the fuck am I still watching" way. And it has this ensemble cast where virtually everyone is impossible to root for
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