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I hate slow drivers too, but they pale in comparison to people who go out of their way to be douches to other people on the road - so the unholy trinity I mention wins
Come on man - Prius drivers, lifted truck drivers and sportbike riders (if you consider them "drivers") are an order of magnitude worse than Subarus
relatively speaking, yes. but not in absolute terms - they're all really GT cars. haven't driven the DBS though
Those TF lady pieces would be a pretty awesome gift, if I were dating Wonder Woman
I'm not googling that name...probably another one of those girls who eats her own shit or something
Man, what clown dresses these guys? He looks like the ringmaster in the .250 circus
Yeah, they should realize that it's not about the money. They should want to make the world dance.
That was Biscotti. Except he was just kidding about being suicidal
Didn't he barely check himself midpunch at someone's head in the FIBA WC? He is going to lose control at some point, I agree.
New Posts  All Forums: