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so i never noticed this until now - but since when have the movie powers decreed that Morgan Freeman needs to be in every movie? i only notice because i have been sitting on the couch in a state of drunken, tryptophan-induced semi-catatonia all day, but i have seen the Lego movie, Evan Almighty, and now it's Now You See Me. Freeman is in every one of them.
Cheers Patrik...look forward to doing business with you again in the new year
Check out the 06-07 V8 Vantage if you want an Aston. You can get them for $40-50k and they're a lot more modern, and look better than that one IMO Edit - more like 50k, I was too optimistic with the 40k estimate
...and what kind of cheese does she use in her grilled cheese sandwiches?
Give me Chapels or give me death! (Figuratively)
he probably forgot about that swinging lemonparty that he attended this year
He'll be fine (and the rockets will get a steal) if he just stops being hardheaded. There was one season in Atlanta - playing with two paint men in Horford and Shelden Williams - where he decided he was going to listen and never shoot threes. Those were the times he was an all star and a borderline first round fantasy pick
The problem is that he insists on burning a high amount of his usage on the worst parts of his game. Your point is valid but everything you mention is exactly everything he's not good at. I think he's a very talented player but no one's ever been able to get him to fucking stop. He needs to take all his shots inside the paint and he'll be just fine. Problem is, Howard lives there so I don't see how this is going to be different than Detroit
Josh Smith is the antithesis of the Rockets' spacing and analytics strategy. I guess they think they can rehabilitate him or he'll make good trade bait once they clean him up.
So the Heat can't even beat Philly...sigh
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