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Harden picked the worst possible time to have the worst game i've seen him play in a Rockets uniform. but all will be forgiven if he can heat up and pull something out of his ass in these last 6 (momentum is completely on the other side though)
Yours is likely better, then. My friends were such pains in the asses about everything that I won't do it again. They're good people - they are just unbelievably fussy about things that infuriate me (this is 75% their kids, 25% them), and are so goddamn slow to do anything that I felt that half my time on vacation was spent waiting for them
I like Arya too, mainly because I'm excited about what she's destined to become. I don't criticize that you like her book chapters, but I hated her entire time (so far) in Bravos. Too much overdevelopment and pointless detail. I understand how much training and indoctrination you need to become whatever it is that you'll become - i don't think the reader needs to be taken though every single step through dozens of pages
I had a similar experience last week traveling with a group of friends. I've decided that I still want to be friends with these people, and have them over/come over to each other's homes, but never again will we travel with them
One positive thing about this season - they cut through most of the river bullshit and the sold into slavery snooze fest and got Tyrion into Dany's court posthaste. Still too much Arya in the stupid temple for my taste, but I really hope they wrap that up soon
What's weird is that this is the thread for things you don't get. So, does pB not get why his cousin has awesome boobs? Maybe his cousin is a man
Have you asked her yet?
I still like it and am holding out hope that it gets better. Every show that I've ever liked has gone through patches where it sucked. But my interest is definitely waning. On Sunday I even fell asleep for a part of the show. Granted, I was half drunk, but still.
God dam, first four pages of GC are spam
if i decide the shark was jumped, i would pick when Sansa married Ramsay Bolton.
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