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I like to think that there is some deadly bug in my bloodstream that my awesomeness and high testosterone levels are waging a war of attrition with (and barely winning)
I never got sick either....until this year when I had low grade flu symptoms for like half the year
The extent of the overreaction, and it's seemingly random nature, makes his post one of the funniest ones on SF this month
When I was a kid one of my uncles did MLM, which meant sometimes he had a ton of cash, and he was broke all the other times. Well in one of his cash flush periods he bought a new Acura Legend - gold metallic with black leather seats. As a kid I thought that was the best car ever
It's not for me to dictate how people should get married, but for me a wedding should be a special event. Not necessarily spend 100k or whatever, but a wedding that looks half-assed or meant to be ironic, is a shitty wedding in my book
That sounds really shitty but maybe that's what hipsters and social rebels do nowadays
There was a jackass on a forum I used to go to that would mouth off and be an asshat, and proceed to block everyone who'd call him out on his asshattery. I think that he was just a piece of shit, but if one wanted to troll a forum I'd think that this would be an effective strategy...judging from the amount of frustration he caused. Something about not being able to land a satisfying return blow really infuriates people, I guess.
Car looks really clean and undinged for NYC. It must only be a few days old or something.
Either that or pB's subconscious is starting to realize the effect he has on women
Is there any reason why those croc boots shouldn't be an instakop?
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