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Sounds like a Seinfeld character
This is the perfect turn of events for Brady. Get to chill for 4 weeks and avoid wear and tear, come back to take the reins of a 3-1 team at worst, and yet no one has done enough for ole Bill to think about Bledsoe-ing him. Or is it getting Brady-ied?? And how awesome would it be for Brady to get Bradied
Agree. And you know who the good ones were so you could just ignore all the others
I'm definitely going to complain
Brady's face should be the one closest to the crotch
Nike quality strikes again. My Air Max LD zero has a flat. No, really - the left shoe has no air in it. You guys know if it can be fixed? Normally this means I just trash them, but I really like them and I prolly can't find another pair to replace them. The hole is likely very small - I can't see any tears, holes or separation of the seams
i can see why you would want this
I don't mind drunk assholes (I might fit that description meself 😊), it's the nonstop violence that's hard to navigate. Although the Dolphins home crowds are so lame that they're about half visitor team fans when it's a division rival (fuck you Pats and Jets). So maybe we get more fights than, say, Seattle home games
I actually thought it was a space for black people to write their takes on things - sports, and living in America primarily. Affiliated with ESPN, so if you read the worldwide leader, you can't avoid reading at least their headlines All that's totally fine, but nothing I have a huge interest in. So I've never given it a chance
Agreed that football is really terrible in person. Worse for me because I live in a place where there's an 80% chance it's either pouring or unbearably hot and humid. FL weather is one of the most overrated things in existence. And why are people at their worst when attending a football game? I blame the tailgates and the alcohol, but you still have to be a group of terrible people to do what I see people do at football games - drunk or no. It's all football too - NFL and...
New Posts  All Forums: