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"Good beer"' is subjective. Although I suppose it could have been worse - you could have been stuck with yuengling...
You guys who brush in public places are weirdos
These stupid State Farm twins commercials have to end.
In the new Geico commercial, is the Geico lizard sitting in the back of a car service, holding a lizard skin briefcase?? The fuck is the matter with him?!
Oh, and thibs isn't playing his starters in a 50 point blowout? Dude must be getting soft in his old age
Again, I don't disagree. If you were hired to do a job and you know you had to toe a certain line, and you didn't, yes you should be fired. My point is that the Houston Rockets organization is run by pussies. Big gaping ones.
So their brand is that of a sports team that won't even partake in even the most benign expression of competitive spirit? I think you are totally right about why this happened, I'm more smh about why teams feel so compelled to behave this way when what happens on the court (or in any basketball related activity like practice) is the exact opposite. As always, American sports is a microcosm of America. The delicious irony here is that it's directed against the Mavericks,...
Shit, someone got fired over that tweet? If you can't take that kind of trash talking then you don't even belong on a preschool playground
I heard the nfl also had a three hour TV special to announce the TV schedules
Did you dock?
New Posts  All Forums: