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On the bright side, he gets to come to Miami. It's much harder to get drugs down here
You can still jerk it with the other hand. It may feel awkward at first, but thrilling. Like first-time sex
Guiz, I don't know why you're arguing with GF on this, of all people. He's the preeminent expert on experiencing things raw
L'inc, I don't see what your problem is with this - it's still correct irregardless of whether you spell it Wiener or Weiner
Yeah, all these countries try to be different from the hegemony for no good reason. It's the metric and Celsius systems all over again
I banged something lying in the road, hard. It was green, too
So I curbed a wheel today. Not the greatest couple of weeks for me automotively
The Thunder are better now that they have a real coach, but they ain't beating the Spurs
What's a 365?
But we had to let them linger....
New Posts  All Forums: