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I had to laugh when I read your requirements, because as they were written there were zero other options besides Subarus. Assuming that didn't consider something like a Mini Countryman a "hatchback"
Haven't been this tempted by a Benz since I saw the '09 CLK63 BS. Although it's said to cost $120-150k? Would consider a Gallardo Performante or R-type SVR at the top end of that range of GT cars instead.
Kupchak was good. Didn't think anyone could fill Jerry West's shoes but he did an admirable job. Short Buss was a joke and should have been gone long ago. Magic and Mitch could have made a good team but I suspect Magic was only interested in the job if he could have total control.
Argh. Look at this thing What I don't get now is, what's the point of the SL if you have THIS.
My hotel fronts an office building across the street. I can see everything going on in those offices and presume they have the same ability. So now I wonder - how many times do the denizens of that office building look up and get treated to the sight of dick helicopters?
Even bigger lol: Pelicans offered the same package minus Hield to Sixers for Okafor and were turned down, according to ESPN. Lmao Kings
Holy shit. I know Boogie is a huge asshole who deserves a good bitch slap for acting like a bitch...but what did the Kings get back for him?? Wow. Do they think that Buddy Hield is Mitch Richmond? Vivek and Vlade's credibility has sank to a new low (you might argue that you can't get any lower than zero). Not just for straight up lying to the face of Cousins, his agent, and everyone with an internet connection. But also for getting taken to the cleaners. They should...
If he wants a high revving screaming engine with a manual and 4 doors/seats, the E90 M3 is his only choice unless he wants to go bigger and get a E60 M5 (do not do this). I've driven the 1M on street and track and honestly, the motor is nothing special. The chassis is, though, so if you don't mind a little numbness and turbo lag from the motor then I guess it's a good choice
Anyone see the slam dunk contest? I was only able to catch highlights a few minutes ago but most of those dunks looked terrible. Am I wrong?
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