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They're just following SOP to fill airtime after the euphoria of a great game with provocative nonsense. I have nothing negative to say about Rodgers, but he's won like 25% of what Brady has accomplished
You guys are nuts. Sometimes a man's got to wallow in his own filth to remind himself that he's an alpha
Congrats on finding the other shower wanker in the office. You guys are like the Sith - there are always two
My brother used to do that when we were kids, but to throw out spoilers. Violence would always ensue.
I'm sure the Seahawks were classy and gracious in defeat like they always are
The Holy Spirit?
The one key fact I took away from a decade of browsing style forum is that the Danish set off fireworks every night for some reason
Talked to my guy while my sister was ordering the Macan and he couldn't tell me yet. I'll ask again when she takes delivery in April but if they follow the 997 lifecycle it will be next year.I'm not expecting a huge price increase from current because IIRC they've never really hiked the GT3 prices. Actually, they'd better take $5k off because no PDK
I've ranted about this before but there must be some UPS drivers' combine where their equivalent of the 40 yard dash is the ring bell and drive off drill. I can be sitting behind the front door waiting for the doorbell to ring, and by the time I get the door open, motherfucker is already showing me his taillights
So that begs the question, what is alt-right? Sounds like the strafe command on a FPS game...
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