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Appreciate the positive feedback, everyoneGrey to my eyes, but the antiquing brings out a lot of different shades and textures. I'm partially color blind, though, so I'm not the best person to ask these things
Coincidentally, I'm wearing my U caps in cloud today
I also think it's a rare man who buys his first expensive watch and actually sticks with a 'onewatch' philosophy. 99% of the time, that first watch is just the starting point. Re: box discussion, the Lange box is not all that impressive
At least IAt least I know who this one is....female lead in Deep Throat, amirite?
Just write the next fucking book, GRRM. This is your purpose in life
I'll pull a pB and ask: who the fuck are these people??!
The real question is, 70's bush or 00's clean shave?
Thanks Shaq!
Please do not bring your infants to the movie theater. This cannot be emphasized enough
It's an ironic term, like "jumbo shrimp"
New Posts  All Forums: