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Goddamn. Just heard about this Hershey shit. Does this mean I can't get crunchies, caramello and fruit and nut? The morons who pass for journalists on the Internet did not see it fit to make a list easilyavailable
Zach Lavine will own the dunk contest. With all due respect to Giannis, it won't be close
I'd have trouble resisting a master chrono at half off...
reading comprehension - i said that i would pick Sweden if their girls didn't do the stupid duck face like Americans
I might pick Sweden if their women don't make stupid duck face selfies, though
Die - whatsit??
Looking forward to the time when I want to speak Chinese/play the guitar/fly a plane, and simply have to download the correct software
good point
but Samuel Hitler sounds weird....
i think that these people think there is a direct correlation between number of selfies posted to how popular/fun they are
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