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It's either a ganglion cyst or the herp
Do you mean all the GT4 logos? The one on the right is kind of like a "welcome" screen - it goes away when you turn the car on. The model designation on the speedo is permanent and has always been there for every Porsche model, as I recall
The blue car hit 4000 today, almost exactly 8 mos after delivery. Happy that I was able to drive it this much considering it never goes out during the week - I didn't buy it to be a total garage queen either
First and second parts of bolded sentence are cause and effect, respectively, no?
Hopefully you didn't sustain a prolapsed rectum
No but omw
Disagree. This place has needed an honest to goodness member meltdown for years
I have to admit that I didn't read what the criteria for "sportsperson of the year" is, and I don't care enough to do it now. But if it's mainly a popularity contest, sure - give it to Lebron. Or if you think the "native son finally brings glory to tortured town" narrative is better than the "greatest gymnast evah!!1" or "winningest Olympic athlete ever returns from retirement just to lap the field for good measure" narratives...then give it to Lebron. But it's really...
You should make a YouTube vid about them and try to deduct their cost from your taxes
The cars? Or Joel and Springsteen??
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