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I feel like every office should have an office HRoi. I would suggest this for my own office, but, well....they already have me
So half of your post telling me I'm wrong is a diatribe about how Lebron is a douche I'm perfectly willing to accept that you actually have team allegiances, but perhaps my misconception isn't because I haven't been paying attention, but because of what you constantly post about.
Thought you didn't really have a team and just hung around the sports threads to heap hatred on those athletes that you think are douches
This is shocking. I have never known you to be unsure about extra meat
Are you guys talking about drake
So what you're saying is, it's greater in Decatur?
Von Miller. Come on, there is no other choice
That's the Ted Ginn I know from the Miami Dolphin days. When he was here I thought his first name was Ginn and his last name was Takes it Out of Bounds...because that's all you'd hear the commentators say
He means that they suck
Who's the corpse out there on the field in a Manning jersey?
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