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I just visited the website and most of the event pics are of GT3 RS's. I'm guessing some people will be pissed when they go and are told they can't drive it The automaker usually has a cold call list of people who own competing marques and they send them invites. This is why I get invites from jaguar, Mb and Audi, but probably why I'm not on the Porsche list (??)
Grrr. I should try to get invited. Haven't actually driven any 991 variant yet so that would be my objective. Follow-the-leader track laps plus a city drive fits my definition of the perfect pre-purchase test drive. Not that I'm buying cars anytime soon, but my point is that automakers need to do this shit, do it often, and invite a bunch of people
Oh I bet that when you went black, he left a stripe down your back
Step 4 in the Evil Megalomaniac Handbook: write manifesto. It's right there before Step 5: Put out want ads for faceless henchmen
L'inc Sync?
Why do 95% of shared/posted YouTube videos start off with a woman screaming?
I'm disappointed that you didn't perform a citizen's arrest. It's your civic duty
For me too, but if you're looking for a sports car for $3k you may not have a choice
You guys made me think about this, but come to think of it, no one ever talks to me about their financial problems. Or any problems for that matter. Which is just the way I like it. My wife is the opposite. She can have a meeting or go for an appointment with someone she's meeting for the first time and come home knowing that the other person's husband cheated on her, or her son is failing college, or they are having trouble paying for two mortgages. It's weird - she...
I'm prolly one of the people you guys are talking about. I own five cars 🙊 We also take vacations and dine out. I do think we could be saving more, but my portfolio is projecting out to be able to deliver a comfortable retirement. I think we all spend money on things other people consider bullshit, though
New Posts  All Forums: