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Just watch, she's gonna look like a young female piob
He's popular here in Miami because he went to school here. But he hasn't had a gaudy number season like Arian Foster or AP or omgcj2k , and perhaps that's why. But to your point, he's been consistently good for long enough that he's tracking along with the all time greats. He also deserves some kind of fantasy award for being so consistent and durable. I don't remember him ever approaching a top Fantasy RB season, but his floor was very high every single year
Also - Ndamokung Suh is reviewing this week's footage and wondering how Vontaze took his crown so fast. Your move, Suh!
Slight elaboration on this analogy. Burfict is Ron Artest - the guy who'll commit some crazy act of violence and screw his team. Rasheed wasn't violent, but he was the guy who'd lose his temper, get tossed and create an enormous distraction. So basically Odell Beckham
I tried the jaybird too. I think it was the x2. the quality of the materials was downright embarrassing
I can see that stance nation is just as awful on the other side of the ocean. That Soarer isn't bad though. Reminds me of my cousin's (pretty rare) Corolla liftback of the same generation. His was white with gold wire wheels.
Just think, she could be yours
Didn't mean for it to sound like a complaint hehe
I don't know what's more unbelievable. People still reading newspapers, or a living being finding edina's dick unaided by a microscope
The normal sucky FL fall weather is actually quite nice these days - 80-85 and little humidity. Almost makes me wish I got the Boxter Spyder instead of the Cayman
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