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They miiiiight have beaten Nigeria or China. But I wouldn't have put money on it
Fabulous idea. We should start a business to offer garlic aioli to shavers all around the world. We can call it Linkadessen Delicatessen
Oooooohh....so maybe the new ones are much better then. I've heard great things about the ATS chassis
Maybe it's not the USPS that stands against you. The Republic of Chile might be claiming trademark infringement against their Chile Box
As opposed to the late 90's where every car I wanted was Japanese - with the exception of the 911 and the F355. They have moved away from my niche of the market, but I can't say I blame them. All these sports cars were cancelled because they weren't selling. Back to the Camaro - "chassis composure" is something I do not agree with from experience. Unless they changed a lot of things with the '16? Or maybe I'm guilty of also grading on a sliding scale and have been...
I'm not saying Rio is safe. I'm just annoyed when someone makes all of us look bad in the exact way that reinforces negative stereotypes. Which ironically is exactly what he tried to do in fabricating the robbers-disguised-as-police account. It's the dumbfuck foreigner version of "it was a young black man that did it!"
They are reliable. are they like my '92 civic that went well over 200k miles with just oil changes, timing belt changes and a/c recharges? No. And they cost more money to maintain, sure. But if you are willing to spend the money and the care, they are just fine. If you're not, then buy Japanese. I say this without any sarcasm or judgment. reliability isn't graded on a curve. Japanese (non Nissan) cars and Teslas are ultra reliable according to the surveys. But unless...
Oh yeah, it will definitely try to kill you. This guy has a hellcat also, so let's see how long he lives
You were on the right track with the pre-DC SL convertibles, then. Or if you want a non-European recommendation, the most headturning car in my community is a black/black 97-ish Viper GTS. Available for less than a ZL1.
Got it, because they are not as reliable as Japanese cars in general terms, they're all trash. Uh huh. Trash in terms of performance and build quality? 99% of them? Utter bullshit. Sure, the shoe fits for some (I'm looking at you DaimlerChrysler), but I guess literally the entire automotive world must be missing something, huh
New Posts  All Forums: