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I love Russ. Which is remarkable to me because he's exactly the kind of player that frustrates me the most. But he's lovable and since he's not on my team I'm not so invested in his boneheaded outcomes that I can't see the comedy in itThe great thing is that he won this game playing exactly the same way he always does, and that he gets roundly criticized for. It's just that the pull up threes were going in, the crazy pinball drives were largely successful (layup, assist or...
I don't like "unsweet". Can't we just say "unsweetened " like we're supposed to? It is actually only slightly longer to say. For a long time I thought servers all were saying unsweetened and just clipping their words a little bit, but no - they actually say unsweet 😕
Looking forward to the cutscene montage of newly minted Maester Sam inventing the dragonglass gatling gun
Almost there. Taking her up to Amelia island for Memorial Day and that should do it. If anyone wants to trade me straight up for a 911 Singer, lmk
I drove myself into a sleepless frenzy last night looking at 911 restomods
Like, she just dropped trou and laid a log on the seat next to you like soft serve ice cream?
You remind me of that englade fellow with all these stories about the 60's
You can still do it in other countries. A colleague of mine brought some fish steeped in some kind of vinegar on a Chinese/HKG flight. The smell was glorious. They do draw the line at knives, though (as well as some unnatural fixation against lithium batteries)
Fuck the TSA and they deserve all the criticism they get. But travelers are 50% of the problem. The rules have been in place for 15 years and you still don't know you have to take off your goddamn shoes, or not leave stuff in your pockets, or not take water bottles or cheese knives in your carryons, and all that shit.
i think that's a better question than asking whether he quit on his team
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