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Draymond might be the second most valuable warrior after Curry (with apologies to Klay). His ability to defend everyone allows the Warriors to play small and fast and kill everyone with speed, spacing and shooting. Without him the West giants would just kill the Warriors inside. I have him and Kawhi as the top DPOY guys although it will probably go to AD
I saw someone taking a selfie while driving today. I almost didn't believe my eyes, but it was nighttime and I actually saw the flash from her phone camera
I used my considerable experience with double entendre to try to translate this, but the best I could come up with was.....sticking your harpoon in whales?
everyone, feel free to snatch that phone out of the offender's hand and hurl it as far as you can. We can even report back here on how far you were able to throw it, for bragging rights
So about Rudy Gobert nicknames....I heard two new one today - The Gobstopper and The French Rejection
You go to dinner with your ex fiancee's husband? What's the dining table etiquette among Eskimo brothers?
I know my boy isn't one of these douches who keep garage queens
I'm the only one I know so far who doesn't like how the i8 looks. Too busy, too weird...maybe it's a case of being too far before its time for me, but that's the way I see it
I bet at least 50% of them have teh truck nutz
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