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Congrats on getting out with your sanity (presumably)
man i need the season to start already. let's get the fuck out of here with this baseball shit, are you all with me?!?!
Wait, you think the TAXES are the worst part about living in Atlanta?
I do believe this is the first time I've ever thumbed a GF poast
Yeah, fuck that guy who killed the lion. I don't care if what he did was legal (it's likely poaching anyway). Fuck him. The BBC says his practice "has been closed" but that's not clear. Is he just staying out of the public eye, or did he lose the practice?
This emoticon was MADE for this scenario -
Was there a lot of hype on these? I picked up a pair because I liked how they looked, maybe I just got lucky and didn't have too much trouble finding them
It was just shorthand for that family generation. I didn't want to type E90 for the sedan, E92 for the coupe, and E93 for the convertibleBut now you made me do it anyway
E9x M3 is a ton of car for $30k. They've been fairly reliable too AFAIK
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