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There are great Indy mechanics, and there are shitty ones. Last month someone told me it would cost $200 in labor to install a set of spacers
Let's have it
I took a 2014 RRS off-road on a big English estate owned by Land Rover, with one of their instructors along. It did quite impressively, although I was tickled when it started to rain during a particularly muddy section and my instructor said not to get alarmed if I went off and got stuck....he'd just radio one of the Defenders to come drag us out
I'll have 50 collections of 50 things each
You guys should stop letting dudes wheelbarrow you, that will avoid the vast majority of your back injuries
I have recently been informed that Hello Kitty owns a pet cat, named Charmmy Kitty. Isn't that slavery?!? Damn you, Hello Kitty!!!
Delta just reminded me that i have a companion certificate that i haven't redeemed yet and totally forgot about. found money!!
Mr G is also implying that Mr Booth does secretly desire someone, but my assumption that it's the young woman is mistaken
Maybe he annoys you because you secretly want her for yourself
Your first two poasts left something to be desired, but this one is quality
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