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ITT: guys with small hands discover yet another drawback to their physical "shortcomings" 👌
No need for this post. We all know that you like to get behind someone who dual clutches
In fairness, Rhaegar is hardly talked about in the show. My mind would not have jumped to him being the father if I hadn't read the books and already awaiting this revelation. This Ned/Arthur Dayne/Lyanna flashback does make me think, though - the next GoT season may very well reserve a full episode or three to fully tell the whole Aegon/Rhaegar/Lyanna/Ned/Robert/Jamie story arc as a flashback. That would be cool
RTC, no experience with either, I'm afraid
Maybe Mr G wrote that after emerging from a walk in freezer filled with dry ice
The Venn diagram for those two groups has near total overlap. Even though the Skylines are hardly in F&F
We want Skylines because you assholes won't let us have them or maybe it's Nissan. Or the US government. Nissan also needs to write a seven figure check in appreciation to Sony/polyphony because every kid who played Gran Turismo is an adult now who wants a GTR.
My point was more that we don't get the Corolla hatch here. And if we're importing cars from Japan, then there are a whole host of other cars to consider.But speaking of the G37 - I don't know much about Nissans - is this the detuned equivalent of the R35/GTR? Because we do get that here and I'd start with that instead of modding a G. But I wonder now if the R34 GTR parts fit an older Nissan or Infiniti available in the USDM?
Well if we're going in that direction then rtc should just call Rivsu down here and pick up an R32 skyline
I'm going to start using Brexit as a verb and start the new hot trend. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be brexiting this thread for awhile and get a drink
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