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For a long time I thought his name was Paddy Mills
If there was a document that had the answers to all the world's questions on it, it would have this: Q: will Edina ever get laid? A: No.
No, the problem is that you guys like guacamole. The only thing shittier than how it tastes is the way it looks
The Nike ones definitely are, size up and pay an extra $50 for the authentic article
Can you let me know when it's over and it's safe to return to this thread?
I'm still refusing to read all that nonsense until he and all the other FA's formally announce where they're going. If he goes, he goes. I said that in my best Ivan Drago voice as I was typing it
Aren't those kinds of distributions really caused by income inequality? Don't know your tax code but in the US that's the case, which is funny because it seems like everyone thinks the rich don't pay enough taxes
Uh oh. From experience, people in that environment are pretty much insufferable
It makes me think of cow shit. I don't know why.
I think the investigators to this dastardly act now have a "person of interest"
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