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I want in on that action if we're doing time trials for that vicuña. Since I won't be bringing an f-car, I get home track advantage (PBIR)
Spoo, i think you shouldyou should make this a regular feature. "things that i had a very hard time listing"it will help those of us who are close to your size save a lot of time (and the hell with the rest of them )
lemme guess....it was for "services" and not cash, wasn't it?
ten bucks says he's wearing it and nothing else right now
I met someone today from the unfortunately named Universidad de Moron, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
looks fuzzy
I just overheard someone wish someone else a "happy Friday eve". Wtf? Is that a thing now??
Why post a sideways picture? You can't fucking type that shit out in a post? I don't think you work hard enough for the retainer that SF pays you
I just used that as an example because I recently saw someone almost broadside a Ford Econoline full of Korean church goers
in fairness, not all of these red light cameras in Orlando are for people blowing straight through intersections. Florida now has these fucking cameras that take pictures of you if you don't come to a full stop before you turn right. still technically a violation of traffic laws, but not as bad as gunning through a light and almost broadsiding a Ford Econoline full of Korean church goers.
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