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I spent about 20 minutes explaining to my wife the context of what happened and the consequences as I saw them
So it looks like Chicago is shopping Jimmy Butler hard. This is going to be an epic rock bottom as they try to rebuild. Presumably Pau and Noah are gone as well?
What's a thunder shirt? I have a mental image of you guys dressing your dogs in cute little Kevin Durant doggy jerseys
Boy, your package gets around, doesn't it?
He might be good...just because I have no idea who he is doesn't mean he isn't worth drafting. I just find it funny that this draft is mostly a bunch of no-names.
Jaylen Brown looks like Manny Pacquiao? If you told me yes, I'd believe you. Never seen the guy (Brown, not Manny) or remember hearing about him. I see that he's from Cal, which may explain it. But still
so the Thunder are still chasing the answer at SG sorry, i know the Harden trade references got old two years ago, but i still can't help myself. so they get Dipo for the player they could have let walk to keep Harden. and Sabonis....i got excited when i read the last name and YESSSS!!! son of Arvydas!
this is the best year to not have a draft pick
and who the fuck is Jaylen Brown?
E36 BMW's are still great cars. rock solid chassis. i don't suppose you can stretch your budget to an E36 M3, can you? the only drawbacks is that the clutch is a little hard to learn on (the engagement isn't very linear), and if you happen to need a major repair while you own it, you'll be paying more than the 2500 you paid for the car. this one seems to have an extensive service history, which is good. but this father and son duo...i wonder, are they competent to be...
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