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this is a good list. except for the Olds Aurora. i legit lol'ed when i scrolled to that. that car is a piece of shit. the funniest thing is that i had a co-worker who had one and was convinced that it was the greatest car on earth. couldn't stop talking about it and said that it was better than any BMW or Lexus. Prowler is pretty garbage too, and i bet those Maser and Alfa owners couldn't keep their cars on the road.i don't think i ever told this story but back in those...
I echo the previous recommendation to put it in her butt. She'll prolly not text you again. And if she sticks around....well you know you've got a keeper
Whaaaa? Corpses are not protected by HIPPA?!
Do you imagine her doing #1 or #2?
Those things were selling for under a thousand back in the 90's. You coulda bought one and doubled your investment!
That's when he was a young adult
If I got one I would stretch some paper around every door so I can bust through it while the fog machine pumps out the fog
Weighing in late on the jerk off scenario, but it's not cheating. Borderline, but not cheating. But if your jizz lands on either party, then you have crossed the line and it IS cheating
You're not gonna get a Honda. There's nothing wrong with Hondas, but you're not a Honda person
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