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Dropping the n probably got them the first listing in the phone book, so there's that
Hey that exact same thing happened to us tonight except it was a Starbucks and the violinist sucked
I wonder if Kurt Cobain saw this all coming and that's why he was bummed out all the time...
Ok now this is a good find
Only two WHAT!? Don't leave us hanging you evil man
Well, to be the recipient of one of those, you have to be pregnant
I have one meeting today and it's at 4:30. Wtf!! And my boss called it so I can't blow him off
Looks just like a Camry from that view
In fairness, he complained about it the whole time he was there, too
If you're talking about posers who are not in the military but walk around in uniform - there's absolutely an unearned benefit. Respect, attention, getting a free drink or meal here and there....etc. I do think Big Pun is talking about fakers (either actual military members or not) wearing uniforms with decorations they didn't pinning a fake silver star on themselves or whatever. I think that's a lot more strange because his point is, civilians don't really...
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