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Give me Chapels or give me death! (Figuratively)
he probably forgot about that swinging lemonparty that he attended this year
He'll be fine (and the rockets will get a steal) if he just stops being hardheaded. There was one season in Atlanta - playing with two paint men in Horford and Shelden Williams - where he decided he was going to listen and never shoot threes. Those were the times he was an all star and a borderline first round fantasy pick
The problem is that he insists on burning a high amount of his usage on the worst parts of his game. Your point is valid but everything you mention is exactly everything he's not good at. I think he's a very talented player but no one's ever been able to get him to fucking stop. He needs to take all his shots inside the paint and he'll be just fine. Problem is, Howard lives there so I don't see how this is going to be different than Detroit
Josh Smith is the antithesis of the Rockets' spacing and analytics strategy. I guess they think they can rehabilitate him or he'll make good trade bait once they clean him up.
So the Heat can't even beat Philly...sigh
I have two takeaways from these gifs1. manu has the perfect old man game2. Deandre got faked out of his jock and he still recovered enough to make the second shot really difficult
Smoove has never NEEDED to chuck up 3's. He's just too hard headed to stop. Yes, this is somewhat exacerbated by Detroit playing him with Drummond and Monroe, but it was the same way in Atlanta. It was so bad it became a meme amongst the media covering the Hawks, and I think his hard headedness is why they weren't all that upset to see him go. It's really too bad because he's a beast of a power forward that blocks and rebounds as well as anyone, and can handle, get to the...
The girl's got some talent
a lot of people have joked that the only way to get Josh Smith to stop shooting ridiculous threes and long twos was to threaten to cut him. i guess that didn't work either
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