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I touch my eye every time I put in a contact lens . Is the glaucoma test very different?
Funny thing is I have no problem avoiding splashback if there are no splash pads in the urinal. But when they're there it's a shit show.Now here's a story worth telling. Don't be a cocktease like ethanm
But then why the fuck are there splash guards?!? Surely they're there for a reason? (I just called you Shirley)
The best are the troughs that are filled with ice. Why the fuck do they have ice anyway?? Also: don't forget my splash pad question you fuckers. Countless hands are getting backsplash because you won't answer this
So guiz....these splash pads in the urinals. How are you supposed to direct your stream so that they work? I have been getting, um, tactile evidence that I'm doing it rong 😊
Never encountered a squirter?
That air puff in the eye test is pretty nerve wracking, I'll give you that
Kerr will put him in as a reserve. It's more a sign that fans are idiots than a true injustice
So we've come to that time in the year where we complain about the ASG roster. .....aaaand Russy not voted in. What the fuck, people?? All the other starters are ok but I would have gone with Embiid over Derozan
Depends on the kind of friends or colleagues you have. I happily pick up the entire check if I'm with a group I know will reciprocate in the future. Doesn't even matter if the free meal I get in the future is equal value. With One group of friends I have, I cant even collect cash because everyone rounds up so much that by the time it gets to me, I have more than enough money to cover the tab without putting in a penny. Another group either asks the restaurant to split...
New Posts  All Forums: