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Really? I heard you guys enjoy truffle butter though
Oh that's right, it was a hot dog. I screwed up the intertextuality
The risk with that is you are going to end up shooting yourself with that practice ammo while you are at Walmart
What was that someone said about people being willing to swim through an ocean of shit for a few bucks?
there is no reason on this earth to shop at a Walmart. well, maybe if someone chainsaws your arm off in the Walmart parking lot and you have to go inside to get a first aid kit, but even that's debatable. and what the fuck were you doing in the Walmart parking lot in the first place??!!
Harden is playing fucking great. And keeping that fouly stuff to a minimum too
Curry doing Curry things already
That sentence (whether to attention or to knowledge) usually is a passive aggressive way of saying "fuck you for calling me out in front of all these cc's". But only you and she know the actual context. Did she send this as a response to your micro-dickture?
I'm no fruitist just tellin it like it is
This sentence in an email usually means something different from the literal meaning. Hint: replace the word "thank" with "fuck"
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