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what is "grimes", and what kind of industrial is it? industrial solvent?
Aaah, it's really getting annoying now. Fuck every single one of you who posted an ice bucket challenge video on social media
is there a difference between lawn tennis and tennis? I suppose the obvious answer is that it's tennis played on grass like in Wimbledon, but most people refer to that as tennis, also. and if there is no difference, is there any explanation for you to refer to your recreational sport as "lawn tennis" other than you're a twat?
I have the multicolor trainers, the pink comes out a lot more IRL than the photo. Otherwise they're great. I also am not sure if there are more than one colorway I agree about the racers being more comfortable, though. Possibly the most comfortable lightweight shoe I've ever put on - and they don't take up much space in a travel bag. I have three pair
Man, I hate Mr Goodbar but like the other 3. I should share a bag with you guys
I'd like to give everyone money to fucking stop, but I don't have enough
Not gonna quote indesertum and diadem's posts so this doesn't become a wall of text, but, some thoughts - Regarding screen roll, Miami and SA showed how to contain it - have the screener's man jump out hard and force the handler back, while four guys zone and rotate. Spain might have the only personnel to do this effectively, though...maybe France too I'm not a believer in Kyrie yet. He has, IMO, the best handle in the NBA, but he doesn't use it to beast to the rim like...
Right, so who initiates that offense? Derrick Rose can do it, but he's coming off multiple injuries. Curry can, sort of, but he's not going to finish at the basket and if he's creating, your best shooter isn't finishing. And you need defense and rebounding. That Olympic team did it with a team effort and everyone was a good rebounder at their position. The US can win if Anthony Davis is a monster every game, and either Drummond or Boogie can also give quality minutes...
Well, there's a pretty good chance that they have a better record than last year
Yes.Regarding the shooters comment, you usually don't win FIBA games if you can't control the paint. The old disorganized US teams tried to win with shooting and fast breaking - it worked against the lesser teams but broke down against the bigger, more disciplined and cohesive teams like Argentina and SpainYes, you win if the team shoots well but every team goes cold at some point. Then you have to dig deep on defense, rebound well and ride it out.
New Posts  All Forums: