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My favorite draft what-if, is if Memphis didn't trade Kevin Love after drafting him in 2008, they would have a Gay-Love frontcourt
That long running joke about Porsche having lazy designers is really just that - a joke. Meant to tease and perhaps irk porsche owners a bit. I don't think anyone truly believes it, given how the company spends billions to R&D new models and manages to stay at or near the performance pinnacle of its class for 50 years despite a fundamentally flawed (rear engine) design. I think Rolex is in the same boat. Possibly because Rolex (and Porsche) owners are highly susceptible...
I need an unexpected raise
I don't know, actually. The guys in CE taught it to me and I started using it without knowing what it is. But you made a poast about marriage equality
Hey, looks like pB's turning into a SJW !
You idiots should stop bitching about clothing choices here. Go find some other website that's actually about clothing and style and all that nonsense
She was probably nervous and popped out for a smoke to calm herself. Problem with being a smoker is that you can't smell yourself to know you stink
There are a lot of scenarios that I can think of where I would hit someone without them committing any violence on me first
I have to say that anything that gets Stephen A Smith off the air is good with me
Have you driven the LFA? I tend to agree with the "not the prettiest" and "pricey" comments, but I don't know if it's boring to drive. It does sound nice
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