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New job = new car
Let me be the first to tell Biscotti to please keep posting these stories in this here thread
Isn't a "mancave " what Buck Angel has?
You are right, unfortunately.Btw I have nothing against GSW, I just feel that the closest thing this league has to a pro wrestling heel turn plotline needs to come to its natural conclusion
His bullshit answers prove that he knows what he's doing and fancies himself untouchable. It's like lol u mad and I'm gonna troll you for good measure. Your "kinesiology" made you execute a perfect axe kick on the head of a man that stands 6-5? In the gif RFX posted he had very little forward or lateral motion, was balanced on both feet, and somehow had to kick in Chriss's direction? I guess issuing flagrant fouls every time he does it, and eventually fines and...
Didn't realize that it was that hard to order sounding rods
Thankfully, I've never reached that point yet
Well at least the article showed images of people I wouldn't mind seeing naked
So Draymond's now kicked like, what, is it 10 people now? I'll spare you all the "back in the day..." rant, but how are the other players letting this slide? Granted, I'm only watching highlights, but I don't see any player come at him after getting kicked. Maybe a little jawing, but meh. I know that the NBA cleaned up fighting, and to their credit, have issued flagrants/suspensions to Draymond and all that. But I still feel players should have a little balls (hehe) and...
They are pretty terrible. The circle jerks and the inane cop-fests with no discussion of any import
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