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He's like a can of tuna! Well, if the tuna makers made cans out of floppy rubber
I'm in a similar situation. in a small group of friends with both the guy and the girl. she was married. she gets divorced, they end up with each other, which was a total shocker. He's the classic overlooked nice guy, and she's a knockout - 9/10 at least. So needless to say I was shocked and overwhelmingly impressed by my buddy's game. They've been together for a year and she's turned out to be a total controlling bitch to him. She's still the same as a friend - sweet,...
The links you guys are posting just make me think that Californians are on crack. 4K to 5k for a 90's lesabre? Or 80's gti?? I think I would enjoy a challenge. Jalopnik rules - have to actually post a car that's on sale that meets the criteria. So what are the criteria @ramuman? What budget? Manual transmission, a car that a kid in the 90's would think is cool??
90's halo car, 6-speed manual, cool car, parts with good resale value...🤔 How about the McLaren F1? It ticks all the boxes
You basically asked the same question that rtc's been going on about for awhile now. So...Miata?
That guy has some problems. Clearly he's a disgruntled employee but he's acting out like a 3 year old. Sounds like someone needs to smack the snot out of him and send him to his room
It still seems to have an effect, from my view from the top
Me 2
i thought you were Ben Dover
They are going to put manuals in all the 991.2 GT cars and really piss off the people who paid a million dollars for a 911R
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