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Come on, Finn. 10 hours since that post and you haven't made the obvious your mom joak??
It's not your SF influence they're worried about, it's your sinister designs to further the cause of Dutch imperialism
So this is the week that Dolphins fans slink away from the Internet with tails between legs. It happens every year but I never thought it would be week 4. Especially with all these upgrades and Tannehill supposedly ready to take Dat Leap
It's for the best. If he wasn't declawed he would have created 20 more scratches in the process of removing the band aid from the first scratch
The 308 is a sleeper? I can't imagine it fitting any of the standard definitions of sleeper. The F355, on the other hand, is not a sleeper either, but it's the greatest Ferrari ever made
foreground, middle right. looks like it's not the first time she's been photographed holding a footlong
Fuck Justin Bieber.
If you want to save a buck or two, there's a pack of strays running around my area that you can use for parenting for free. They have no names other than Fried Fish Rustler and One Eyed Pie Bandit so there's the additional social value of giving them proper names
I feel like the dog would never have come close to the train to begin with. And what kind of shit property value must his master have to live in a house with train tracks in its backyard. There must have been a hell of a fight over that easement
So if everyone's cheating, isn't that kind of like no one's cheating?
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