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i enjoy that the Giants have someone named Joe Panik on their roster. coach 1: "we're down 3-2 in the 9th, this is no time for Panik" coach 2: "on the contrary, this is the perfect time for Panik!"
i was ready to buy a new F10 M5 earlier this year and expected to pay about 100k for one. but i rented one for four days and couldn't get excited about it, even though it's ridiculously fast, comfortable and not bad looking. got frustrated and while i had the project on hold my wife decided she wanted a Cayman S. anyway, if i was one of those people that actually loved the car it would be hard not to jump on it at $75k or so. CPO of course, i had my difficulties with TT...
I'd ask her what she thinks about single drivers who drive in the HOV lane
What the faux are you guys talking about
GF's post reminded me - I was looking at FS ads for F10 M5's recently, and I'm stunned at how cheap the 2013's are going for. Less than 10k miles and asking prices are in the $68-75k range
If those are the two choices I've got to go with inky blue since I already have something like the gun club. Were there any pics of items made up of the material? Looks like there may be some textures and nuances that are a little hard to see in the swatch
i was interested, but i think i'd better cast my lot in with the GMTO. i stand no chance against you animals, lol
i might be in for a navy hopsack. to clarify, GMTO means we order a RTW size, right? we're not actually going to get measured and all that, yes? and you actually order and put in a deposit for items, as opposed to the poll influencing a future buy (and the normal free for all surrounding an NMWA drop ensuing)?
exactly, lol
million dollar move, 10 cent shot (he missed wide open set 3)
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