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You don't know how much your bonus is before you open the letter?
After two pages of the quoted St James pics, I'm afraid I still cannot say there's a remarkable difference between old and new. I mean, yes - I can see specific changes, but none of them look significant to me. But some people are commenting that there's a huge difference
I'd love it to be Anthony Cleverley, actually. I like the brand and my favorite stockists don't carry it anymore. If that cannot be done, then a good second option would be Stacy Adams
I missed the discussion where it was asserted that EG leather is worse in more recent years, but I disagree with that. IIRC my oldest pair of EG's are a pair of Chelseas I bought ~9 years ago. I bought Chelseas in a different color last year and both pairs look and wear the same, except for the obvious age and usage difference of course
Let's all enjoy the mental image of what these medical personnel do while you are sleeping in order to take the erect measurement
Btw, was this study based on self reported data? Because we'd need to factor in the men-are-lying-fucks effect Edit - re: piob's chart. I can see the methodology on otc's. Kudos to all you guys that spend your entire workday researching dicks on the Internet
Maybe we can do another study where we only survey greenfrogs
I totally missed that the length axis was expressed in cm. I thought it was inches and was like, WTF, I'm only 50th percentile??!
Did you disclose before joining the board that you didn't like Alex Morgan and were therefore un-American?
What's the deal with Batum anyway? I get he has a chronic wrist problem, which explains the poor shooting, but his value was mostly tied to doing everything else on the court. all his numbers are down
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