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What else do you kids talk about via PM 🍑🍆
Dude...we all know Edina. He poasts here too, you know
In that dream, were either of them eating your face?
You should bring them into your house and feed the adorable little critters. Maybe keep them overnight if it's cold outside
That's what the girls used to call Piob - Megasquirt Sadly that was before the prostate issues took their toll
Welcome to the club. We're just as douchy as BMW and Audi owners, but at least we're more interesting
Did something like this happen recently? I went to use the office microwave and a lady was there telling a friend that she dreamt her cats were eating her face
A friend was on the train that derailed in Hoboken - he's ok but really shaken and took the day off. Hope you NJ douches and your families are all ok
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