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fuck you guys, i remember when we used to play on peach baskets nailed to a pole (that's why they call it basket-ball, uh huh)
sorry to hear this.don't spend time worrying or feeling guilty about how you're dealing with this. we all cope with grief in different ways.
i was told it's 3 to 6 grand for a 5-6 year warranty on something like a five year old Mercedes AMG or Porsche
i saw those strat-o-matics at a sports memorabilia store once...is it like a statistical simulation on paper, or like the dinosaur version of fantasy baseball? it's hard to tell
would love to get an awesome car that has shit resale because of high maintenance/repair costs (like an AMG or a hi-po Jaguar), from CarMax, slap that warranty on it, and hoon around with a smug look
Injuries have really sucked a lot of excitement out of the early season. OKC is going to be unwatchable, I was really curious to see if Oladipo was going to make a jump but he broke his face, Washington looked interesting but got fucked by Beal's injury....did I miss anything? Oh, and Wade already tweaked something in his first game out
Hmm...it's definitely not the worst model they have by a long shot
Make sure you like Ed's post if you googled 'figging', just so we can keep track
Did Moo ever post the specific Panerai he's considering? Although I'm a panerai fan and even I can't say I saw a Ferrari model that didn't look horrible
I liked Ted. I enjoyed it so much that I got the plush toy. It talks and says the same things that he does in the movie.
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