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GC?! Or did you mean to type GF, who you're doing the full Monty with in your backyard
Headlights turn off automatically? What kind of weak shit is this?? Be a man and don't let that car do anything you don't tell it to!!
Dichotomy?? At least buy me a drink first!
The sweet spot, in all seriousness, is the GT4. The 997 GT3 can be a bit punishing as a DD (even though I DD'd mine for 18 months), and while the other 911's are great cars, they're not as special. The GT4 shoots the gap quite nicely
Let's see if Cary Grant gets his Audi fixed before GF gets his M3 back Sorry GF, that was kind of mean but I couldn't resist. Still luv u 😘
no no no no nonono. "action" is a verb these days. so you are not a "man of action". you are a "man who actions stuff"
I support your use of car keys. I too have stated my views about this "comfort access" ball sheet and would do so again if needed
Oh was that a quote? I saw the movie but it was kind of forgettable
It's because 4 years is the actual failure point. Last two BMW's I bought new had everything that would fail, fail in year 4. It was convenient for me at the time
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