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Ken, was your Cayman the 981? Do you mind comparing it to your F type? One of those two is likely going to be our next car and I'd appreciate a review from someone who's owned both
25 a month isn't even a grand in profit. Unless you have him already below invoice I can't believe they won't be calling later to meet your terms. And depending on holdbacks, below invoice isn't even a sticking point.
drummond isn't a rookie
so now that the regular season is over, we should revisit the predictions we made at the start of the season. in the preseason i predicted that this would be one of the worst rookie classes ever....... .....and i was SO SO right. omg. rookie of the year is MCW and the whole class is pointless after that. actually, strike that, MCW is rendered pointless as well because of this embarrassment of a Sixers season and it would serve this franchise right if all this...
What model? s63 coupe?
I think Blake brings a lot of this abuse down upon himself, but it's unbelievable how much of a leap forward he's taken. Dude is an all around beast and my pick as MVP if KD and Lebron got kidnapped to go play for the Monstars
Where's the stack of hundreds ?
Hiring movers isn't even that expensive
Re: women and moving, you guys just don't know the right women. My wife is super organized with moving and has everything boxed, shockproofed, categorized and packed to make for easy unpacking. My assistant is the same way, when we do office moves Or maybe I just surround myself with highly organized women...? (IBcomments that those are unicorns)
To feed to the zombies while you make your escape?
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