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It's likely just the weed. The real stoners that I've known growing up mostly had miserable life/family situations so they were stoned all the time to feel better about their lives.
Diaper guy is trolling you
They're actually quite useful when you really need them. My (stupid) coworker drove 200 miles on a flat one because she said she only trusted her dealer to change the tire. They held up. I feel it's one of those things when you get a flat in a dangerous place like the freeway, Liberty City, or a Waffle House parking lot, you'll be glad that you can stay mobile and not have to stop. But yeah, for the other 99.98% of your driving life it will fucking suck
Are they paying you $100 a piece to take those things off your hands? Then, it might be worth it. But I'm still not sure...lemme think about it and get back to you
The Brienne storyline confuses me Still hoping for an expedited Arya storyline. They already correctly diagnosed and excised the other suckiest plotlines
Ha, I called Kawhi as dpoy
the Ice Cube song?
I told you guys about my fantasy of plucking people's phones out of their hand while they're talking and attempting to break the world record for discus throw with them...
I think that sums up his entire career. Even Pierce, KG and Doc admitted that they had to use every motivational and bullying tactic on him to keep his head in the game. And it kind of worked for awhile.
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