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Someone dinged my car door. Second time on the same car this year Edit - I meant to post this in the "things that are pissing you off" thread. Don't know how I managed to post it here, but I guess it works too
drinking the milk left over in the bowl after you finish the cereal
That is an excellent premise for a sitcom
I kind of want one
Well, in fairness, most men do want to fuck you
Blame Disney. The girls all grew up wanting to be princesses. I grew up wanting to become Optimus prime
After a shocked silence they quickly wanted to talk about something else. That kid's gonna grow up to be a winner
I don't get it
That reminds me of when my sister dragged me along on a visit to a couple that she was friends with. While we were there, their little five year old acted out and was sent to his room. After he closed the door, we heard him say very clearly, "what the fuck?! Those mother fuckers". I burst out laughing.
Would you say that those metaphors get "baked in" to everyday usage?
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