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Is it time to bring up the time-honored SF answer here? Get both!
Are you getting LD to do your homework?
I don't like when people distract me. It makes weird things happen like leaving my phone in the refrigerator
hard to try something else when you've had a taste of Blackcock, though
love the GO Panomatic. I'll take the Lunar with gray face and grey suede strap. boom!
I do this fairly often. it's because the alcohol consumed in the lounge now wants to get out
Jordan III's are my favorite after the IV's. but i agree that they ran it into the ground.
Yes, the one in charge of the casting couch
No, the person I reported to ran the entire center, and I was the person who managed the staff functions for her - like training, QA, new product launches, etc. we had about 3000 people in the site.
I don't mind going to Epcot, as long as it's with the right people. Perfect excuse to go "country" by "country" and get smashed on the "local" alcoholic offerings
New Posts  All Forums: