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I have to say that anything that gets Stephen A Smith off the air is good with me
Have you driven the LFA? I tend to agree with the "not the prettiest" and "pricey" comments, but I don't know if it's boring to drive. It does sound nice
Appreciate the positive feedback, everyoneGrey to my eyes, but the antiquing brings out a lot of different shades and textures. I'm partially color blind, though, so I'm not the best person to ask these things
Coincidentally, I'm wearing my U caps in cloud today
I also think it's a rare man who buys his first expensive watch and actually sticks with a 'onewatch' philosophy. 99% of the time, that first watch is just the starting point. Re: box discussion, the Lange box is not all that impressive
At least IAt least I know who this one is....female lead in Deep Throat, amirite?
Just write the next fucking book, GRRM. This is your purpose in life
I'll pull a pB and ask: who the fuck are these people??!
The real question is, 70's bush or 00's clean shave?
Thanks Shaq!
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