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Z8 looks and sounds awesome. It's proven to be a really good investment too, at least so far. I have heard, however, that it's a pretty disappointing drive. But no personal experience
I only know winter as that time when the insufferable assholes from the northeast invade my peaceful little town
It's a blessing. The rest of us have to pay serious money (or sell our bodies) to achieve such a state
They look soft
It was 92F here today. Why are we so cursed?!
What the fuck is a cheroot
Seems like a lot of work when surprise buttseks works just as well
this is a good list. except for the Olds Aurora. i legit lol'ed when i scrolled to that. that car is a piece of shit. the funniest thing is that i had a co-worker who had one and was convinced that it was the greatest car on earth. couldn't stop talking about it and said that it was better than any BMW or Lexus. Prowler is pretty garbage too, and i bet those Maser and Alfa owners couldn't keep their cars on the road.i don't think i ever told this story but back in those...
I echo the previous recommendation to put it in her butt. She'll prolly not text you again. And if she sticks around....well you know you've got a keeper
Whaaaa? Corpses are not protected by HIPPA?!
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