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Was it ok at the end because you didn't get any action from either of them?
Wow, so that is ridiculous, overly complex to the point that no one is going to get it right, burdensome, and probably impossible to enforce. Lots of people will work more than 2 weeks of the year in another state. I'm not the most well traveled person, but I'm based in FL and have already exceeded 80 hours working in NY, AZ, and CA. By end of year I might also be there in UT and GA. And that doesn't include the ~2 weeks I spend in the UK, India, the Philippines and...
There are two...
I am neither a lawyer nor a lawyer dad, but coming to work one day in NY doesn't seem to be grounds for taxation, because I am neither residing not employed in that state. Would the same then apply to musicians, roadies, traveling salesmen, and people who hold conventions?
In hindsight (although perhaps not in the moment), I'm not surprised. In his prime, he always seemed to be slightly uncomfortable with the notion of hoisting the team on his back.
They look too much like velociraptor feet
ugh, she's awful. like a female Peyton Manning
i would slip her a different kind of tip if hot, if you take my meaning...
Me too. Everyone has to vent and I like doing it among the relative anonymity of e-friends. Bitching to people who know you can not only bite you in the ass later, but kind of feels like a bit of oh, look how important/busy/powerful I amNote: I'm a banker
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