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1.) great U.S. win in the World Cup 2.) Netflix streaming in 4K UHD
I think it's hilarious how the girls pretty much never dive in the WWC, but the macho South American men in the Copa swoon at the slightest contact...
LMA to Spurs....shit just got real
Wait....why would DJ leave the Clippers? This makes no sense whatsoever. The dude has all these gaudy stats because CP3 gets him the ball and everyone else has to pay attention to Blake in the paint. He thinks he's going to be Dirk's heir apparent when he can't create anything other than offensive/defensive rebounds by himself ? Either he's totally drinking his own kool aid or he must really hate CP3's personality I didn't begrudge him a max or near max contract if he...
Sounds like a girly cocktail
Matthews to Mavs, not Kings. Portland looks like it's all blown up
Nice. I was reading all this talk that they needed to trade Hibbert to get a decent backcourt player, but this is better for them
True. That deal may look downright reasonable after the cap rises. So Monroe's buying long term security at the cost of additional dollars...and playing in milwaukee
Hard to judge proportions from photos, but I estimate that's about a drop 4"
Is that the guy who played Screech in Saved by the Bell?
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