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Your office's version of HRoi seems quite rigid in his beliefs. People who are that stiff are usually hard to work with.
I find it useful for two things: 1. Keeping track of useful people 2. Mild amusement when people I know but no longer work with change jobs again Oh and I also get headhunted a lot on linked in. Nothing that inspires more than mild interest, but I feel like I should keep a presence because of FOMO
I don't get why random people "friend" you on linked in. I'm talking about people who you don't know and have no possible connection to you. I may have, however, accepted invites from women who looked smoking hot in their profile pics
Sure. A couple of layers of filters laid on...but for the most part yes. But only the people I'm friends with outside of work get the full treatment 💦🍆
I feel like every office should have an office HRoi. I would suggest this for my own office, but, well....they already have me
So half of your post telling me I'm wrong is a diatribe about how Lebron is a douche I'm perfectly willing to accept that you actually have team allegiances, but perhaps my misconception isn't because I haven't been paying attention, but because of what you constantly post about.
Thought you didn't really have a team and just hung around the sports threads to heap hatred on those athletes that you think are douches
This is shocking. I have never known you to be unsure about extra meat
Are you guys talking about drake
So what you're saying is, it's greater in Decatur?
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