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I don't have experience with middle America union poors, but the non union coastal poors that I grew up around were definitely not happier. Wealth doesn't cure misery but it's much better to be miserable rich than miserable poor
It amuses me that the name of the FEMA flood insurance reform law is the Biggert-Waters act. All acts of Congress must be this well named. For instance, I would like to see John Boehner and James Clyburn Works collaborate on an erectile dysfunction drug subsidy act and call it the Boehner-Works Act
That Mercedes Finn posted is a really nice looking truck. But I do hope they just call it the new M class instead of making up new nonsense
God dam, imagine if some players and a GM were plotting the way the Heat were in 2010...I'm too lazy to get a list of star FA's in those two years, but let's say Lebron and KD told the league, ok gaiz we're going to sign in (let's say) Washington with a maxed John Wall. Over the next year, whichever one of you superstars wants to be our fourth can sign another max contract and we'll try to find value and people who'd give a discount to chase a ring for the rest of our...
What's a dumb phone? A non Apple product?
Wait, are we confusing otc and indesertum with each other, again??
Lately I've noticed that people respond to "excuse me" with "you're fine!". What is this? Of course I'm fine! I just want to get something from the condiment table that your wide ass is completely blocking
I would hire him to curate my Japanese knife collection, if I had one
Kobe would be an awful analyst - he's too pathologically competitive and has too little social filters. It will be like listening to Jordan's HOF acceptance speech over and over. It has to be someone who's intelligent, studies the game very carefully (not that Kobe doesn't do this, but the above kinda supersedes), and is likeable and has a good sense of humor Someone like Shane Battier, Steve Nash or Tim Duncan
Draymond might be the second most valuable warrior after Curry (with apologies to Klay). His ability to defend everyone allows the Warriors to play small and fast and kill everyone with speed, spacing and shooting. Without him the West giants would just kill the Warriors inside. I have him and Kawhi as the top DPOY guys although it will probably go to AD
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