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I made a pledge to never bet on NBA again. Too much variability on the spreads and point shaving is so ridiculously easy and undetectable
I don't like Starbucks coffee either. A lot of people don't, actually
I think I'd endorse indesertum for GM before that Haralabos douche. Go make your millions gambling but stfu please
We also don't see pro wrestlers who look like an alcoholic Justin Bieber anymore. Ah the good old days
hey this Haralabos guy's so smart, maybe he should be coaching. uh huh.
ok, them too
i.e. who can line up an infinite supply of supermodels outside your hotel room door and suck you dry until you either die or sign (hi Dr. Buss!)
the quickest way to champion building is to find a way to have at least 2, preferably 3 of the very best players in the NBA on your team. it's not a sure thing by any means, of course (hello OKC!), but it's the cost of entry. or be the Spurs. but even the championship Spurs had two arguably top players in their winning seasons - either Robinson/Duncan or Duncan/Parker last 15 champions fit one of the above definitions except the 2011 Mavs, who i'm still not quite sure...
that's really nice, stitchosaurus. did you say you got it preowned? looks pretty damn near flawless in the pics
Google search for takis did turn this up:GF, you idiot, there are no Mexicans in Miami
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