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Wouldnt Conne be a better name?
It's actually true. We used the case in a truth in advertising class that our legal team taught Edit: lol, joak went over my head
I ain't got time for this jibba jabba
There are a lot of bimmer douches out there, me included, but GF is the only one that's more annoying when he doesn't have a bimmer
Naming a bitch after a bitch. I approve
That's a very interesting page you linked there...I find it interesting that he has about the same HOF prob as Amare, which sounds right (meaning they both shouldn't get in ), but...the raw number seems really high. But that's what you get sometimes with regression models, and sometimes it's best to take this stuff directionally - like if I take the active list as a rank order of who should get in, it makes more sense IMO than focusing on why so and so has this number.The...
^what does that even mean? Why would i hold a grudge against a player who was a role player on a team that (fairly) beat my team? Maybe I should hate Tiago Splitter too.... The less plausible explanation, of course, is that a career 15/9/1.5/1 guy might not clear the bar for HOF credentials. But no, it's all a vendetta! For the record, I actually like Shawn Marion. He's a real pro and a class act (he played for the Heat too), and was a big part of one of the most...
Might have to start a poal on who's better - the dude who had to take his shirt off to flex, or the dude who couldn't seem to get his car door open
Marion in the hall of fame? Lol
Arya is one of the characters for whom I have high hopes with the promised diversion from the books. [[SPOILER]]
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