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If I had a Murphy bed I would constantly be in fear that it would spring closed while I was on it, trapping me in the wall
I'm still totally shocked that guys who rank in the top .0000001% of the human population on agility and hand-eye coordination can't fall on a fucking ball and actually hold on to it. The Rams guy at the end was the funniest - it was him, the ball, and yards of green turf. He falls squarely on the ball, everything's good, and oops, it pops out just as everyone else gets there
I kinda liked him before but now I just want to taint punch him. I tried to listen to what he's saying and it doesn't even make sense. It's like he strung together all the folksy cliche phrases without bothering to form complete sentences
That and the Mcconaughy Lincoln ads are the most wildly irritating ads on US TV today.
hey, Dolphins won too! looks like we all happy today
so i've been vaguely aware that our (Florida's) AG is someone named Pam Bondi. had no idea what she looked like until she started running campaign ads - she's surprisingly smashable
Funny thing about grails - you finally get it, and another one appears almost immediately
You're right - it enhances the sports experience for most people, but it was becoming too much of a stressor for me. It wasn't fun anymore. Like in football I couldn't even watch the games, I was tracking every tenth of a point on an app. Plus, all my leagues are money leagues and despite me winning every 3-4 years or so, it's just become too much
I enjoy watching you guys spend money
I guess my last poast really belongs in the happy thread, but I jumped on the first steak discussion that I saw
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