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might want to look at how much a proper 964 restoration project costs....
Should have had the blue waffles, then you wouldn't have that problem
You call your taint an "occult"?
I suppose this could go in any of the sports threads, but this is the one I chose. Quality story from espn http://www.espn.com/espn/news/story?page=Mag15taoofpoo
You're gay for pB. Don't worry about it. It happens
I just stick the clutch. Then I squeeze three at your cherry M3
The quick answer is probably not. Especially as you grow comfortable with the clutch engagement point. I'd be more concerned about dings and scrapes
Sorry brother. Hope you get there in time to say goodbye
The Thai place loves GF because they get to charge him the hourly rub-n-tug rate for just 3 minutes of work
The Miami Heat do
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