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Dino, where do you live? There are enough EG retailers scattered around that you may be able to visit one to at least dial in your size and then order direct or from an e-tailer to get exactly what you want
I guess you call the police? Although I remember the days, not too long ago, where you could punch out a guy for being a disrespectful, disruptive asshole and you'd get applauded, not get in trouble
I don't fully agree, but I don't vehemently disagree either. Every woman looks different after makeup and photoshop, but Kate has a relatively huge variance compared to others. Even IRL, I'm sure we know lots of ladies who are just as lovely first thing in the morning and some that make you go...WTF??
Thanks, and you are exactly right! I had to fix my sleeve before taking the pic because it was caught under the watch
Thanks for feedback, guys
And I don't have substantative words to participate in mimo's case (hehe) study, so I decided to take a picture instead
The more "real" pics of Kate show that she's not a 10 by celebrity standards, but still someone who'll get plenty of attention if you met her in real life.
Leave booth alone, guys. Besides, if one of them is going to leave the other for another man, we all know it's not going to be her
Don't tell me you got a cashmere roadster for about 135 GBP :O
to be clear, I'm not saying Spain are the favorites either. the US still has the most talent, but then again, they always have. but yes, I am saying that they will have problems if Davis doesn't play well or can't stay on the floor. the Turkey game is a perfect example. the US can't rely on pass-dribble-jack contested shot offense. with Davis in the late game, and also Faried, they had a paint presence. ideally they have that paint presence plus a pick/roll and drive and...
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