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Yeah, it sold for about that much brand new
So I find myself in Home Depot today to buy floodlights. While perusing the lights, I see this kid's night light contraption that projects an image onto your bedroom wall. They had one that projects Superman, another for Spiderman, Disney Princesses, Nemo, and at least five different other things. Which brings me to what I don't get. THEY DIDNT HAVE BATMAN. Who the hell creates a lighted device that throws an image and not immediately think bat signal? Were these...
Are they moving back to LA?
Holy fuck, that was yours??! I wish i was in the market
The Dolphins - Vikings was pretty exciting Typical of the Dolphins to piss away a win, then somehow manage to win anyway, only to find out that the Steelers eliminated them anyway. Although I suppose this is progress - last season they simply pissed away wins and their playoff berth
Whenever I read something attributed to Ripper Owens, it always sets me to pondering, "who the fuck is Ripper Owens??'!"
Did she make you have the seks while wearing the sweater? I need this info before bidding, please. (Will bid higher if the answer is yes)
Found out through social media that a friend of mine gave birth (by scheduled c-section) last Dec 14th. WTF?? Who passes up the opportunity to give their child a birthday of 12-13-14?? I feel so bad for that kid
Jack in the Box has the distinction of being one of the only, if not the only restaurants that have brought about widespread safety legislation in the US food industry. Of course, they did this by killing people with E. coli bacteria from their food, but they still caused the changes!!
I agree, but even allowing for this no one looks really good. Although we haven't seen enough of Embiid and Exum.Mirotic's best quality is his beard
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