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I can't believe you guys let a pair of suede Jermyn III's sit out there unattended... Oh and someone please tell me those sold out St Crepin 2009's weren't available in 8.5 or 9. I've been looking for those since....well, 2009
Who has reasonable expectations for what people would pay for his junk heap
What kind of court would appoint you to get double penetrated ? Is this because you represent sex offenders?
He did earn the unofficial title of Master Debater from his law school class
I thought something similar
So you like your beef creamed, huh
Sounds like an ex GreenFrog
Saw this guy and he made me think of GF
Only the mighty Lakers stand between the Warriors and history. I'm on the edge of my seat
Kid moves well and already has great skills. And that's with a teenager body that has zero muscle mass. I'm intrigued. It's funny to see New Yorkers flip out over him because I am absolutely certain these were the same people who booed and cursed him on draft day
New Posts  All Forums: