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Those are some nice forking forks
I like the opulence of the interior, but styling is disappointing. After the success of the Mustang reboot, Ford should have followed the same formula and made the new Continental evoke the '64
Used shitty mattress = every night I lie in my friend's DNA. The piss is the least of your problems
Is Greg going to give you away?
If I were invited, I would promise to wear me Formosa
Subscribed. You better not, leave, again, you fuck
Congrats unbel!!!
And to inexplicably, carry around a baseball bat during YouTube videos... Speaking of Simmons, I read his NBA trade value column. It was ok until he got to the Kyrie Irving section and went on this nonsensical rant where he name-dropped every NBA hall of famer that he worked with and how they all made him a "better NBA analyst". Dude, GTFO of here. Your whole shtick as "the sports guy" was this independent guy who wasn't afraid to wear his fandom on his sleeve and deliver...
On a Bill Simmons - managed website. Boom!
Oh man, JJ Redick I read an interview a few years back where he completely came clean that he pretty much deliberately set out to infuriate an entire nation, and did it extremely well. Dude is one of the most successful trolls in history.
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