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Poor Russy is marooned on Kawhi island. And it sucks to visit there
Wait wat. No crazy people at a convenience store??
He was a very good college coach. Doesn't always translate to the pros, but I figured it wasn't possible to be shittier than Scotty "One Play" Brooks, hence the crack about OkC getting a "real coach"
That was made for you
You suck GF. There actually is an e-business called Pen Island that makes bespoke pens. Their web URL is the obvious joke that you could have made. But maybe Penis Island is on your bookmarks so that's what you went for. Another fun one is www.therapist.com
I had to look that up to make sure it wasn't a joke Heat live to fight another day. Game 7 with the Hornets...sheesh.
Tater?! I hardly knew her!!
I suspect it is. No contact info left, unfortunately.
Someone replied to 75% of my Instagram feed with I WANT HARD SEX 💖 🍑 FUCK ME TO MY SWEET ASS 👉👌
On the bright side, he gets to come to Miami. It's much harder to get drugs down here
New Posts  All Forums: