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Was there a lot of hype on these? I picked up a pair because I liked how they looked, maybe I just got lucky and didn't have too much trouble finding them
It was just shorthand for that family generation. I didn't want to type E90 for the sedan, E92 for the coupe, and E93 for the convertibleBut now you made me do it anyway
E9x M3 is a ton of car for $30k. They've been fairly reliable too AFAIK
I enjoyed reading the TB Facebook posts. It's actually quite refreshing to see a well-reasoned athlete response to a controversy (100% lawyer written or no) as opposed to the standard lame excuses and bullshit But what was more refreshing is to watch him choke a little bit as he sucks it. Suck it, Brady!
Suck it Brady!! (Are they playing the Dolphins in one of those four games?)
I am overcaffeinated. I feel like trying to see if I can punch through this wall
Birdman's colon vs Mouse's colon?
I read "grass-fed unsalted butter" and immediately wrote the author off as a douchebag
Maybe their body clocks have become synchronized, you know, like how two chicks who are BFF's start having their periods at the same time
I actually have never heard of anyone putting butter in their coffee. I was just playing along to feel included
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