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Don't you guys have anything better to do on a Friday night than talk about Piob's nuts?
I bet you guys enthusiastically agreed to boiled peanuts because you misheard it as "bald penis"
Well, why'd you pick now to start erasing terrible poasts
I think my alcohol tolerance may be deteriorating
Is it really pink, or is there something about Denmarkian computers where everything comes out pink
I would. He's better. Also, Cousins, Drummond, LMA if he qualifies. Maaaybe even Whiteside
It's definitely Google making its move for world domination. I had my car wrapped with a paint protection film two weeks ago and since then their ads have been on every website. I did all my business with them through phone referral and in person, and have never visited their website
Found a last minute deal for one of the great hotels in Palm Beach so off we go! And then it's Naples (FL not Italy) on Sunday and mem day
oh, you should hear those snotty 930 drivers when they see me roll by. "red mirrors? yellow brakes? Ferry would be turning over in his grave!"
uuugh...this is why air cooled drivers hate the nouveau riche water cooled set
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