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ah, so we're finally going to see an item made out of the skin of an animal that was the love child of a Metta Catherina Russian reindeer and an Hermes croc, that was raised by a Loro Piana vicuna after it was orphaned
come on, you must be trolling me. Eeyore is a mainstay of American television and literary culture. it's not some alternate hipster circlejerking subculture thing like, say, Interpol
aaaaand....i'm out
interested if measurements work out
I am on a two hour conference call where the main presenter sounds exactly like Eeyore. The tone, pace and sadness in his voice is 100% spot on. I've been alternating between uncontrollable urges to laugh hysterically and scream
Looks like my back seat the morning after prom night
I did the same thing as a kid, except replace "headphone listening" with "jerking off"
The only thing that could make that story better is if some of those cats weren't neutered and by the time your client could recover them, there'd be 64 cats
If that's an American product, I have to applaud the double/confused cultural appropriation
Me either. I thought about doing something in Nike ID before I remember that I suck at designing shoes. Is there going to be a gyakusou f/w?
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