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Which always happens when there is a stiff demand for something
I used to work for a company that supplied SoCal car dealers in the late 90's. Not naming names, but the Lexus dealers would take their $40k "loaded Camrys" and pay someone a couple of hundred bucks to do some kind of alchemy with wands and an electric current that turned the emblems and chrome stripping to a gold color. Bam! $2000 luxury gold option! Another thing that distinguished the early ES from a Camry was the two tone paint job. Which again had its drawbacks...
Hmm, now that you mention it, it would be cool to have a hovercraft toy. Can one of you buy me one for Christmas?
Lots of dick eating going around. Do we have enough of a dick supply. I hope we don't end up with a dick shortage
Did you go to Marquette?
I don't know why I find this whole conversation so funny, but I am legit LOL'ing right now
Well if you're down for MH71 then we've got 2
ah yes
i might be as well, if it's a textured leather like hatch, not suede, and MH71. what happened to lizard??
Jimmy Butler has the exact same expression as my older cousin's friend who was constantly out of his mind on various substances...
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