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Depends on the kind of friends or colleagues you have. I happily pick up the entire check if I'm with a group I know will reciprocate in the future. Doesn't even matter if the free meal I get in the future is equal value. With One group of friends I have, I cant even collect cash because everyone rounds up so much that by the time it gets to me, I have more than enough money to cover the tab without putting in a penny. Another group either asks the restaurant to split...
So you should pay for the whole table then
Buying a 911 hardly qualifies as something "rash" in my book
No but I noticed that DL'ers can't stop fucking talking about their DL's
A person from Chequeoslovakia?
My eyes bled a bit when I read "hella facts"
He plays the comedic role of straight man, but is quietly hilarious in his own right. He's the best
Why does Steak 'n Shake not have any steak ?!
Yeah but the Patriots are the worst.
On the older Mercedes, I think the sweet spot of the pre-DC, overengineered to the point of near indestructability Benzes is the W124, with the model to get being the 500e, obviously. One might say they're not as charming as their predecessors, but they have the best tech, and the most solidly built. On the 993 - greatest generation of the 911. That's all I have to say
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