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Sounds like a good cheating app
Could have been defective fireworks. I've lit quite a few of those that go off immediately or too soon....or the wick falls off but a spark ignites it anyway....or the wick burns down but there's a delay before it goes boom.... I've always lit fireworks with something like a gas grille lighter, so I also still have all 9 of my fingers...
Blue and green
You know who's going to get bad karma? The guy who thought it would be a good idea to remove two colors from Trix cereal. Why aren't more poasts being devoted to this injustice??!
What the fuck is cyber dust??
Hey if you don't agree that the Minnesota dentist is a piece of shit, here's another piece of shit to get pissed off about: http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/31/us/montana-good-samaritans-shooting-death/index.html
I only scanned this, but my takeaway is that you had to move out of your current place because you got a handjob from your neighbor and got herpes and a testicular infectionDid you mean to post this in the "things that are pissing you off" thread?
My favorite parts are the fans mooning and doing dick helicopters for the riders and the cameras
Congrats on getting out with your sanity (presumably)
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