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I hate when I email one of my direct reports (who I forget is out of the office) and get an out of office message asking me to, "if this is urgent, please contact HRoi"
You're referring to man milk, amirite??
I had a grilled cheese sandwich on Saturday and the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted to add some Black Forest ham to the sandwich. I did, but felt compelled to mention that it was now a ham and cheese sandwich
I noticed recently that they never actually grill grilled cheese sandwiches
I'm using the definition of the word "driver". No, they aren't great daily grocery getters or kid transporters.
Porsches are great daily drivers.
Quit fantasy football. That cruel, capricious mistress But in case you won't - Miller is a steal as a 5-6 rounder for a clear RB1. I say he outperforms that draft position but he won't be lightning in a bottle. He's somewhat of a plodder and the Dolphins o-line is a mess
My former, now-retired boss used to say that. It drove me nuts
Where are mine?
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