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Dear TS, need your help on the following. I am considering buying these Persols I am looking for shades that are 1) wayfarer styled (owned a RB2140 but lens quality was bad) , 2) polarized and 3) lens made out of glass instead of plastics. The Persol vocabulary is really confusing, i.e. does ''polar green" mean that the lens is polarized? And is a "chrystal" lens made out of glass instead of...
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Nomos finally got round to making the watch I've been hoping for ever since the original Club was released. Nice. Is it the 40mm version? Any pictures of the movement?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - & the new & lighter one BIG brother! Yes, (too?) big indeed. Shame about the Tom Cruise badge on the side and the silly secondshand. Nice buffalo(?)-strap! I really like the 3705 en 3786 ceramic fliegers .
My old and trusty Flieger:
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