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what color is it?
don't know how attach pics!
Hey guys I have a Blue Corneliani suit w/thin pinstripes. Can I wear a yellow shirt w/bolder pinstripes with it? Can I wear Pinstripes w/ pinstripes? Open collar. what say you? fred
Quote: Originally Posted by beasty Just give it a rest and don’t be a baby OK. I have already tried to be conciliatory but you insist on being involved in this pissing contest. If you insist you have a better body, so be it, although I don’t know what is your criteria for a better body. But having seen your pic, I know my body is better. But your fragile male ego would probably never accept it. BTW what is Bachelors in Exercise Science? Is...
Pm'd on Turnbull & Asser Dress Shirt 15.5 39
Got The Lanvin and it is beautiful!! fast shipping too> A+
pm'd again
Somebody please tell me what the big deal with incotex is. I have bought 2 pairs and they never fit! They always seem to run two sizes smaller. Why can't this company just make a true fit?
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