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cheers dude, really appreciated the reply. as it turns out, i'm a 10 minute walk down the road hyde park is beautiful
Hi all. I've got another day left in my London trip. I'm from Australia (Brisbane) I've been wandering around the shops here looking at various things. I've got about 350GBP left to spend. I've got another 8kg of luggage spare. I figured I might as well spend it on some new clothes. Looking for low - middle range stuff, more bang for buck. Been targeting zara, H&M, tj maxx, etc. been trying to read up as many of the threads on london as possible, but am running out of...
probably better off realising that it's more than likely going to happen again. maybe some anal bleaching and tinted moisturiser so you don't blush whilst the doc prods away at your prostate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I don't have a problem sleeping, but I think may have mild depression or dysthymia or some shit like that. protip: doctor > mum. punch her in the ovaries for me. that said, sincerely wishing you all the best. i'd seriously recommend seeing your GP and having a chat. remember that in general, non-drug therapies are equally as efficacious as drugs, and that (at least in australia) GPs can refer you to...
i'm assuming you're talking about juvenile RA? as that's a slightly different beastie than RA diagnosed in later life. it used to be a seriously crippling /deforming disease. with the new DMARDS (disease modifying antirheumatic drugs) patient outcomes are insanely better. it's an area that some serious progression has been made and is being made, so you're best bet is to talk to a rheumatologist if possible, as they'll be the most up to date with the particular sub-type...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis The lighter the weight and more reps, the more toned you'll get. The more weight you use, the more buff you'll get. So if you want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, you should start off with 6x400 reps of 10lb barbell curls, move on to 5x250 reps of 15lb bench presses, and then 3x100 reps of 20lb squats. Finish off with a 3 hour brisk walk on the treadmill. i thought you were serious at first
why use soap in the first place?
1) go to a better gym. 2) buy a cheap home gym setup (my choice. paid $500AUD for a squat cage, 150kg weights, bench, dumbells, barbells. so damn good not having to que, drive to the gym, workout in what you want, listening to what you want, watching tv, blah blah blah. why pay for gym membership when slightly more buys you a simple setup?) 3) do some lame bodyweight workout 4) give up. choose one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Azure Not a bipolar but a depressive. I´m taking lithium by prescription. I had 0.0 in blood!! Is any of you taking too? Thanks do you mean you're taking it for just depression? or throughout depressive episodes resulting from bipolar? if it's option A, i sure hope it's as an adjunct to some other antidepressant, and that other antiDs have been trialed before moving to lithium.
weight training for 9 years. bachelor of science in biomed final year of medicine quite interested in sports med i think i've learnt more about fitness / training from my personal interest leading me to read decent journals / articles than from any certified course / degree. if anything it's made me realise how insignificant my knowledge is compared to a sports med physician.
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