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Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike Was it really necessary to bump all of his threads to prove a point? Yer pretty smart. Nobody else gets it. They're calling for MY ban
Quote: Originally Posted by chl Does anyone know where I can buy some Incotex
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas ^Oh, so you're just being a dickhead? My vote is for an immediate IP ban. Your vote is worth what around here? Yeah. You guys are a bit dense. The question you should ask yourself is why does the OP of those threads have a dozen separate threads selling the same stuff? That is my point. SO BUMP
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl You deserve a banning for that that epic bump... You have missed the point entirely. bump
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Read the rules on bumping FS threads. Bump. You do you realize I'm not the OP of those threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday How's it different than what Canoner's been doing for a while now? Dizzle Hizzle knowzs whatz my intizzle. BUMPIZZLE
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Looks like Rebenga is the guilty party, I'll go flag a few of them if you haven't already. How's that? I'm just bumping. Bump.
I loved bumper cars as a child. BIZZUMP
bump bumpbumpbump bump bump bumpbumpbump bump *to the tune of Flight of Valkyries
Brah. Free bump.
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