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If anyone is on the lookout for selvedge Dior denim, I was at the Beverly Hills boutique today and they have it as part of this season. It's washed / treated somehow, but not excessively worn / faded. Price is $900.
New RAF S/S 2015. Is this the long-awaited RAF x Pokemon collab?
I've never seen that DH Japan tag either, but I'm sure they're legit if they're from Yoox. How were they labeled on Yoox? Any mention of the Japan status?
Luisaviaroma is taking forever to restock Dior denim. I bought a pair there two years ago and the service / price was good. Anyone else know an online seller? Looking for 19cm under my car or jake in size 32.
SNS Herning differential cardigan. This sweater is heavy as hell... I love it!
Rick M&M's from the Paris store. (This is not my photo, I saved it from some other thread about a year ago.)
I've been enjoying Naked and Famous denim for the past four years or so. Here's a little tour of what I've currently got in rotation. This was the first pair I bought, called Indigo Selvedge. The crotch has been repaired on these, and they're starting to look properly beat up. Fun fact: the tag used to be cloth, not paper. (I don't care about the tag, just commenting on a cost-saving production measure.) I've been wearing these a few months, they're the Dirty Fade...
Well, they do look a lot nicer than Nikes
I just picked up a pair of Margiela GAT's in classic white / grey. I went for the 42.5 size, since I wear 9.5 in some shoes and 10 in others. I'm happy to report they fit perfectly. I like the elastic that holds the tongue in place. Other than that, they're just a regular pair of shoes. As an aside, does anybody know the deal with Margiela and half-sizing? A lot of the European stores seem to have the full run of shoes in half sizes each season, but Margiela doesn't even...
I used to own the 5-Zip in black, I currently own the Stooges. I think the Stooges is a far better looking jacket, more classic. Plus, dark navy is a bad colour for leather. So close to black, but not quite black.
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