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I used to own the 5-Zip in black, I currently own the Stooges. I think the Stooges is a far better looking jacket, more classic. Plus, dark navy is a bad colour for leather. So close to black, but not quite black.
I've been checked out of the baller sneaker game for almost a year. Can someone recommend the best place to order a pair of white / grey Margiela low-top GAT's? Thanks! (Edit: Specifically looking for size 43)
I always thought this Snakeskin Stooges was awesome.
Agreed, I don't get the Rebok-looking Lanvins (or the Rebok-looking other brands for that matter, Raf Simmons etc.) It's like these designers are putting out a no-style shoe that's totally inappropriate to wear anywhere but the gym, but people will wear them since they paid a ton. Kooky.
I love these high tops! They're my favourite shoes ever released by Margiela. They're from the spring / summer 2011 collection. I just don't wear high tops anymore, so I'm going to pass them on to someone who can enjoy them. Any questions, feel free to ask! Update: These are now for auction, which ends tomorrow http://www.ebay.com/itm/290918540137?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Does anyone know where to buy the rainbow thread denim online? I want to get a pair!
I bought the new N&F Soft Raw's last week, in the slimguy fit, and I'm loving them. I also tried on the thermochromatic jeans and they're neat, but they're sized pretty small. For me, not quite worth the $240 at the moment. I would buy a bigger size if you're ordering them online.
What is the deal with the thermochromatic jeans? I saw them in the pic of all the new styles, but have a few questions. a) When are they hitting stores? b) How much are they? c) Are there any videos of them doing their thing? We lovers of wacky jeans need that info!
I've been wearing my Rick Owens Stooges jacket for about two months, and I have been getting loads of compliments on it. Just today, I was at a shop buying chocolate and the woman behind the counter reached out an touched my jacket, saying "Oh, it looks so soft." She literally could not keep her hands off it. I never got compliments like this on any previous jackets I've owned. Is there something magical about my Rick Owens compliment-getting leather? Are people just so...
Update: After 4 days of wear, both the heels are falling off my H&MMMM black side zips. These things are shitty! They look nice, but what's the point if they disintegrate as soon as a foot goes into them? Do real MMM boots fall apart this fast? Should I pick up a pair of the mainline boots for higher quality? Or just take these to a shoe repair place? Damn it H&M, I trusted you. This is why we can't have nice things.
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