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SNS Herning differential cardigan. This sweater is heavy as hell... I love it!
Rick M&M's from the Paris store. (This is not my photo, I saved it from some other thread about a year ago.)
I've been enjoying Naked and Famous denim for the past four years or so. Here's a little tour of what I've currently got in rotation. This was the first pair I bought, called Indigo Selvedge. The crotch has been repaired on these, and they're starting to look properly beat up. Fun fact: the tag used to be cloth, not paper. (I don't care about the tag, just commenting on a cost-saving production measure.) I've been wearing these a few months, they're the Dirty Fade...
Well, they do look a lot nicer than Nikes
I just picked up a pair of Margiela GAT's in classic white / grey. I went for the 42.5 size, since I wear 9.5 in some shoes and 10 in others. I'm happy to report they fit perfectly. I like the elastic that holds the tongue in place. Other than that, they're just a regular pair of shoes. As an aside, does anybody know the deal with Margiela and half-sizing? A lot of the European stores seem to have the full run of shoes in half sizes each season, but Margiela doesn't even...
I used to own the 5-Zip in black, I currently own the Stooges. I think the Stooges is a far better looking jacket, more classic. Plus, dark navy is a bad colour for leather. So close to black, but not quite black.
I've been checked out of the baller sneaker game for almost a year. Can someone recommend the best place to order a pair of white / grey Margiela low-top GAT's? Thanks! (Edit: Specifically looking for size 43)
I always thought this Snakeskin Stooges was awesome.
Agreed, I don't get the Rebok-looking Lanvins (or the Rebok-looking other brands for that matter, Raf Simmons etc.) It's like these designers are putting out a no-style shoe that's totally inappropriate to wear anywhere but the gym, but people will wear them since they paid a ton. Kooky.
I love these high tops! They're my favourite shoes ever released by Margiela. They're from the spring / summer 2011 collection. I just don't wear high tops anymore, so I'm going to pass them on to someone who can enjoy them. Any questions, feel free to ask! Update: These are now for auction, which ends tomorrow http://www.ebay.com/itm/290918540137?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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