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Ralph Lauren, Calzedonia, MTM green chino. looking forward to trying your socks!
in a moment of rashness i went for these, partly in white suede, from Ralph Lauren. hope they last the summer...
I just bought Floris Amaryllis as a gift, it is a very nice perfume. I could use some suggestions/ thoughts on everyone's favourite scent for the office is. I'm thinking of picking up some Penhaligon Sartorial
I just purchased a 100% cashmere dark blue Sulka blazer with an incredibly soft drape, which doesn't need alterations. I'm extremely pleased with myself.
To name five things that will help you conquer the world: A pair of cordovan shoes, a blue blazer, a sterling silver hipflask, a great pair of cufflinks, and a leather weekend bag.
I particularly like Blair's three button cuff, Rupert Murdoch's tie, Hugh Grant's blue on blue on blue, and how Jay QC can't dress to save his life despite living in a suit for 30 years
message me and i'll see what i can do, no promises though!
just leave your jacket hanging up in your office and put it on when you get inside
this is all that matters
Yeah there was a lot of back and forth with my tailor about the length. Because of the quality of the cashmere I had to pay quite a bit more for the extra inches. I like how dramatic it looks but when I first started wearing it I got it caught in every cab door for about a week! Also a lot of cloak room hangers are too low meaning it drapes on the floor. Not the most practical but especially warm and I would highly recommend going for it.
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