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Or come find me and I'll boost you in.Lo Pan - I stumbled into Lo Pan - the bar for Dailo down the street from Sidecar. I had the big mac bao, the spring roll with the smoked meat and mate of mine had another big mac bao and the beef short rib. He loved the beef ribs. Spring rolls were okay - not too impressed. Big mac bao - it does not looking anything like McDonald's but if you remember the taste and the texture of the shredded lettuce, somehow it's able to evoke the...
Swatow? Paul?Boots n bourbon? I was a supporter of things on the east end. Bero, Bistro 896, Swirl, except they all closed. Are Kingyo or zakkushi east?Yes. I believe it is a bit down the street from Balzac's.
I haven't been going enough lately to justify a thread by itself. After the four figures spent at For Your Eyes Only I stopped.That's the month I spend avoiding restaurants that feature it. Eating crème brulee created in a Toronto factory somewhere served by every other participating establishments isn't something I fancy. If you're financially challenged and you just want to see decor in Auberge or Splendido for the décor, I can see the rationale but assembly line prix...
A few years ago I went to a restaurant called Culinaria - it's staffed by students of a chef school. It's the usual white table cloth European style fare. Still close enough for you I hope.The airport district is unfortunately better known for the high mileage strip clubs.
In truth, there aren't any. There's a half decent Chinese restaurant hiding in a nearby Doubletree airport hotel - Grand Chinese Cuisine. If you're willing to venture even a little farther, there are other options if Chinese is not your favourite.
Lucien is closed now. There is an Olde town oyster bar in its place. Rumour on the restaurant circuit they are just serving out their lease. Que supper club opened and closed in six weeks. I wonder how much money those owners sunk in that disaster.
Four time consecutive champion. One more and he matches the other German?
My father didn't want anywhere too posh so I took them to Tundra since it was closest to Roy Thomson not called Note Bene. The menu looked nice but the entrees were not. Even after the renovation, the service is a hit or miss - I'm the only one ordering wine and you forgot my wine order out of four people? And the food was uninspired to say the least. I did get an opera discount even though I was going to the symphony. I tried Zakkushi last week. I guess a sign of...
Speaking of food poisoning I was doing oysters and raw salmon at The Chase Fish & Oyster downstairs. It's either that or the dodgy shrimp cocktail I had at Far Niente. Anyway, I'm all better now. I finally made it to Guu Izakaya with a mate of mine. He is a Japanese-phile as in he can speak accent-less Japanese so he enjoyed it quite a bit. We sat the cooking bar. Don't sit there. It's noisy and if you're next to the till it's so busy. We were cut off from alcohol...
Alright mate
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