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You have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
Only metros
You fat. Sorry, just had to say this. In reality, RLBL may not work for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU I know you won't like this answer, but wait a year or so and then go get a suit/shoes/shirt and stuff. Maybe now just buy a Banana Republic or HM suit. It will be fairly cheap, fit decently and you won't be sad later if you change size/style/etc. I don't know your lifestyle, but a Freshman in college doesn't need anything fancy and in fact, it is almost always a mistake to buy these kinds of things before they are...
The weight gain is due to excess food intake (beer) on top of your normal routine. You are going to need to excercise a bit more to maintain your weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by kirkbross I always get the large size Big head? Sorry, just had to do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SlamMan I cruised the B&S forum and didn't see anything that wasn't long sold in 40s unless I missed something. The suit I was interested in was a gray stripe with peak lapel. A fairly basic piece. I'm not opposed to buying at 30% off. Just wanted to make sure they couldn't be found regularly at 50% off. I am a 40R/40S (basically 40s is trendy on me, and a slightly altered 40R is more business like on me). Size...
You a metrosexual?
Unusal weightloss = seek medical help?
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel I dont mind monograms. I would have my initials on the bottom right part of the shirt rather than the chest. I also dont see the big deal with the little horse being on the shirt. Just like some get obsessed about showing the name brand, some people get obsessed with not showing it. A little logo isnt flashy to me. It gets out of hand when the name is written or the logo is gigantic. So you aren't into...
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