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Rare fail (along with most fits that had that brown Raf parachute jacket).
At If. You reminded me how much I want a pair of Guidi backzips, .
tagutcow, do you have a picture of yourself from pre-SF? I would bet you look better than now. I saw Lane, Uncontrol, and his GF this weekend. It's weird recognizing people from the internet...especially that bunch. Felt like spotting Pokemon or something. I didn't really comprehend Uncontrol as existing in real life. edit: Hendrix, listen to Otter. Seriously.
I bought these used off of someone else on SF a few years ago. Only wore them myself a handful of times. I'm too lazy to ship, but I want them out of my house. Local NYC pick-up; will sell for best offer...hoping to get around $150. Thanks!
God no, I can barely cook a plate of pasta. Browsing this thread makes me realize I need to seriously start learning how to cook. Some of you are incredible.It was part of a 40 course lunch at El Bulli. Crazy, great experience. But no, like many of the courses it was not particularly tasty, just theatrical.
Caviar with hazelnut cream / hazelnut caviar with caviar cream.
that red leather was so awesome. I think the full cut of those ann pants throws off all the fits you just posted. One of your very rare fails imo. Dont like the lab coat here, but I can see it being pretty cool in a different outfit.
Interesting company, never heard of it before: Article check out denimblog.com (which merged with honestforum) or headfi for other forums running Huddler. Hope they don't crank up the flashiness / advertising too much. Always wondered how much a site like this makes..
I stupidly sent my beloved TOJ1 (or whatever the reversible one is) to the dry cleaner, and now the cream leather sleeves feel all gross and dry. Any suggestions on fixing? I assume some kind of conditioner might help...? Also picked up an english DR on B&S and it's badass.
http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/item10066433.aspx MMM feather shirt. Liked it in person, but maybe I was out of it cause it looks terrible on this site...
New Posts  All Forums: