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At If. You reminded me how much I want a pair of Guidi backzips, .
tagutcow, do you have a picture of yourself from pre-SF? I would bet you look better than now. I saw Lane, Uncontrol, and his GF this weekend. It's weird recognizing people from the internet...especially that bunch. Felt like spotting Pokemon or something. I didn't really comprehend Uncontrol as existing in real life. edit: Hendrix, listen to Otter. Seriously.
I bought these used off of someone else on SF a few years ago. Only wore them myself a handful of times. I'm too lazy to ship, but I want them out of my house. Local NYC pick-up; will sell for best offer...hoping to get around $150. Thanks!
God no, I can barely cook a plate of pasta. Browsing this thread makes me realize I need to seriously start learning how to cook. Some of you are incredible.It was part of a 40 course lunch at El Bulli. Crazy, great experience. But no, like many of the courses it was not particularly tasty, just theatrical.
Caviar with hazelnut cream / hazelnut caviar with caviar cream.
that red leather was so awesome. I think the full cut of those ann pants throws off all the fits you just posted. One of your very rare fails imo. Dont like the lab coat here, but I can see it being pretty cool in a different outfit.
Interesting company, never heard of it before: Article check out denimblog.com (which merged with honestforum) or headfi for other forums running Huddler. Hope they don't crank up the flashiness / advertising too much. Always wondered how much a site like this makes..
I stupidly sent my beloved TOJ1 (or whatever the reversible one is) to the dry cleaner, and now the cream leather sleeves feel all gross and dry. Any suggestions on fixing? I assume some kind of conditioner might help...? Also picked up an english DR on B&S and it's badass.
http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/item10066433.aspx MMM feather shirt. Liked it in person, but maybe I was out of it cause it looks terrible on this site...
no hate, but I can't for the life of me understand all the love ar6 gets. Most of his fits, including the latest, don't look that good. His lanvins never look good (sq4you wears them much better). I hate that yigal jacket, etc. Am I really the only one? Preacher hat fit was awesome though...wish I could pull that off.
New Posts  All Forums: