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Not worth $650.
Drew, for someone as internet savvy as you, you're missing something real simple: Don't feed the troll. As long as you keep engaging, he won't stop. Just ignore him like the rest of us.
rick sweater rick cons
yay.throat closure looks good.get rid of wrist toggles.not that im buying one, so ignore me, but my 2 cents. (my TOJ fishtail > duffel, )
It's the Mollino. It looks fine unzipped, nothing like a fencing.I've tried the combo in person. Honestly, it's what you would think it looks like based on the picture. In my opinion, it might be cool if it was suppppper cheap, but if you're going to spend that kind of cash on a leather, I'd want a normal black leather, not some bizarre mashup jacket.I own a black kangaroo mollino and love it.
Yeah, a M is probably best.
Not my thing, but great job on the sizing, looks perfect.
1) Yes, they are comfortable.2) As with any brand, the fit depends on the person. For me, they fit perfectly.3) You like what you like. It's a particular aesthetic, if you don't like it, don't force yourself to buy it.
That's exactly what I was thinking of doing....(and probably selling my black 2010 to finance it).Are you still planning on posting pics of the colors?Anybody have a link to the red TOJ he compared it to? I can only find Aeglus'.
I'm 6' 2", ~175 lbs. Also generally wear large/mediums/48-50.I have a Medium Stooges. Large would be much too big.Depending on the Rick model I take a medium or large.
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