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When did you last try them and in what leather? I was in the same boat as you, having previously tried 46's that I could barely get on - not sure what leather (maybe stiffer donkey?).Recently bought a pair of 46 backzips that fit muchhh better. Still worried they are a hair small (toebox feels low, hoping it will stretch), but they slip on easily.
where do you order from? how much if you dont mind sharing?
No one wants you to shut up, please keep posting these updates. And add pictures!
going to stock sizes is a good move. ppl get too anxious over custom sizing and 95% dont need it.
...but it's still 10% squeaky? like noticeably?Whatever, pretty sure I need one in my life.
So after the lotion the squeaking goes away? I can deal with pain, but do not want a squeaky jacket.
Haha, just watched the trailer and thought the same thing.
What is with Koreans and peace signs and other hand signals in every photo? Looks retarded.
MA+ Cross Stitch. This one: anyone know if it's possible to change my username by the way? How did JD_May do that?
TOJ Rick Attachment (yes, I need to pull my pants up...I can never find t-shirts long enough, ) MMM
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