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No one wants you to shut up, please keep posting these updates. And add pictures!
going to stock sizes is a good move. ppl get too anxious over custom sizing and 95% dont need it.
...but it's still 10% squeaky? like noticeably?Whatever, pretty sure I need one in my life.
So after the lotion the squeaking goes away? I can deal with pain, but do not want a squeaky jacket.
Haha, just watched the trailer and thought the same thing.
What is with Koreans and peace signs and other hand signals in every photo? Looks retarded.
MA+ Cross Stitch. This one:http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/127658-fs-ma-cross-stitch-belt/edit: anyone know if it's possible to change my username by the way? How did JD_May do that?
TOJ Rick Attachment (yes, I need to pull my pants up...I can never find t-shirts long enough, ) MMM
Not worth $650.
Drew, for someone as internet savvy as you, you're missing something real simple: Don't feed the troll. As long as you keep engaging, he won't stop. Just ignore him like the rest of us.
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