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backzip in a 46 is gone. they still have the derby. Do you know what leather it is? The SA I called could only say "suede". Thanks
Now I'm confused. I thought 988 were the mids and 986 were the ankle height. Is that wrong?
how's it fit? you dont live in nyc by any chance?
You get these from Barney's NY? Returning them?As for Augusta sizing, it's been driving me nuts lately:Size 44 sneakers at Atelier seem to fit.Size 45 sneakers from Archive too small.Size 11 boots I have from previous seasons too big.Size 11 RFX boots I tried at barney's fit.
Sorry, yes I sold to dynamo, the guy above you.
I bought these off of SZ but never wore them. Here's the original classified description: "color: black. composition: cashmere the classic rick short, made in the most luxurious cashmere fabric rick has, basically made for rick himself as almost no one pick these up other than Maxfield in LA. Retailed for $1490, yours for a fraction of that." They are comfy as fuck. If you buy in the next few hours I'll ship anywhere; after today it may be NYC pick up only. Thanks!
$250 shipped anywhere in the US if you buy within the next few hours; as I'm heading to the post office anyways. Thanks! BACK TO NYC ONLY. WILL TAKE BEST OFFER. GET A PROXY AND MAKE ME A LOW OFFER IF YOU LIKE.
eh, i think it's probably the pants. sag some black jeans, throw on a white v-neck, he'll probably look alright.
Is this possible drew, or is the CM only available in VTG? TOJ Gallery seems to imply VTG only.
+1. I wish I knew photoshop well enough to make these kinda mockups for myself...
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