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Anyone have any experience with a cobbler stretching out shoes? Does it add much room (not looking for length)? I bought a pair of Guidi donkey derbys. The low toe box is killing me, and a crease in the leather has formed that's making it basically unwearable. Wondering if I should try stretching them or just sell them.
Teger, are you alright? I myself am a bitter old man, but good lord you sound like you have a stick up your ass in every single post. Go get drunk and smile once in a while.
These are what I wear too, and they are great.But what drives me nuts is the AA v-necks are always shorter in the body then these loose crew ones. The v-necks are literally unwearable due to being like two inches shorter. Do they make a longer v-neck (in the body, not deep v).
The emperor's new clothes: Jil Sander coat. $2k.
Waist is a little under 17.5. Hem is 7 and 5/8ths. Let me know if youre interested. thanks!
I dont really like it, but I think it has a moldable wire in the collar which is dope. You can shape it any way you want.
Yeah I just got an NX200 which is not so great with focusing. And I also keep reaching for my S90 which seems easier to take shots with, although perhaps I'm just not used to the NX200. I've also realized I hate lens caps.BTW, if you're interested in this stuff, Fuji is announcing a new camera in about 4 hours that's basically an X100 with interchangeable lenses. It's getting lots of buzz.
What camera is that? x100? how do you like it?
Purchased at Margiela's London store for over $600 a couple summers ago. Barely worn. It's a great sweater with beautiful knit detailing on the shoulders (see pics). For a good enough price I'll ship, but I'm willing to take the best offer if you can pick up locally in NYC. Feel free to lowball or find a proxy; I just want to sell it with minimum hassle. Thanks. 375 --> 300
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