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who the fuck cares, wear them and beat them to death. they'll look better.but all rubber sole on new ones is probably a lot better than old staples + crepe.
RFX, where were those pictures taken? Best Lanvin I've seen in a long time. Kinda want the red/black, all black, and snakeskin ones.
Nothing is on sale yet.They always carry Buttero on the 8th floor, but no clue what models.Their Augusta collection is as big as I've ever seen it, they have like 9 different models right now. You can see some online. Off the top of my head: high-top laceless sneaker with straps (in a deep almost-black purple), black buffalo sneakers with white soles, the front-zip boots, a white boots, some black ankle boots, a black almost knee-high height boot, scarred half-zip on each...
eck, stopped by Barney's today, the front zips they have are indeed the two-zip version; just thought you might like to know if you wanted to try to scoop them up when they go on sale.
I'm pretty sure they had a two-zip version, but I could be mistaken (not interested in this model).The weird half-zip on each side boots are a beautiful scarred leather. They also just got those new sneakers with the two snap pulls, no laces, in a beautiful reddish black. Also a new white boot.I need more money, .
They have a pretty big selection of CCP.But usually their buys do not impress me; horrible Rick Owens selection, for example.Never seen PH or A1983 there, but I don't go often.
Hivemind, which should I buy: Technically sneakers, but I thought the A1983 stuff fits better here than in that awful baller sneaker thread. 90% leaning towards the first. I wish I could find the older season's model though, . (Also, if anyone's interested in a pair of black Guidi Donkey derby's in a 46 let me know. They're a bit too small for me.)
I still want this No chance it'll happen?Also, will you give us a warning before cutting off the bball / all of TOJ? Debating a bbal and pants, and I def want like 5 more shirts.
Who makes this and how much does it cost? Available anywhere?My beloved green daypack probably won't last much longer....straps are currently ~25% connected +1 to hiring synthese.
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