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i walked in when i was in the area. I never mail ordered alcohol, but i like the concept. staff seemed nice but im not sure their knowledge level after quizzing them on a few wines. i would stalk deals on stuff you like.
jut got the lagavulin from astor. many deals to be had. the little cooking classes are a bit too pricey thouigh
Why not with a poplin or seer sucker
Quote: Originally Posted by Zolata I cannot believe how priey the 21 year old Lgavulin is, I get the 16yr all the time for $45 at a place near my house... whats the name of the store, ill stop by? i dont see it that cheap
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 We (the interns) did not exactly have a lax experience. Many of us worked A LOT of overtime and travelled to different states from projects. Last night I was in the office until midnight. I think what you have heard applies to audit more than advisory since summer time tends to slow down right after the audit busy season. Congrats on the offer. Be a team player and keep your gripes to yourself. Also,...
Quote: Originally Posted by suited If your undergrand is not in accounting, then going to grad school for accounting is your only option if you want to be at an accounting firm and sit for CPA, and it's a very good option, so is tax. Well, I thought that was understood based from my posts. Ive been addressing going from public to private in NY which would require one to have a Bachelors in Accounting. Going straight to private isn't a good...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri What is a general ledger type accountant? Do you mean bookkeeper? Masters of Accounting seems kind of useless to me. It depends on the state's requirement to sit for the exam. In NY it was useless. I sat with my undergrad and as stated before the 150 rule (registered to sit, not pass the exam) wont be in effect until Aug 2009 unless that changed since I moved on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade FYI most accounting firms only hire CPA eligible undergrads. In most states this means a degree in accounting with 150 hours. There are a few states that still only require 120 hours (NY is the main one) but almost all of the state boards are switching to the 150 hour rule. NY is going to 150 this august so get your paperwork in before that to sit for the exam. Let me reiterate that accounting is the best...
Quote: Originally Posted by JAY13 Bump for any more info fire away with specifics
Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta If you can run 10 miles a day, I don't think your body is built to "fill out" by lifting weights. Are you skinny because you run, or do you run because you're skinny? I think the latter. How much filling out are you referring to? Im by no means a monster but I do have my fair share of muscle at 190-195 @ 6' and run races from 5k to 1/2 marathons pretty much 2 weekends a month, 9 months a year. Im sure...
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