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Thanks, guys It's a chestnut bridle leather NATO that I make:
Removed the shit stock strap. Much better....
Can anyone suggest where to get laces like these (Grenson Sharp)? As for he thread, I actually was able to get two pairs of flat waxed laces directly from Wolverine. Just had to email their customer support and told them my 1000 Mile laces snapped and needed replacements. Was free, too.
Damn, will be in NYC this weekend... Have fun, guys!
If anyone goes to the SF store, can you post how the stock is? Planning on going after work, just hoping it's not all gone.
Do the Stretch Slim Tapered fit like the previous Legging Jeans?
I sized up from my usual.
Picked up the full-zip and the pullover hoodie. I like the hoodie, can't really find anything comparable at this price. Didn't like how thick the bomber was. Doesn't get cold enough over here... I was surprised how fast the bottoms went. Didn't even get to try the cargos in my size.
Were they all gone at the SF store? Was going to check them out today.
How was the sizing?
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