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Are the items of the +J release any different from the previous?
From Good-stuffs.com. l Sapphire crystal, display case back l Appear as big as 40mm, but its actual size is 38.37 x 9.25mm, measured by electronic ruler. l The crown is signed with a big R l The edge of case is round, sharply cut in perpendicular, forming straight 90 degree angle. l Reliable ST17 automatic l Blue independent second hand at 6 l Blue slim hour and minute hands l 316 stainless steel case l Hand-winding renders a pleasant noise in a way similar to Harley...
Everything felt one size larger except for the shoulders. They're still a little long on the body for me; can't remember the sleeves.
The linen shirts are smaller than last year's offering. They're still bit big for my liking, however.
Having owned both a SARB line Seiko (SARB035) and an Orient Star Standard-Date, I'd put the Orient Star above Seiko. Finish and accuracy of the Orient Star was a level higher than the Seiko. That Orient is one of the few watches I regret selling. To be fair to Seiko, the Orient Star is more expensive.
What's the measurement at the hem? Probably a better clue.
Which Seiko line...? How are they compared to the SARB/SARX/SARG lines?
The color. Looks like HR has one similar. Thanks!
Damn! I need to find out what strap that is. Need it for my 035.
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