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Congrats Sadly mine will not be coming "There was a problem with #240 Cone Selvedge Canvas - 34 Slim (order 7323479292), and we're unable to send it. Allow me to explain."Good for my wallet and my marriage though. Did not need to explain another pair of jeans miraculously appearing in the closet.
I've been in the same boat, waiting on the Cone canvas to ship as well. They were supposed to be out late Sep/early Oct. Last update was 10/14 saying all orders should be out by now. I can still edit my shipping so hopefully this week I should know better by now.
Nice write up. I wore my IXI Gustin workshirt 3-4 days a week once it dropped below 80 down here in FL since Nov. and after 4 cold washes it fits perfect. Only problem is now its already too hot to wear til Nov again. Where are all the light weight options for workshirts?
Anyone out there with a pair of 32 or 33 hemp Empire bucklebacks they'd consider trading for a 31? Only worn 4-5 times since I bought them last June since they're way too slim in the upper block for me.
You just made it worse Great sale there. God I wanted a couple of those oxfords. I already have enough boots.
I'm almost in tears looking at that sale and it not letting me login with my US account and buy a few pairs.
I was able to stop by there recently during a stop over on the way to see my in-laws in Poland. Since I had only ever been to the RRL section in the Chicago store once, being in the London RRL was like being a kid in a candy store. It was sensory overload... my wife was just laughing at me. I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. Too bad the exchange rate really sucked.
I misunderstood. I headed to the LBV "Factory" stores and found they didn't even have an RL shop... durrr. Headed over the the other store where I've seen RRL quite a bit and they had quite a few jeans, some vests, lots of plain t's and polos and a few shirts at at 75% off the sale prices. I picked up and blue selvage oxford for $32. Not a bad shirt but retail was $180???? Ouch, my wife thought it mislabeled
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyfingers I work with a guy at Polo that is headed down to the LBV outlet store outside of Orlando. I believe this is the biggest Polo outlet with whole walls of PSR or RRL and PL. Needless to say, I am giving him some money. Last guy that went down there, was able to pick up 3 pairs of RRL chains in his size all for less than 20 dollars a piece. I usually hit the 2 bigger premium outlet malls here in Orlando...
Quote: Originally Posted by lesamourai Do these fare well at all during the spring/summer? I wore them everyday last summer to ride my motocycle to work. The toebox is pretty big allowing your toes room to breathe. I also felt like the cork soles diffused some of the blistering heat on the Florida pavements as well as giving really good traction in wet weather. I really thought they worked pretty well in really hot weather, but I only wore...
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