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Nice western shirts, love the japanese nap denim. Wish I could get more heavy shirts but... Florida
Cone Indigo Jacquard... coolest work shirt ever... oh wait. SMFH. I bet the neXT work shirt will be another 12oz denim or same old same old chambray.
Not the best shots, but I'm guessing I was wearing the only RRL for miles at Bikeweek, all are pics of my Sulfur Springs low straight (my rrl baseball cap was in my bag). I did see lots of Redwings though. They had free boot shines, beard trims and haircuts at the Standard Motorcycle/Dime City event Pics are from a couple of days there. Love those Sulfur Springs. The wash is really well done. I have a few raws and a pair of 21oz I bought for riding but I wear those RRls...
I would if there were any other mediums out there floating around, but with a jacket or the sleeves rolled up it's fine. Sitting at my desk at work typing the cuffs (hidden by a jacket) end about half way up my forearm
I've been trying it on over and over since I got home and I'll just keep it. Who knows when I'll see another one for sale without spending an arm and a leg. I also roll my sleeves 99% of the time anyway. It's just the thought of it that will bother me.The listing said "Measurements:Pit to pit: 20 Sleeve: 23" so technically I should have checked but I never ever ever measure sleeves when buying or selling shirts especially RRL since I know my sizing pretty much.I never...
Argh, I could cry. The star iron ore shirt I bought off ebay had the sleeves shortened The measurements were there but I didn't double check. No mention of tailoring anywhere. Live and learn I guess it'll make a good shirt for Florida summers... but still, talk about gut wrenching to have a grail item be in my hands but totally ruined for me by the short arms. F*ck. Rant over. No one i know offline would understand
Broke my "no shopping for lent" last night when I saw a Star Iron Ore shirt on Ebay and lost my mind. I've been wanting that since I missed out on it a couple years ago. Feels so wrong yet so right
I may get bashed, but if you tuck your boots you may think it looks like this when it really looks like this You are much safer with this look. If you aren't a daily rider, or a rider at all, tucking will look silly 9 out of 10 times. it just will. Some will disagree. Untucked is easy to pull off anywhere, anytime. Tucked only looks good on a bike or if it just comes natural and looks effortless. If you have to ask, then I wouldn't tuck or go too slim.
I'd pick it up in a heartbeat if I didn't already have three other daily chambrays from Buzz, Workers and Post O'Alls, not even counting the cheapos I have for getting dirty. I already have the first run double indigo which is a daily now that its's chilly in FL. I'll again say that a CPO in any denim or chambray (at a decent price...not a wool CPO price) would be an instant purchase.
Nowhere else to do it. Nobody cares IRL
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