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To the OP - coming in a bit late - but I feel your pain. My first few days with the iPod-"sometimes I will work"- Touch and a new MacBook pro were frustrating. Service has ranged from abysmal to moderately above average (any given day), the stability has been great, and the integration and management of photos, music etc has been absolutely crap imho. iTunes might be a great tool for Apple to make money. However, if your wonderfully helpful Apple 'guru' sync's your iPod...
Thank you for the list - I'm heading to HK a bit later in the year.
Be prepared as mentioned by Milhouse - good advice. Have I dated a girl with some issues? Yes. Did we care about eachother and have some wonderful times together? Yes. Would I date another girl like her? No.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Have to agree with you there. The X6 is a turd. The X3 sucks. The X1.. what's the point. X5 is excellent, especially in upcoming M form. The X3 diesel isn't a bad car - the X5 is just better. Now the Cayenne diesel - that is a stunning piece of work. I know it will make Porsche purists cringe, and rock crawlers may laugh, but watch one wade through some deep sand (on track oriented Pirellis no less)...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade I commend to everyone the story of Elon Musk's last venture, x.com. It's a triumph of marketing prowess over business model. Tesla in my humble engineering opinion = hype. Fisker on the other hand, has shown some promise.
Apologies for the late reply - if you're looking for something with a bit of a unique look - the Porsche Design P9521 is a great looking piece that you won't find lying around too often. Also, the Nokia 8800 - older solid piano black as opposed to the carbon are also pretty solid looking phones. Both are a little older (going on two years) and pretty pricey. I'm not a fan, but I have to admit that the new LG Prada II is also a pretty well executed piece of kit. For...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon PF Chang's is hardly meant to be authentic. It's Cauc-Asian. If you are fortunate enough to live on the west coast, Hawaii, or a major city with a Chinatown, some pretty authentic food can be found, I think. Although I have never been to China, I have many friends who are Chinese and have traveled there, so I am relaying their opinions. Things are definitely better out west in this regard! Even in...
You can find authentic cuisine but most of the Chinese or Thai that I have tried in the US has been mildly or heavily westernized. I rank PF Changs among the worst offenders. They took what was one of the most efficient and healthy forms of cooking in China (preparing food in a wok) and completely stuffed it... the amount of rubish they wrap food in stuns my friends from Asia.
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar has anyone tried stolichnaya elite? Stolichnaya elite is another very nice Vodka - are you a fan?
Yes - they provide great quality and cover a wide range of pricepoints and styles. They may not have the flash marketing or prestige, but if you want to keep track of time around under all sorts of conditions, you could do far worse.
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