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Nike Free - formerly New Balance.
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant If you are getting a rhinoplasty only for straightening and not for size reduction, then the nose temporarily will look bigger after the procedure. Swelling - I forgot to mention that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Even though I knew the outcome when I watched the video today I was still shocked at the decision. Rua got robbed. As was I - but that should make the rematch even better.
Another vote for Under Armor... they are comfortable and have a pretty good quality build (at least on the older shorts that I have).
I had a rhinoplasty to correct some internal damage that was affecting my breathing. You will be sore for a day - few days depending on you (healing), your doctor (skill), and your pain tolerance. You will have cotton swabs etc stuffed up your nose, and you won't be going out for any big nights for a few days. Was it worth it? I can breath much better, and I have to say I also keep my hands up more often when training Muay Thai now.
Quote: Originally Posted by pat bateman i just picked up the oct. and nov. issue of of Men's Ex and Men's Precious and i gotta say why in the world can't the US duplicate the high quality of these magazines. i don't speak or read Japanese but you don't have to in order to love page after page of these mags. Japan does more than a few things well. The depth, detail, and quality of print media there is on another level.
jjgold - I have to agree with you about some of the new cars from the States. The CTS-V, XLR-V (if you don't need a trunk ) and the Z06 are stunning cars. On the small car front, Ford has produced some pretty nice Focus variants for a number of years for the European market. Hopefully a few of those will make their way over here.
Now that I know better - I try to avoid dry cleaning any of my decent suits more than once a year so long as I am careful (nothing spilled on one's self) and lucky (no 'oh I'm so sorry' incidents). When I do send a suit off, I try to be fussy about the cleaner. In Melbourne, there was one dry cleaner that a good friend from Myer recommended. In Thailand - my well dressed friends told me to take my suits to Japan on my last trip and have them dry cleaned there as opposed...
If I am after a close cut (traveling, busy, etc) I will head to a barbershop if I am in a place where I have a recommendation. If I am after a longer cut or 'styled' trim I'll head to a salon on occasion.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Normally, I'd agree with you. But, Lexus is not exactly known for making a decent sports cars. All those other cars that he compared the LF-A with, they're all purebreds. You just can't gain decades of experience overnight. Do you seriously thing this $250k street-version LF-A will pose any significant competition to the Enzo or the Murcielago? Puhlease. I have not followed the car 'scene' much for...
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