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Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Bespoke clothes usually have quite a bit of extra cloth in the seams ("inlays") for size changes (see this for a great example). It is inconvenient when you have to wait for your clothes to be altered, but having a healthy body is more important. I recently gained 20 lbs from lifting, and am going through this process, too. I also warned my tailor that I will probably add another 15 before I'm done when he was fitting...
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I'd probably get a brand new Porsche Cayman or an Audi S5. I'd actually pick those two over the M3 sedan. If it were an M3 coupe, then it might be a different story. Certified 911 for a daily driver. For a weekend or track car - Lotus Elise or Viper. Yes those two cars are diametrically opposed, but they are both great fun.
You could try The Wild One as well. Another that I have heard about - but have yet to see would be My Bodyguard (not The Bodyguard ). It isn't a motorcycle movie per say, but a pair of kids in the movie find an old bike and head out on the road or so a motorcycle mad friend has told me.
Great thread! AF - thank you for taking the time to share some great information. Faded - any chance of you telling us a little more about your current set up?
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn +1. If you ride long distances out in the open, then a road bike. If you like to bike in the woods, then a mountain bike. But a cyclocross is good all around bike. It's almost as fast as a pure road bike, and almost as versatile as a mountain bike. If you're an urban rider (especially in NYC), it gives you the best of both worlds. I think my next urban all-around bike will be a cross singlespeed. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf Shiratake noodles FTW. Eat a tablespoon of natty PB if you still have hunger pangs (note I said 1 tbsp, not half the jar... ). X2
There is some good advice throughout the thread. Diet, weights, consistency. Going to the gym, and if possible, having a friend or small group of friends to work out with, made more of a difference than anything else I tried. I lifted heavier, more often. Thus I was hungry more often, ate more often, put on muscle mass, was able to lift heavier, and so the cycle went.
That is a great looking design. The V8, regardless of displacement, would be a more viable option than the V10 imho (potential for reduced vibration/smoother operation/longer life than an equivalent V10). I have never signed up for a list to petition a manufacturer to support a car, however, I would make an exception for the automobile shown above.
Quote: Originally Posted by arced We love our Mauviel and use it everyday. We gave our all-clad non-stick to goodwill, the 'non-stick' was coming off (partially due to the use of the wrong utensils with it) and we got concerned. Sometimes I miss non-stick, but not often. Arced, glad to hear you found something else that you liked. Prior to the non-stick issues, how did you like the All-Clad cooking wise? It seems like a pain when you get...
I am a big fan of All Clad - pricey but fantastic to cook with.
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