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Fly out and try it! + Perth - better beaches, more laid back, generally friendlier people according to everyone I know who has lived there (I haven't). - Perth depending on your point of view - smaller, fewer options when heading out at night, most isolated capitol in the world. If I had a good offer to head back to Aus I would try Perth over Sydney.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The problem is: do the firms you want to work at recruit there? Whether you learn the theory and skills is one thing. Getting the job you want is another. And many firms/banks only recruit at a specific number of core schools - at the associate level, that's generally MBAs, not MS in Finance or other masters. Do your homework on student placement and what firms recruit on...
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Cliff bar and good coffee. I make things more complicated by adding fruit but the above works well if you are in a rush.
Has anyone on SF done a masters in finance? While I have been told that I am crazy for even thinking about a finance degree (looking at a masters in the US or possibly Hong Kong as I currently work around Asia), I like the financial side of project and program management, and in helping a friend look at a startup, the financial side of the project has been among the more challenging aspects. I am split between focussing on finance or getting an MBA (most likely an...
Has anyone here enrolled in a 'Global' executive MBA - Kellogg, Georgetown-ESADE etc? If so, opinions on the experience, especially the quality of instruction, would be most helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hans A good toast is like a nice skirt: short enough to be exciting, but long enough to be decent. Well said. Focus on your friends, their happiness together to date, and their future. While I have seen a few people pull off jokes and gentle ribbing with a bit of grace, those type of speeches can get away from you.
This is the first picture I have seen of the new CLS - I like it. The Aston leaves me feeling a bit underwhelmed and longing for the Maser instead.
Having also lived in SE Asia for a little while I think that this style looks okay - when done well and in context (SE Asia or at least a tropical location). I do not think it would be practical in many places, and might not 'age' well, visually outside of SE Asia. If you want to try it out though - do it and enjoy it.
Quote: Originally Posted by why No, they look worse because the shirt appears undersized. Agreed. I wouldn't worry too much - work out, stay healthy, and pick up a few new clothes if the need arises.
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 This might seem slightly counterintuitive, but do you guys think now would be a good time to buy? My car just got flooded and I'm thinking that if the insurance company totals it a SAAB might be a good choice. Always wanted one and they've got to be cheaper now, right? Although I was a fan of some older models - I would say no. You will face dwindling parts and service support and very low resale...
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