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@Esoterik Starting simple is the way to go. Find yourself a good fitting oxford and buy one in white and blue. You can wear these everyday if you want and rotate out a few jackets, cardigans, sweaters, etc. and nobody will notice. Don't get too crazy with shirt patterns, maybe a check or a stripe here and there but if you stick to solids it will be much easier to match things with for now.
Really cool, not something I could pull off but nothing wrong with that.
These jeans are gahhhhhh! Why would you want these? I would guess you could cop a pair at target or the like, they're nothing special.
Just pull the string all the way out and they're regular pants again.
Tom's certainly do have some appeal. I like the fun colors as well as the idea. That being said, WMMK is right, there are better shoes out there. In my experience, they don't look good on everyone either.
There's no such thing as an SF approved bathrobe. That being said, this one delights me in a special way.
There are far too many to list.
^^^^^^^^^^^ Can we just delete this pic so we can keep WAYWT going and not have another five page detour?
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Great socks, terrific fit!
I don't really get what chambray is. I'm not exactly at the fashion capital of the world or even the midwest. Is it comparable to any other fabrics?
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