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^^ That's a good idea, but could you use Pinterest for that purpose? There seems to be a lot of collections of clothing there, but not sure how much you can customize it (I don't have an account). Speaking of Pinterest, I always seem to end up there if I'm searching for RRL sweaters or jackets. I found these two recently and was wondering if someone could tell me what season they are from?
^^ One day we will be saying this about China. Already many of my recent pick ups from RRL are made in Philippines.
I think he is referring to this one, that was posted a few pages back by @unionofcraftI'd like to know more too...
You have to use a proxy. I just used to get something half off at the UK site that was not available on the US site. It has been purchased and shipped to my proxy, so I have not received it yet, but so far so good. Charge was GBP 5.00 plus shipping charges, so very reasonable.
Same here. I had 2 pairs of CP but sold them both because they were just so uncomfortable. Replaced them with C.QP Tarmacs last year and have not looked back. Only issue for me is C.QP almost never goes on sale.
Anyone know if the shirt shown in this photo is from FW 2016? I can't find it anywhere. Or maybe it is from an older season? Or possibly SS 2017?
I took my normal size (small) and can easily wear it over a slim shirt or henley. I just measured and chest is 38 inches on the small, but shoulders are about 18.5 which makes it feel much roomier. It's meant to be an overshirt. The 75% linen gives it a nice drape as well.Mr porter has the shirt as well with measurements:
Yeah I noticed that they took down a lot of pieces that I do not believe were sold out, and I am not sure why. Maybe they don't want to sell them all at 40% off? Anyway, I picked up the following shirt during the sale which is one of my favorite pieces of the season. It's the "slim-fit-penny-collar-linen-and-cotton-blend-overshirt" and I'm guessing some stores still have it. I love the side pockets which are an interesting detail. Fabric is great too.My other favorite...
Yeah the fabric is called MizuTech Weatherproof Cotton. I bought a pair of the All-Weather High Tops and wore them for the first time last week. They're great and will be my go to rain shoes this winter:
We should know in a few weeks. Last year we had the infamous Luxottica employees code leak for 40% off anything on the RL website including RRL on November 1. Then the real sale started on November 24. I believe all the fall collections went on sale at once, which was nice. Hopefully we have the same this year.
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