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Yeah the fabric is called MizuTech Weatherproof Cotton. I bought a pair of the All-Weather High Tops and wore them for the first time last week. They're great and will be my go to rain shoes this winter:
We should know in a few weeks. Last year we had the infamous Luxottica employees code leak for 40% off anything on the RL website including RRL on November 1. Then the real sale started on November 24. I believe all the fall collections went on sale at once, which was nice. Hopefully we have the same this year.
Search on Amazon for "Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep" and read the reviews. These are a lot better than using tennis balls. I've been using them for years.
Nepenthes has both of the ones you are looking for.212 643 9540shop@nepenthesny.com
Look like Mr. Porter picked up EG for the FW 2016 season. Some good picks, including the black velvet TF bomber jacket.
Not sure if you saw, bur Nepenthes posted a bunch of vests on their tumbler about a week ago..http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/
Yeah this was the issue for me when I tried on the 20 oz Melton Wool version from FW 2015. I found the overall fit to be awkward as well, but I'm hoping that was just due to the heavy fabric. Will try on this year's versions if I get the chance.
Have you looked at Tanner Goods? I think there is room to put coins in it, but not sure about a separate pouchhttps://www.tannergoods.com/collections/wallets/products/zipper-wallet"Cut from 3 oz. Meridian English bridle, the Universal Zip Wallet features two card slots, and a single split bill pocket all made secure by a high quality Riri Zipper in antique brass. Each is handmade with care in our Randolph workshop and measures 4.5” x 3.25”. "
There's plenty of FW16 stock up on Haven and at JP retailers, but for some reason nobody started a thread this year.
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