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What is the name of the shirt on the AU website? Is it the JackRabbit work shirt? RRL photos are so processed it's sometimes hard to compare with "normal" photos.
Really? These are pretty common words used to describe clothing that does not go out of fashion quickly.Here is a quote from Hiroki himself about this very subject:"Nakamura: I prefer to have things I can use for a long time that last. Something like this experimental project [Visvim] is expensive because I'm trying to discover things like old techniques and handmade craftsmanship. So the retail price will be very expensive.But what I'm trying to do is the best in 2013 or...
Sometimes Visvim has items in store for months that say "sold out" online. I don't know if they do this to add to the exclusivity factor of the clothing or just to keep some stock on hand for walk in customers. Hopefully the latter. As for the quality, labor process, and price, it is what it is. I respect the brand for the approach and ethos behind the clothing, even though I sometimes shake my head at the prices. Their price level puts them in the same tier as designers...
picked up the patchwork shorts from current season for about $99.00 a couple weeks ago. Finally got a chance to wear em on a warm bay area day...
Quality wise I don't have an issue with RRL MIC products. My first buy was a light weight aviator jacket in SS13 and it still looks and wears great. The issue I have with MIC is that resale value tends to be lower. I often get double on ebay for items made in Italy or US compared to China. What that tells me is that right or wrong, there is still a negative biased for MIC clothing.
I bought them and returned them. They run large. Size small was too big for me and the tassels on the bottom dragged on the floor which was annoying. I was also a bit worried that the indigo dye might come off on my couch, but that seems unlikely in retrospect. I may pick up the sweat short version of these on sale in a smaller size (they don't seem to have the tassels which is good IMO)
I generally agree with this, though my sturgis sweater from FW 13 is one of the itchiest sweaters I have ever owned. The tees are comfy though.On a shoe related side note, does Visvim make every shoe in size 7 mens, or only a few? For a long time I thought they did not make *any* shoes in size 7, but on mrporter.com, 5/11 of the shoes show an option int the dropdown for size 7 (all sold out). Would love to get confirmation of this, and especially if Virgils come in size 7.
No, but stores have items for sale that are not even on the web site. I just bought a striped tee from Melrose that was on the site in February but mysteriously disappeared. It was not sold out.
Yeah that picture on the site is completely wrong. The shirt I saw was lighter in color, but also uniform with no fades. I wonder if this was another "pre production" photo and things changed? Having said that, it is still a really nice shirt. Very comfortable and soft. I just wish their web site photos were more accurate.
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