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Maybe I was not clear with what I meant. My size is small in RRL but that does not mean a small always fits me. My return rate with RRL shirts is probably around 40% (less with t-shirts). What I was trying to say is that moving up a size to a medium has never helped. Does that make sense?And yes, sizing inconsistencies drive me crazy. I am borderline on small shirts since the shoulders can be too small. I had a perfect fitting Jackson Frontier shirt from SS14, but right...
For me the sizing has been consistent. I am always a small. Once in a while, a small will fit a bit tight. When this happens I return it and move on. Sizing up doesn't help since the jump between sizes is too much. I find this to be true with shirts as well.
Is the RRL site borked? I try scrolling down in any of the sections (shirts, sweaters, etc) and the pics are cut off and you cant see all the inventory. It's like this in Chrome and IE. Anyone else see this?
Check Roden Gray, The Elder Statesman scarves are 40% off. Nice neutral colors too.
picked up these on sale:Both very nice, though the blackwash low straights are about a half size smaller than my sulfure wash low straights from SS2014. I'm really hoping they stretch a bit more. The cardigan is great. It's not super warm since it is a linen wool cotton blend, but it's comfortable and has nice details like the wood buttons.
Call Melrose back and ask. The guy I spoke with there 2 weeks ago was super helpful and told me which items I asked about would be on sale, and gave me the date (December 3). He was right on the money.
Thanks for posting that. There were a few pieces on the Japan site that I now see are "Holiday". I wonder if Holiday is the final winter collection before we start to see S/S 2015 pop up.
I just got back from the SF store. Of the 7 things I had on my list, they had 2 and neither were on sale. I asked about a few things I saw in the store and they also were not on sale. So this private sale is still very limited it seems. Will try some other stores on Friday and see if any of the other items on my list made the cut.One thing the rep told me that I did not know is that if an item is selling very well, it may not get marked down even if it is in the collection...
Is that in store only for now? I don't see the new stuff represented on the site. For example, the FAIR ISLE SHAWL CARDIGAN is Indigo Isle and is still full price.
Great write up, and thanks for the honest feedback about what you did not like as well as what you did like. The banded collar houndstooth plaid has a really nice fabric and great colors. I have trouble taking it off though since the armholes are cut a bit high and I'm not used to a half placket.The shawl collar cardigan looks great. I need to call Nepenthes to get the versions they made it in. I wish they made it in the Orange Blue knit but I doubt it.
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