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Anyone notice how Summer items are already 50% off on ralphlauren.co.uk? I never thought I would say this but I'm tempted to proxy with the current low exchange rate... Also picked up this piece from the Fillmore store today for $89.00 http://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/product/index.jsp?productId=54194101 It's not on the US site so I almost missed it. Colors are much more muted in person. Metal buttons are a nice touch too...
"Killing Walder Frey in this way was almost certainly inspired by the Westerosi child’s tale: The Rat Cook. In it, a man’s son is secretly baked into a pie, and the father proceeds to eat his own son. But the Rat Cook is primarily a tale about guests’ right, the most sacred law that Walder Frey broke."http://heavy.com/entertainment/2016/06/arya-rat-cook-walder-frey-pie-game-of-thrones-kill-list-westeros-video-photos/
Are you talking about the Aaron workshirt from SS 2015? I have it and it is a great piece. It did make it to sale but sold out quickly after that:
You can try the slim chinos which should be more narrow at the bottom, but you will probably have the same shirt tucking issue.There are other brands that make good chinos too. I have 2 pairs of Closed chinos and like them as much as my RRL officers chinos. The fabric is pima cotton and much softer:https://www.closed.com/en/men/pants/clifton-slim-cotton-chino-cxx200-50t-01-256.html
Is the cardigan from S/S? What did you think of it?
People define quality in different ways, so it is hard to have a meaningful discussion without specifics. I find the shirts last me a really long time. I wore my SS/09 19th BDs to death before I donated them. Same with my MAC Jacket from FW/08, which I sold on ebay years later for close to the price I bought it for. That is incredible for a piece of clothing. So for longevity and value, I think the quality is great. That said, I don't like EG for certain things, like rain...
I bought 2 19th bd shirts this season (grey plaid and grey stripe) and found them to be normal sized. 19th bd always runs long, so I get them hemmed so I can wear them un-tucked without looking too sloppy. In general I don't find EG shirts to vary enough to change sizes, with the exception of the grey / blue stripe miner shirt from a few years ago that ran a full size too large.
So no hope that he can get the book out by April now? How long does it take the publisher to bring the book to market? His books are so long he should just release the first half of WoW this year and the second half in 2017.
Farfetch has MASSIMO ALBA cashmere crewneck sweaters for as low as $287.00. These are normally $850.00 at sites like Barneys and Mr Porter. http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/massimo-alba/items.aspx
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