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Fantastic, Thanks! These have been disappearing quickly, even before sales hit.
Hello, Anyone know where I can get an Olive Moleskin Bedford in size Small?
You just need to call. I gave up on the website yesterday after getting all the way to paypal payment and having the sale price revert back to full retail. Super annoying. But I just called the Fillmore store and gave them the item numbers for the 2 pieces I wanted. It's better to call anyway, because you will get 40% off instead of the 30% online sales price.
That's interesting because I thought it looked thin in the photos! I mean, it is a single piece of shell cordovan leather on the bottom, with another single piece on the left and right stitched onto the bottom to hold the cards. It doesn't get any more simple than that. I suppose they could have used a thinner piece of leather but that would have compromised the durability and quality IMO. I think they got it just right and it feels like it will last for several years....
I recently bought the TWO POCKET INDIGO CORDOVAN WALLET from First Settlement goods and love it. I use one side for credit cards and the other for license and business cards. https://www.contextclothing.com/brands/first-settlement-goods/two-pocket-wallet-indigo-cordovan
Yes I think only a few stores carry EG, like San Francisco and West Broadway, NY. You would need to call and have them pull what you want. Here are some pics to better show what they have:
EG is 40% off at Bloomingdales right now. I picked up the 19th BD in Glen Plaid. They also have the TF Jacket in Navy Melton Wool, Workshirt in Blue Plaid, Cruiser Jacket in Navy Jacquard, and a few other pieces.
Just check this thread on page 1437. It was October 22 last year. You posted the info!
It's an age old complaint with EG that sizing does not stay consistent from season to season, which means that "proper size" becomes a moving target. To get around this, I don't size up or down, I just return or sell the product if it does not fit in my natural size. It is a drag to have to do that, but I end up wearing what I keep more often because the fit is right.
I did not see the Melton Wool, but did try on the Navy/Grey Wool Floral Jacquard version and it's really nice. The jacket is fully lined and feels substantial. I had an older cotton version of the cruiser from FW 2012 (I think) and it was too thin and I ended up selling it. This version is completely different. The only issue is the price. The Navy/Grey Wool Floral Jacquard retails for $998.00. I expect the Melton Wool version is pricey as well.
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