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Great write up, and thanks for the honest feedback about what you did not like as well as what you did like. The banded collar houndstooth plaid has a really nice fabric and great colors. I have trouble taking it off though since the armholes are cut a bit high and I'm not used to a half placket.The shawl collar cardigan looks great. I need to call Nepenthes to get the versions they made it in. I wish they made it in the Orange Blue knit but I doubt it.
This season has been really successful for EG. I don't remember them ever selling out of so many things right away. We are barely in September!Haven also got this shirt but sold out in all sizes except small. Nepenthes did not stock the flannel banded collars, but did get the other versions (I have the Khaki houndstooth and it's really nice). If you really are set on the rodeo blue, I would call Nepenthes and ask them to look out and email you if they come across one. It's...
Nepenthes has it in store now, sizes XS-M left as of Saturday. Price is $672.00. I was tempted with this one, but the number of pockets puts me off. I wish they had the cruiser jacket this season. It would be great in this fabric.
That would be nice, but the thing is, the plastic buttons are durable, easy to replace, and last forever. I don't think I have ever had one break. So we are back to the word "quality", and what that means. For me, it means a piece lasts a long time and gets a lot of wear. I recently retired 3 19th century bds from the S/S 2009 collection (one of the best seasons!). I wore the hell out of those shirts, but was still sad to see them go.
The Bureau Belfast has their NC up, and they describe the Donkey Jacket as follows: 900GM herringbone wool Donkey Jacket with 2 large front patch pockets, stitched down collar, 5 front buttons and a beautiful aged brown leather on the shoulders, back and sleeves. That leather does look nice.
They came from KERNERSVILLE, NC. If they are meant to be sold in such a way, why do the stores not wrinkle them? Anyway, not really a big deal, was just surprised more than anything.
Yeah, I can iron them. It's just strange they would send them like this. I've ordered jeans from RRL and they arrived folded in a normal fashion. If you go to a RL store they store the jeans and khakis flat as well, so i thought someone in shipping was just being a jerk.
So I just received the Officer's Field Chino in New Military Khaki that I ordered from the site, and whoever packed the pants rolled the legs all the way up into the crotch of the pants, like a ball. I had to unroll each leg and the pants are super wrinkled as a result. WTF? Has anyone else received their pants like this? I don't mind a few wrinkles and I would normally just wash them but I wanted to wear them for a while so they stretch a half size. Maybe they are...
Check the Japan site:http://www.ralphlauren.co.jp/men/rrl/bottoms-13/officer-39-s-chino-pant-410431/412853#1408429439518
Hi,Can you say which 3rd party sites you used, and which ones you felt were the most useful?
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