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No, but stores have items for sale that are not even on the web site. I just bought a striped tee from Melrose that was on the site in February but mysteriously disappeared. It was not sold out.
Yeah that picture on the site is completely wrong. The shirt I saw was lighter in color, but also uniform with no fades. I wonder if this was another "pre production" photo and things changed? Having said that, it is still a really nice shirt. Very comfortable and soft. I just wish their web site photos were more accurate.
Stopped by the SF store today to try on some of the new summer pieces. This cardigan was particularly nice in person: Was also told that private sale for spring starts on 4/23. Not all spring items are on sale though. Sale items are 40% off.
I have these jeans and they were borderline too tight for me too. I think it is due to their weight, being 15 ounce they just feel a bit heavy and constricting. Thankfully they have stretched enough to be more comfortable after about 10 wears. All of my RRL jeans and Khakis have shrunk after washing, and I expect these will shrink some too. It just takes about 2-3 wears after washing to stretch back out though, so I don't see it as a problem.
Does anyone know of a decent proxy for Hong Kong? There is a good selection of items from past seasons there for half off. I see they have the low straight chalk jean for half price as well, which seems odd since I thought it was a SS 2015 item.
Maybe I was not clear with what I meant. My size is small in RRL but that does not mean a small always fits me. My return rate with RRL shirts is probably around 40% (less with t-shirts). What I was trying to say is that moving up a size to a medium has never helped. Does that make sense?And yes, sizing inconsistencies drive me crazy. I am borderline on small shirts since the shoulders can be too small. I had a perfect fitting Jackson Frontier shirt from SS14, but right...
For me the sizing has been consistent. I am always a small. Once in a while, a small will fit a bit tight. When this happens I return it and move on. Sizing up doesn't help since the jump between sizes is too much. I find this to be true with shirts as well.
Is the RRL site borked? I try scrolling down in any of the sections (shirts, sweaters, etc) and the pics are cut off and you cant see all the inventory. It's like this in Chrome and IE. Anyone else see this?
Check Roden Gray, The Elder Statesman scarves are 40% off. Nice neutral colors too.
New Posts  All Forums: