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It depends on the piece. I bought the low straight sulfur wash jean ($269.99 on sale), and the jackson frontier shirt ($229.99 on sale) from the web site. Took them both to the Polo store in San Francisco and got the extra 25%, so the jeans were $190.50 and the shirt was $149.49. So I saved an extra $159.99. To me that is a big difference. Both really great pieces btw. Love the sulfur wash jeans.
I'm trying to figure out the difference between the Regulation Chino Pant and the Officers Field Chino. They look very similar except for the triangle on the front pockets of the Officers Field Chino. Is there a difference in fit? Price and colors are the same. I bought the Officers Field Chino in Olive a few months ago and would like to pick up a pair in Khacki, but they are not on sale like the Regulation Chino Pant is.
I had this same problem. I went down to size small with mixed results. The problem with RRL in general is sizing is not consistent. You can check the RRL Japan site or Unionmade which should give you measurements for shirts. I find size small to be a big drop down from medium, which is generally drapey on me. Small is slim but shoulders are sometimes too narrow. This also applies to tshirts btw.
I went TTS with tees this season, and I am normally a small. The crew neck pocket tee in washed indigo and black indigo fit me great (the black indigo is my favorite tee right now), but the striped pocket tee feels a bit tighter. I measured and the striped tee is a half an inch less in shoulder and P2P (18.5), and also it feels like the material is less giving. I wish they could be consistent with their sizing...BTW, if anyone know where I can get the black indigo tee in...
Does anyone know if the pre-sale happens on the other sites like .jp or .uk? The current code does not work on the .jp site. Does .jp even have sales?
I tried those on at Unionmade last year and was really disappointed. They were just too short and it threw the whole look off. This is why you see them at secondary so cheap.There are also no belt loops and the inside button process was a pain. The material and print are great, but in this case I think RL blew the implementation. I hope they try again and get it right the second time because the potential was there.
Does anyone know if the black batik print is on other items besides Baker Jacket and Cambridge Shorts? I was hoping there was an Andover or some pants in this print. I know that there is also a Navy batik print but I like the black better.
That's strange since the contrast taping and the length of the zipper are probably what I like best about the jacket. Also when you say "they all look uneven and poorly finished". How so? I just looked at the shots on end and flannels and cannot see what it is you are objecting to. What is wrong for example in this pic?
^^speaking of AW14, haven posted a few teaser shots of EG on their buyers log... FW 2014 is looking promising.
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