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I tried those on at Unionmade last year and was really disappointed. They were just too short and it threw the whole look off. This is why you see them at secondary so cheap.There are also no belt loops and the inside button process was a pain. The material and print are great, but in this case I think RL blew the implementation. I hope they try again and get it right the second time because the potential was there.
Does anyone know if the black batik print is on other items besides Baker Jacket and Cambridge Shorts? I was hoping there was an Andover or some pants in this print. I know that there is also a Navy batik print but I like the black better.
That's strange since the contrast taping and the length of the zipper are probably what I like best about the jacket. Also when you say "they all look uneven and poorly finished". How so? I just looked at the shots on end and flannels and cannot see what it is you are objecting to. What is wrong for example in this pic?
^^speaking of AW14, haven posted a few teaser shots of EG on their buyers log... FW 2014 is looking promising.
Last year was actually late April for the Spring private sale.
Saw that. Their work has always been expensive though, and they never release prints. 60x40 is a huge print. A custom frame with TruVue Optium would probably run around $3,000.I remember their canvases starting around $18,000 at their first show in Sao Paulo in 2008, which was very high for unknown artists.
Code worked great, thanks. I got the -50 deal plus code and free shipping for a nice savings on some of the new indigo dyed tees. The black indigo tee looks especially nice.
Try stylistics http://stylisticsproxy.blogspot.com/great communication and service. I've used them 3 times in the last 6 weeks with great results.
I have found the shirts to be all over the map this season in terms of sizing.My black heathered oxford workshirt fits normal (I'm a true small) though it runs long in length (as usual). The grey flannel miner shirt runs huge (at least 1 full size ) and I had to return a small. The 19th BD tatersall shirt runs about a half size larger than normal, though I am keeping my normal size since it will shrink with some washing and I still like the fit. Finally, the classic shirt...
That is the one. I was so disappointed when I tried it on since the material and finish were great, but when the shoulder seam hits on your bicep, it is not a matter of style or preference, it is just too big. It could have been my particular piece though and maybe your's is more in the normal range?
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