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Triple Blue Stark.
Cross-post from WAYWT, featuring caramel canvas rivet chinos:
Still a bit brisk out there. [[SPOILER]]
Chilly day in L.A. Unknown vintage horsehide jacket, Sid Mashburn sweater, Pure Blue Japan denim and Alden for j.crew chukkas.
Damn, wish these were size 9.
Thanks! I seem to keep missing the size 31 restocks by mere hours.
Can we expect a restock of the indigo IH 301S this winter?
Additional photos with belt instead of suspenders. The camera flash on these increased the contrast and made what fading there is look much more dramatic than it actually appears under natural light. Full sun shot of the hems, showing where they were cuffed. The folds could probably be ironed out, and as you can see there's no fading.
Someone posted shots of very similar longwings here. You could contact Stronghold in Venice, CA and ask if they have your size.
The golden brown Walts are pretty close, but I agree that the caramel shade is nicer. They are currently my favorite pair of non-denim casual pants.
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