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Most models from The Flat Head use a locking zip fly, which is really handy when you size down and are waiting for the top block to stretch.
david3558, my understanding of the terminology is that the two shoes pictured in your post are both oxfords (i.e. they have closed lacing, unlike a derby). The bottom shoe, with its horizontal side seam, is a balmoral, also known as a "galosh oxford." The problem is that term "balmoral," which is a specific subset of "oxford," has been too broadly applied to oxfords in general, and the two terms have become synonymous for many people. In traditional usage, balmoral only...
About 10 daylong wearings. In general, I find suede stretches more, and quicker, than calf. I have a pair of Alden unlined tan suede chukkas on the Leydon last that were very snug at first but have stretched out quite a bit and are super comfortable now.
I wear 9D US, and bought these exact Seymours in size 8E UK. They felt pretty narrow, and I worried that I had screwed up my first C&J 337 purchase, but on repeated wearings they've stretched out across the ball of my foot and are quite comfortable now.
Color #8 captoes, plaza or hampton last, either straight or perforated tip. For your first pair, no medallion on the cap, unless you really want it.For examples, see this, this, and this.
Regarding the Tremont last, I am a 9D and wear 8.5D in both Barrie and Tremont. I can also wear 8.5D in Grant, but it's just a bit snug.
Can anyone advise me on Epaulet sportcoat fit? I'm looking at the Napoli unstructured hopsacks sportcoat, but my question applies to the measurements posted for most sportcoat models. I wear a 38R in j.crew sportcoats, which fit pretty well off the rack. Also, the medium Epaulet shirts fit perfectly, so according to the site I should probably get a 38. (For reference, I'm 5'11" and about 160 lbs). However, the Epaulet measurements seem really small. My 38R j.crew...
Triple Blue Stark.
Cross-post from WAYWT, featuring caramel canvas rivet chinos:
Still a bit brisk out there. [[SPOILER]]
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