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Is he Robert at the Chicago store? I sent him an email on Oct. 26 when all this was getting started but never got a reply. After I called my local store, I figured I hadn't heard back because the ones I wanted weren't on sale.
Several people I've spoked to at the Beverly Hills store told me the cordovan shoes were not included, so I'm SOL. What a bummer. Anyone want to trade their used Marlow PTBs (size 9) for used Alden whiskey PTBs (size 8.5 Barrie)?
Jacket's pulling quite a bit at the waist here, but there was some odd bunching going on and it's not typical of the fit. [[SPOILER]]
Meanwhile, on the West Coast, there's still enough summer left to air out my pink Walts. [[SPOILER]]
No, but I have inquired about it. I should ask for photos. Crepe sole always looks bad though.
Yeah, I recently contacted Unionmade to ask when they were going to restock the Beale cigar PTB on crepe, and they said they had no plans to do so. I've got a couple Aldens on crepe (suede chukkas and roughout boots, similar to the "Roy") and I love wearing them. I'm seriously considering buying a pair of Polo Marlow PTBs and having them resoled with crepe at B.Nelson.
I would also recommend buying one wash, and going one size down from your usual size (assuming you do not have particularly stout or muscular thighs). I am a 32 waist in j.crew, Epaulet, and other standard trousers, which typically measure out to 32.5" or 33" in the waist. I went with PBJ xx-005 one wash in size 31, and you can see the fit here in post #572 of this thread. The waist was snug at first but stretched out to measure about 32.5-33". The thighs were sausage...
He's got a point - the only way to avoid it is to not carry an iPhone in your jeans. My wallet has soft edges, yet has created a pretty distinct fade, so rounded edges aren't going to solve the problem. My old APCs have a funny little Samsung flip phone fade - you can even see the antenna. My PBJs have a severe iPhone fade in the same spot, because that's where I carry my phone, and a wallet fade in my back pocket.
I have a Technics SL-1210 mk5 turntable and a Cambridge Audio 640C CD player running thorugh a Marantz 2325 to a pair of A/D/S L-810 speakers, and I'm very happy with my setup. However, sometimes I can't be flipping records and just want a long playlist in the background. How can I play my iTunes library through my home wifi on my stereo? Is there a piece of equipment that I can run into my integrated amp that I can sync with my laptop over wifi?
Iron Heart 634S denim. Very little wear, no washes, very slight fading. Great jeans, but the cut doesn't work for me. Tagged 32W, unhemmed, but little red Iron Heart sideways "W" removed from right rear pocket (see photo). Suspender buttons added at Stronghold in Venice, CA, which is where the leather and canvas suspenders were purchased (I'll throw them in free if you're willing to pay my full asking price of $200). Suspender buttons are not visible when wearing a belt....
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