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This thread is confusing me a bit. Does RRL stand for Rugby Ralph Lauren or DoubleRL? They're both striving for an iconic American style, but the former conjures an aura of East Coast WASP privilege (which has always been RL's strength) while the latter evokes Robert Redford as the Sundance Kid - equally classic Americana, but a totally different look.
XdryMartini, I really want a pair of those. AF21, right? I bought a pair of cigar shell Darltons from HenryBoogers as a holdover until I find a pair of Alden Whiskey Shell Longwings. The Darltons are pretty sweet shoes, but it's just not the same.
We always wore ours at football games. I still wear it whenever the hell I feel like it.
I have a clumsy habit of occasionally dragging a toe up the vertical face of the next stair I'm climbing, which abrades and gouges the leather on the toe of my shoe. I do the best I can to repair it with cream and then wax polish, but I recently did this to a pair of cigar shell McCallister boots and I am really upset with myself. I can't buff it out, and I know cordovan isn't to be polished too often. Should I go ahead and do it anyway? And does it take the same wax...
Not an expert, but my SFx5EP jeans stained a white OCBD that I had tucked into them. Problem was solved by an hour-long cold soak.
Those wingtips look a lot like Trickers Stow boots.
I researched the hell out of this suit back when Roark first put it up for sale, but didn't pull the trigger because I concluded that it's probably a little too small for me. Based on the info available to me, the Bleecker cut is closer to Black Label than it is to Blue, and I though I'm 38R I have to size up to 40R for Black Label. The 39" chest in this jacket seems just a little too slim. I wavered on this one, though, since the suit is just so nice.
I'm in the market for a casual fall shoe, and specifically for a chocolate or tobacco suede brogue balmoral with a dainite (or other durable rubber) sole. Right now I'm looking at the AE Quinton (see here: ) but my concern is that the 8 last is too pointy. I prefer a rounded toe on such a casual shoe. Are there analagous C&J or Aldens I should check out? Trickers seems to lean on the blucher style in their suede offerings, otherwise their...
A good friend of mine had the highest GPA in his class at a top-ten law school. Incredibly accomplished guy, intimidatingly smart, but every time he put on a tuxedo the judges, professors and executives he was trying to mingle with looked right past him while handing him their empty glasses and wadded-up napkins. There was nothing wrong with his dinner jacket; he just had the wrong shade of skin. In short, because we live in a racist society, try not to look too black...
Yeah, it's a little late in the season, but I got a decent deal on a RLB(lack)L cotton khaki suit. I'm taking the pants in for hemming and can't decide whether to have them cuffed or not. Thoughts, opinions, and vicious, rambling screeds welcome.
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