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I'm not surprised they haven't opened an LA shop. I like the weather in SoCal, but being an East Coast preppy is a tough row to hoe here. Since there's no history behind it, these looks are pure costume on the West Coast. Wearing a bow tie in LA is like wearing a cowboy hat and rodeo buckle in NYC.
I've shopped at their Greenwich store and yes, the clothing is a more anglophilic version of classic collegiate looks. I picked up a terrific cardigan with varsity stripes on the left sleeve and a nice white rugby with that chevron on the chest. It's good preppy stuff if you can avoid the RL logos. And yes, the sales staff consists of extremely attractive high school and maybe early college aged kids.
I cannot stand the orange county surf/skate/punk look: black baseball caps with perfectly flat brims, black t-shirts, and worst of all, 3/4 length "shorts" worn with chunky skate shoes and white tube socks. Amazingly, I often see fully grown men wearing this. It makes them look like 10-year-olds with some sort of accelerated-aging disease.
They're not going out of business, just clearing stock. The stuff on sale on the website is what didn't sell at their last in-store sale in the spring. If you're in the area their fall in-store sale is on Sep. 5-7 (I think). On a related note, I was in the women's shop the other day looking at jeans with my GF and the (male) clerk was wearing Nudies. Weirdly, he said he had never heard of APC or 5EP when I asked why they didn't carry those in the mens shop.
Funny, I don't really like Dewar's White Label either. Nor Johnny Walker Red. I'm not a single malt snob - well, okay, maybe I am, but there are inexpensive blended scotches that I like a lot. Teacher's is great stuff, and I think Ballantine's is a terrific value and very drinkable. Famous Grouse, while a bit over-caramelized, is decent too. I have a lot of respect for Ballantines, especially their older offerings. Their 17 year old blend, most commonly seen in duty...
You really can't go wrong with anything from Buffalo Trace's higher-end offerings in their Antique Collection. At home I've got a bottle of William Larue Weller (wheated bourbon), Eagle Rare 17 yr (bourbon), George T. Stagg (fucking monster bourbon at 147 barrel proof), and Thomas H. Handy (rye). You can identify them by the tall, narrow clear glass bottle. Anything in one of those bottles is pretty much guaranteed to be good, but I drink them less often than my...
Ludykrus - I was drinking both, actually. I picked up bottle of their standard stuff to park at my girlfriend's house and a bottle of the Signature for my place. The price difference was only a couple bucks, but I think the Signature was better. They're the same recipe, but Signature is 100 proof and the standard stuff is watered down to 80, with a commensurate loss of flavor. That's not to knock the regular stuff - I was very impressed with that, too. The Birthday...
I picked up a bottle of Old Forrester recently and that stuff is terrific. Also, if you're in Virginia or Kentucky, and maybe a few nearby states, pick up a bottle of Ancient Age ten year old (not ten star). It's a cracking good whiskey at a bargain price. I think it's the same stuff they're now bottling as Buffalo Trace, but way cheaper.
I love the clunky look of Alden shoes, though I prefer to think of it as solid foundation. Although I appreciate the more refined, delicate shape of certain shoes, it can look a little too dainty at the base of an otherwise serious suit. Especially if the man is broad-shouldered or on the husky side - then a pair of "sleek" shoes can make him look like he's about to tip over. It's the same effect as observed when a chubby woman wears capri pants.
Well, the re-sole was needed when I actually wore a hole in the original leather sole. I walked a LOT in those shoes, and that's just what eventually happens to leather soles, regardless of quality. It's not like they fell part. I had them Topy'd and it was fine.
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