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I line dry the socks to preserve the elastic. Never put them in the dryer. The affected pants are all different - Banana Republic slacks, Paul Stuart suit pants - basically any unlined wool trouser that isn't heavy like tweed.
I bought a mixed dozen Nagrani socks last fall and really like them. I have one persistent problem, though: they have a sort of velcro effect on my pants. When I sit down, or take an extra long stride, or do anything that causes my pants to hike up, the hem doesn't drape back to my ankle when I stand. The unlined interior of the pants below the knees seems to have a high frictional coefficient with my Nagranis, and they bunch up in weird ways, sometimes well above the...
Doc, I believe the word you're looking for is gonzo.
Are these true to size? I'm a 9D (US) in the Crockett & Jones for RL.
What distillery? And Huntsman, what would you recommend as an alternative to Gosling's or Myers? Nothing makes a dark and stormy quite like that burnt molasses flavor. I don't like Barbancourt too much - it's got a bitter note that kind of ruins it for me.
Piobare, what's in that Duncan Taylor bottle there? Huntsman, what's your preferred Creme de Violette, and do you buy it online? I've been wanting to try an aviator for some time but haven't bought a violet liqueur.
What jeans are comparable to APC NS in terms of general fit? As my 30x34 NS are getting lighter, I'd like to pick up another pair of dark raw denim jeans, but would like to know which styles from brands such as Samurai, KMW, Nudie, 5EP, PBJ, etc. would be somewhat similar. That is, I'm looking for slim but not skinny, medium-rise jeans. Thanks!
+1 on fit. I don't know where you go to school, but when I was in college in the late '90s we had plenty of opportunities to dress up (for example, we wore coat & tie to football games). Looking at photos from that time, what strikes me the most is that although my basic style wasn't bad, the fit was generally terrible. Shirts were too blousy, sportcoats too big, pants too baggy and/or pleated, ties too long, etc. I think young men have a lot more options these days,...
RRL's current line has a very similar shirt that you might consider. I have it in a sort of tan denim, but the faded blue looks great too. Very slim fit, looks great. I picked it up at American Rag in LA.
I'm not surprised they haven't opened an LA shop. I like the weather in SoCal, but being an East Coast preppy is a tough row to hoe here. Since there's no history behind it, these looks are pure costume on the West Coast. Wearing a bow tie in LA is like wearing a cowboy hat and rodeo buckle in NYC.
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