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I recently faced the same choice between Ardbog & Uigeadail, without having tasted either. I went with Uigeadail because I love other sherried Islays, but I was very disappointed. Maybe it was a one-off problem but the bottle I bought had a pronounced sulfrous quality, like maybe the sherry cask had gone bad. I later read that earlier bottlings are better, and I regret my decision. I should have gone with the 'Bog or the Corry.
Whiskey PTB
Some shots of ravello boots, taken back when they were new:
Classic 974.
StephenB, try Ballantine 17. It's an astonishingly good blend that has a lot of sweet fruit flavor balanced with a hint of smoke and peat. It's a real head-turner for those who normally look down their noses at blends.
Email the folks at D&M Liquor in San Francisco. They specialize in French booze, and can tip you off to some amazing stuff at different price points. They have great customer service, and will put together a selection of fine brandies for you after you explain what you're looking for. They also have great "of the month" type clubs for armagnac, cognac and calvados. I've subscribed to their champagne club before and it was worth every penny. I've also had them assemble...
Seriously. My best score was on Thanksgiving Day in 2004, when I went to pick up a bottle of wine on the way to my parents' house. I saw a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20 yr lying on its side at the back of the shelf, and brought it to the front so that the clerk could reshelve it. I knew it usually retailed for about $80 or $90, and I had not planned to spend that kind of money that day, but there was no price tag and on a whim I asked how much it cost. The clerk was a...
The autumn speckle rivets arrived last night and they're amazing.
Friday: AF 53
This is weird, but The Daily Show used one of my old MC WAYWT posts (original link dead) to illustrate Lewis Black's rant about Guido Barilla. The shot is at 20 seconds in.
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