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Fair Isle cardigan from the Irish Country collection a few years back. (crossposted from WAYWT)
Blustery day in LA. Alden Pitt boots in reverse oiled chamois with plantation crepe sole. I think these were from Winn Perry.
SVB, the navy blazer, grey flannel trouser, and snuff suede footwear is my go-to combo. Well done, though the driving loafers seem a bit too casual for the rest of the ensemble.
Waiting for the rain. RRL sweater, Iron Heart 301S denim, Alden ravello wingtip boots.
MrDV, those are my favorite Alden saddles. I slept on them and regret it, but I'm glad to see someone enjoying them.
Top three pairs of Aldens, by comments: 1. Ravello captoe boots (Leffot Daytripper) 2. Cigar longwings with antique edge (Alden of Carmel) 3. Ravello wingtip boots (ShoeMart)
Interesting charts. My only quibble is with assessing income as opposed to net worth. I make a decent salary, but as Howlin' Wolf sang, "Now looka here, I did not say I was a millionaire But I said I have spent more money than a millionaire 'Cause if I had've kept all my money that I'd already spent, I would've been a millionaire a looong time ago ..." He (probably) wasn't buying Aldens, but this QFT. edit: mcarthur you beat me to the punch
Agreed, the Alden of Carmel website photos have terrible lighting and white balance. Everything looks sort of purplish-brown or purplish-black and the depth of the shell is totally obscured.As for breaking in your boots, yeah it takes a while. I've had these boots for at least 6 years and they're really just starting to patina nicely. It helped that they were one of my earlier purchases, so they got heavier rotation before my collection grew, but they don't get worn enough...
Model AF53 from Alden of Carmel. Color #8 cordovan on the Trubalance last with a commando sole.
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