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Friday: AF 53
This is weird, but The Daily Show used one of my old MC WAYWT posts (original link dead) to illustrate Lewis Black's rant about Guido Barilla. The shot is at 20 seconds in.
Whiskey Wednesday?
Whoa, those still aren't done? I've had these for about 2 years now, and I bought them after the Epaulet ravello Brixton pre-order closed.
Ravello boots from ShoeMart.
Damn, that Veneto vest is luxurious as the dickens. It's basically Cucinelli at one-third the price.
takashi78, the LHS is onthe Van last, which just doesn't work for some folks, including me. Before I bought my first pair, I tried on at least five different sizes at Alden San Francisco (8E, 8.5D, 8.5E, 9C, 9D) before settling on an 8.5D (same as my Barrie size). The problem is that the Van last is relatively shallow when measured from sole to vamp, and the strap can be pretty tight if you have higher than average arches. I've got medium-high arches and the LHS would...
I have the same issue with my tan suede LWBs from LeatherSoul. It happened immediately, and the lines were set by the third wear. I decided it was patina and moved on.
I bought this for $475 last fall from forum member jrd617 and wore it twice. It's an excellent casual sportcoat. 91% wool, 9% cashmere, canvassed chestpiece, unstructured fit with soft shoulders and no lining. It wears more like a cardigan than a jacket. Unfortunately it's a bit too large on me. It's tagged 40R, measures out to a 39R, and I'm a straight 38R. Here are the details: - Corneliani ID - Low 3-roll-2 lapels with nice roll - Soft shoulders, high armholes,...
Sold pending payment. Used Ralph Lauren Black Label two-button grey peak lapel suit. 99% wool, 1% cashmere, tagged 40R but measures out to 39R (see exact measurements below). Trim flat front trousers with side tabs instead of belt loops. I'm offering this cheap because it's got a couple stains, show in the pictures, which aren't that noticeable when you're wearing the suit. One is on the collar, barely noticeable but I've been unable to dry clean it away. The second is...
New Posts  All Forums: