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Crosspost from WAWYT because RRL cardigan & denim:
Here's mud in your eye. [[SPOILER]]
Feels like summer already. [[SPOILER]]
Quick question: when wearing a gingham check shirt with a suit, is a button down or point/spread collar more appropriate? It's a casual look and a button down seems reasonable, but I associate button down collars almost exclusively with solid white or blue oxford shirts.
I didn't realize it was multiple choice - if I can add an additional vote, I'd like to add to Butler's tally on behalf of my wife, who was very impressed with his entry. Thanks for the vote, Holdfast. I am fully aware of how ridiculous the indoor sunglasses are, but it's too much fun and it's how I would appear on the street anyway. It's probably a SoCal thing, but I've got about a dozen pairs of shades and consider them accessories in the same class as pocket squares or...
I have way too much time on my hands this weekend.Gant navy blazerSid Mashburn shirtPaul Stuart tieHoward Yount trousers, socks, & pocket squareCrockett & Jones shoesRay Ban 4125 CatsCasio watch [[SPOILER]]
Fair Isle cardigan from the Irish Country collection a few years back. (crossposted from WAYWT)
Blustery day in LA. Alden Pitt boots in reverse oiled chamois with plantation crepe sole. I think these were from Winn Perry.
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